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Forget the Trolls and the Infiltrators, Remember the Tenets of Peace and Liberty

It is becoming increasingly evident that individuals not from the Ron Paul movement are posting in the forums, causing disagreements, and attempting to divide and demoralize honest participants on the Daily Paul. Unfortunately there is little that can be done about it because it is free to join the Daily Paul and comments are open to anyone with a username. And we should value this freedom even though it allows for such shenanigans. But there are a few things that can be done to safeguard yourself from those clearly not here to participate in productive dialogue:

1) Check the profile of any suspect user by clicking on their name. See how long they have been members of the Daily Paul. If the user joined at some point after April 2012, and their posts are off color, chances are they only have an account to troll the forums. I am suspect of any user who didn't join before 2011 when it seems like they aren't on board (sorry new users but ye must vet yourselves).

2) If they joined the DP late in the game, even if they are true Ron Paul supporters, I give their posts less credit than if they have been on the forums for a year or more. This is just plain seniority.

3) If you suspect someone of being a troll, flag their comment with a comment of your own. Say something like "this guy's only been on the since April, probably not one of us". If you are afraid of sending people away, don't be. I have had my fair share of flak from the forums, and I am still here. I've been told to go away many times, or that I don't belong here. Couldn't beat me away with a broom. Any sensible person who respects the movement will not be intimidated, they will either rethink their position or agree to disagree.

4) Down vote the obvious trolls. No need to explain.

5) MOST IMPORTANT: REMEMBER WHY YOU ARE HERE. You are here because you want to protect civil liberties, You want an end to unconstitutional wars, You want to End The Fed, You want to reduce the size of government, You want to keep your hard earned money, You want to restore free markets, You want to end the Plutocracy. If you remind yourself why you are here, you won't be shaken off by division, it will only strengthen your resolve.

Every single true Ron Paul supporter here probably has a laundry list of reasons why they are dissatisfied with the Ron Paul campaign. Just remember, it could be worse, we could be supporting Romney. His campaign is the worst campaign ever, Ron Paul's campaign is the campaign of envy. No politician has inspired such enthusiasm EVER. Any dissatisfaction that you may feel is not the result of a failed campaign, but the result of malevolent forces bent on disenfranchising you by denying you your right to participate in the political process. Don't let a few dirty, parasitic trolls prevent you from acknowledging your success as a participant in the Ron Paul Revolution. You are the future, be steadfast and faithful.



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Tie them to a stone

.. then throw them in the pond. If they don't sink to the bottom, THEY ARE A WITCH !!!

Noticed folks from 2008 who never post here until now

Members for 4 and 5 years, but can't find any posts or comments by them until just recently.

Just remember, it could be

Just remember, it could be worse, we could be supporting Romney.


Member for: 5 years 6 weeks

Also how does a thread 'Forget about the trolls' help anyone forget about the trolls.

Stay the course. Stand your ground. Never surrender. Lock

and Load with truth and knowledge! Follow your heart. Fight the good fight.

Freedom cannot be compromised.

Sometimes "it" just needs to be said. Glad to hear, hope others


Ron Paul 2012!