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Regarding the whole 'Lesser of two evils argument' between Obama & Romney.

I've been in recent conversations with people that plan on voting for Romney, because "He's the Republican" and/or "We have to choose between the lesser of two evils."

I've had to ask them;

"Between Obama & Romney, which one IS the lesser of two evils?"

I still believe that Romney could be much worse than Obama. Probably easier to dig up evidence about a Federal felony on Romney's past records with Bain Capital, or his off-shore accounts, or his investments.

They are both wolves, but only Romney seems to still have his sheep's clothing on. At least Obama isn't as shy about who he is now.

One of the other things I asked in my discussion is if any of them had considered Gary Johnson? (Because they of course know that I am going to write-in Ron Paul, but I know that they won't.) I just wanted to see if they had even considered any other options really... which, sadly, most never do.

In closing, I just hope all goes well in Nebraska tomorrow. GO RON PAUL DELEGATES!

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What Scares Us About Obama Is Well Known,

what scares me about Romney is that he has suggested Bolton as SS. Mr. WWIII himself.

Ah, the lesser of two evils game.

That is the game where they extort us into accepting something we don't want because of the threat of something that we really, really don't want. Either way, the country moves further in the direction that we don't want, and they eventually win.

They dupe you into something you don't want

There are TWO major parties and the rest are controlled by the TWO major parties. Why is GOP GJ running LP? Why not someone who NEVER belonged to the GOP, at all, ever? After 16 wasted years in the LP, I was sick of great people NEVER getting anywhere and GOP being the nominee. Ron Paul saw through it and joined the GOP, where he has more impact now, than had he stayed in the LP.

As for Indys, they have no committees, no power, no conventions, just an empty "vanity" vote.

There are many reasons why the TWO major parties stay in power. Ron Paul gave us a tremendous opportunity to take the GOP. Since most folks here refuse to go there, being they are already under the control of MSM and PRE-judiced, they can't see that opportunity. They REALLY REALLY REALLY don't believe Ron Paul. They would not follow his plan. They aborted his plan, and take the sound bites the like from his message, and shout them from the rooftops, like the Who People in "Horton Hears a Who" by Sues.

I think because I've never owned a TV, not tuned in to MSM, I was able to follow Ron Paul into the GOP, and it is NOTHING like anyone says it is here, but those who say crap about the GOP NEVER went to the GOP and are spewing MSM BS, that sure sounds good... but it's got NO teeth.

So, I'm happy I experienced being a LP member for 16 years, and a Decline to State Party for 17, but more than anything, I'm really happy I'm a Ron Paul Republican. It's a GREAT FIGHT. To finally not be an outsider, but to be on the inside and fighting for Ron Paul's message to RESTORE AMERICA TO CONSTITUIONAL GOVERNMENT!


That's the best summary I've

That's the best summary I've ever heard! Brilliantly put!

Romney over Obama

Do you want the three retiring supreme court justices to believe in Obama's kind of justice, or to have a chance of agreeing with us at least some of the time? I for one would vote for Romney because trust me, Obama is much, much worse. At least Romney has the risk of doing right.

It's all very well to say you won't vote for the lesser of two evils, but I see it as a choice of the better candidate for my country. It's not about me. Besides, you will never agree with any one person on every single topic, so it will always be a choice for the lesser of two evils. Even RP isn't Jesus.

Until there's a nominee, defending liberty means I'll be going to the convention to support my husband and the other delegates. After that, I'll get as many Republicans to the polls as I can and work to make sure my county is strong enough to survive some of the b.s. that's coming down the pipeline right now. I hope you'll do the same, cuz there's a lot of work to do.

You do realize that Chief

You do realize that Chief Justice Roberts, the guy who just pissed on the constitution and sold us out and upheld Obamacare, was a George W. Bush appointee right? So there goes the argument that a republican appointee would somehow be more conservative. In fact the most liberal supreme court justices have actually been appointed by republicans:


Are you aware that in Bush's first term, when BOTH houses of congress were controlled by republicans they actually increased, INCREASED funding for planned parenthood, the biggest abortion promoter in the country?



I bring this up as an exmple of how far the republican rhetoric differs from what they actually do. If Obama is "much much worse" as you say, then Romney must be much much better and I just don't see what would be the basis of such a belief.

Voting for a "lesser" evil

Voting for a "lesser" evil still means you're voting for an evil...


I can't believe I'm agreeing

I can't believe I'm agreeing with an Arsenal fan.

If you happen to be a Man U. fan though...

...then that would make ME the lesser of two evils here. :-)