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Romney is actually going to do MSM news interview today with ABC, CBS & NBC

And maybe FOX. It will be on the evening news. I hope they don't throw him softball questions or even ask about his VP choice. He is teasing us with a VP choice so the "common taters" will change the subject from his Bain lies and tax returns.


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I am sure all questions have been preapproved.

No surprise questions to make the "great" Romney look like the uninformed fool he is. No questions about Bain unless it is worded as to how he really is a great business man. Nothing about ponzi schemes, or federal felonies committed. Absolutely nothing about assaulting a young weak person in prep school. Nothing about his impersonating a police officer.
Just msm cheer leading for the chosen one.
Granger, make sure you watch your candidate! I am sure you will be so pleased.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Lets Hope that

God takes over that lying, greedy mouth of his and makes a fool of him!

It may be Ron Paul yet....regardless of how Dr. Paul is deferring.

Harding went to the convention with approximately 30 delegates and after numerous votes won the nomination. So Dr. Paul with the hundreds of delegates he has could pull it off too!

Stay strong and committed!

We do not accept that the establishment has the right to bully us into their selection....period. That is not an option.

Dr. Paul is more of a man of integrity than Harding even thought of being.

I DO believe in miracles and so should you!