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SURIYAHFISH - Live Stream - Nebraska Republican Convention - July 13-14


Ms. Suriyah Fish and the Liberty Live Stream Team have arrived in Grand Island, Nebraska. The Team is working now in Grand Island, Nebraska to achieve operational status and begin their Live Streaming video broadcast of the opening events associated with the Nebraska Republican State Convention. We are working to launch the first Live Stream broadcast at ~ 5:00PM CST, Friday, July 13, 2012. Please join the LLST in our chat room and accept our invitation to participate in our channel’s social stream at:

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Thank You Everyone

for watching our live stream, for the chip in, and for your continued support!!! Onto Tampa we go!

Thank You ALL again!! Your support is very, very much appreciated. We could not do what we do without you.

It was what it was

Below copied from the pen of gopper:

Crying about these 'voting machines' is bullshit. They were scantrons that read paper ballots with multiple people watching them at all times. Whenever something goes our way, we can't cry fraud just because we may have seen it happen somewhere else. In this case, the other side put more butts in seats, plain and simple. If you don't like it and want to do something about it, don't go cry to some lawyer, move your asses to Nebraska.

The problem was three fold.

1, As gopper so eloquently posted above. We were OUTNUMBERED. We did have more grassroots 'butts' BY FAR! Way to go District 2 and the other districts who were so heavily outnumbered even at county level conventions!! Think every RNC 'butt' who held even the lowest position in the party, registered and came out to vote for this convention. [no grassroots to speak of]

2. Shock when voting began when given a ballot that had the slate separated. Romney at the top, all nice, neat, clearly marked, normal spacing between names and not many names Each seated row of Romney people had a 'Whip' [as one who was, put it] to help the elderly in filling out the ballots. Liberty slate was many spaces below, MANY, many more delegate names which under the separation of slates with large spaces between each name putting many on the back of the ballot. It left no guess as far as who was voting for whom. Even the elderly [the majority of RNC there] had a quick, easy time of filling it out. Didn't even require glasses. They were told to just blacken in the ovals of names on the top part of the ballot. We outnumbered them in delegate names who want to go to Tampa by a landslide!. Was this division of names ever done before? I don't think so but I'm not a professional convention goer. Was it legal? None of us knew. I doubt Laura knew of this divided slate. I'm sure she would not have approved it IF she had been asked or told it would be in that format because THAT sealed our fate.
Many thanks to Laura's had work. She was great!

3. We had this problem because of the national spotlight on Nebraska. Too much coverage. The RNC knew it and prepared something new for us. Can only imagine what it took to get all those elderly people out and traveling there. They were organized, did what they had to do given their elderly followers. With the separation of slates, the fact we were 40%, left no room for doubt, we would not be getting more then 40% of the vote. All additional votes would have been from error on their part, if not a separate slate. With that age group, there would have been many 'errors' given the number of names WE WOULD HAVE HAD interspersed with theirs.

Above is the way it was. We could not vote for CHAIR because under NE GOP laws, the chair stays until November. If we had 'help', doubt the possibility of their idea of a 'new format' printing with separation of slates would have come to anyone's mind to ask about to contest before hand. IF it was illegal to do so, would take a political lawyer who, probably would have had to go back to his library to find precedent. IF illegal, then the results can be questioned [after the fact] as readily as before the fact. ........With probably the same result given the fact they could have voted for that format and won by a majority before convention. It took money and time for our delegates to go to convention. All were focused, upbeat and anxious to grab the brass ring. We were in contact with Laura through Cell. The RNC with low tech elderly, had the front of all the seats lined with people holding up large pc. of RED cardboard [vote NO] or large sheets of GREEN [vote YES] in front of the elderly group. Didn't need their glasses for those either. With the division of slates, not much we could do about the delegates either. A question of # of butts again.

The blow of defeat was pretty bad. Have to address yet another 'trick' in the future.

Now, look forward.... toward new gains and successes made more attainable with the knowledge from our past experiences and infiltration into top positions in the party. Work on what we can do about what we have, getting them recognized by the RNC.

God love all of you who went and tried!!!!! THANK YOU DELEGATES...................You put everything you had into it [pat on back and hug]

As stated above, the only thing that would have given us a win, was MORE Husker 'butts'!!!


So does this mean Ron Paul

So does this mean Ron Paul can absolutely not be the nominee now?

If you refer to whether he can still come up with 5 states...

... to get his name placed into nomination, the answer is that Colorado, Nevada, and Oklahoma are still realistic possibilities for serving as the needed 5th state. Each one comes with one or more specific problems, however:

Colorado: All delegates are unbound; my understanding is that Gov. Romney holds a 16-13 delegate lead over Dr. Paul, with the remainder being Santorum delegates. We would therefore need a majority of the Santorum delegates to swing our way; this seems plausible, given that the Paul and Santorum forces in Colorado cooperated on a joint "Conservative" slate.

Nevada: Almost all of the delegates are Liberty Movement supporters, but most are bound to Gov. Romney. The key question: Is voting to have a candidate's name placed into nomination the same as voting to nominate that candidate? In other words, does the binding rule apply to the "place into nomination" vote? If not, then Nevada will be state #5.

Oklahoma: Ah, the notorious "parking lot delegation" dispute. In Tampa, the Credentials Committee (or is it the Rules Committee?) will have to decide what to do about competing "Establishment" and "Liberty" slates. If the verdict goes in our favor (or if both slates are disallowed, leaving only those delegates chosen at the CD Conventions), and if Santorum and Gingrich release their delegates (freeing up the "bound" Liberty supporters), then Oklahoma will be state #5.

Note: I am assuming that Louisiana will be counted as state #4, as Romney's Louisiana Campaign Chairman quickly went on record saying that he would support the Paul slate in the aftermath of the blatant unfairness and thuggery on the part of the Louisiana Establishment GOP at the State Convention.

While winning Nebraska would have allowed us to breathe easier, I remain optimistic that we will obtain the needed 5th state. I anticipate that the Paul and Romney campaigns will reach an agreement to either interpret the binding rule to allow Nevada to be state #5, or to resolve the Oklahoma dispute so that we have a majority (so that Oklahoma is state #5).

It boils down to this: Gov. Romney wants and needs our votes in November, so he has an incentive to ensure that our (unbound) delegates be allowed to vote for Dr. Paul in Tampa. Gov. Romney is smart enough to know that we have worked very hard to become delegates, and that being able to vote for Dr. Paul is important to us. I think it will happen.

P.S.: No, I don't think that Dr. Paul will win the nomination, but that has been clear to me ever since Sen. Santorum dropped out of the race in April. And yes, I am a Paul supporter.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Regarding unbound delegates voting for Paul...

As far as I am aware, Ron Paul's name being placed in nomination won't have any effect on delegates being able to vote for him. Delegates who are bound to him will still be allowed to vote for him (like the bound Romney delegate in Utah in 2008). Unbound delegates will be allowed to vote for him either way. They can vote for anyone they want. I am not aware of any way in which a delegate who is allowed to vote for Ron Paul if he is up for nomination would not be allowed if he is not up for nomination.

The only two differences, by my understanding are:

1. The votes for him if he is not up for nomination will not officially count toward a potential Ron Paul victory. But they would still count against Romney's total. If Romney doesn't hit 1144 then we still go to a 2nd ballot. If he does, then the difference would be whether he officially wins 1800-400 or 1800-0, though the voting was identical.

2. The Ron Paul team gets 15 minutes to speak to try to convince people to vote for him. This is separate and distinct from a potential prime time speaking slot, which he may or may not get.M

vote security

I think it would be cool if we could all use carbon-copy ballots (with a spot for the voters signature) whenever "darken-the-circle" ballots are used, so the person voting could easily contest the results if fraud is suspected.
If purely electronic machines are used they should give the voter a print-off of how they voted.

HUGE Thanks and Shout-Outs...

...to Suriyah Fish and the Liberty Live Stream Team, Linda Ebke and the Republican Liberty Caucus, and all the NE delegates who gave it their best shot. Never mind the steam-blowing armchair delegates here, you guys rock!!!!

Thank You

everyone for your support!!


A big thank you to all of our Nebraska Liberty patriots!

I know that we picked up 2 National delegates, but how did we do on the alternates? Also, did the more "liberty minded" of the choices for National Committeeman & National Committeewoman win? Thank you!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I am not sure

I am not sure how we did on the alternates.

Thank YOU for your support! From being in Nebraska and meeting the liberty lovers there, I can tell you, they tried their hardest!

Well, I guess all the "trust the NE folk" really worked out

How many times before the convention did we hear, we got this.. trust us...


I guess that's what you get for being sheeple and trusting..

WE the people!


Lets talk future here.

Lets talk about the future here. I know its not over, but we need to keep the momentum going. Lets not point fingers (I'm not saying people are).
We have Tampa in 43 days, plus the election season. I know a lot of people in the movement is hoping for a 3rd party run, and we might have enough candidates from every state in Tampa to hold our own 3rd party Liberty Convention, with the Rallys and Paulfest going on. We should have some groups of people organize and build us a platform to use at this convention so we don't have a failout convention like we did in '08 in the twin cities. I'm talking we should setup a platform to vote on, with opposing ideas, ballots, the whole 9 yards.

We have a unique opportunity here to build a validated 3rd party that we should easily absorb the official libratarian party in 2016 or 2020 and maybe completely dismantle the GOP republican party through those years by continuing our efforts. By doing something like this we could possibly use the same methods of infiltration on the democratic party and move people out of it as well, since we have issues and view points that favor both parties.

We should also consider moving forward and looking at the 2012 and 2014 House and Senate races again. If we can get a 2/3 majority in both houses, we will own the future of the government as we will officially control 1 whole branch.

Sorry for the wall of text.

They need a paper ballot recount in the video

Ron Paul had over half the people there no way is this true they cheated without a doubt now we need to prove it.

The video took place behind

The video took place behind the 2nd district where we did win the delegates. We were slightly outnumbered in the 1st district and way outnumbered in the 3rd; neither could be seen in the video.


40% of the delegates as Ron Paul supporters were the best that we could ever come up with. Our counts became mythical on the internet, where supporters thought Nebraska was a "sure thing"--it never was, but especially not after the media attention turned our way, and the Romney campaign decided to get organized.

I think 40% is great!

Only 11 more percent, and the Liberty movements owns Nebraska! That's where I think the focus needs to be... People are sick and tired of the politics as usual from the Republican party, and our message is resonating with many conservatives. In the next election, we can have majority control of the Republican Party.

Lot's of old time Repubs would say... I agree with a lot of what Ron Paul says, but... With a new face and the same message, we're sitting in the driver seat faster than anyone knows. Ron Paul is like Moses. He's showed us the promise land, even though he won't be able to take us there.

We had maybe 42%

Two hand counts early on confirmed it. Unfortunately Romney folks were there with ROMNEY - NO signs everywhere to keep the unthinking masses of GOP drones from making up their own minds.

The first hand count was around 39% vs 61%, and the second was 42% to 58%.

The only place Paul delegates had the majority was in the 2nd District. God bless those folks. If only there were more of them.

Nebraska Delegate here

We did not have half the delegates let alone over half.

i never really understood

i never really understood this 'we need Nebraska to reach 5 states' thing, because we won Massachusetts, the GOP's corruption doesn't change that we won that state

MA delegates are Ron Paul supporters...

But MA state law states delegates must vote for whichever candidate wins the primary popular vote. Romney easily won that, so he "won" MA...but during the caucuses where the actual delegates are voted on we certainly won with a majority of delegates as liberty delegates. The thinking here is that the delegates become unbound per RNC rule 38...the unit rule...and are free to vote for whomever they want, in this case Ron Paul.

MA was not a majority

There are 41 delegates in MA. 27 were chosen on the day you refer to. Of those, Paul won 16 and Romney won 11. But the final 14 appear to be for Romney, making the count 25-16 before anyone was decertified.

Shazad is right (unfortunately for us)...

... Shazad, is there any way that those who were decertified can be reinstated? I remember that one was a very young man (only 17 or 18 years old), and I feel for what surely must be his sense of disillusionment. He was probably following the counsel of those that should have been older and wiser, and thus got caught up in the foolishness over signing the loyalty pledge. I think that if he and others could be given a "second chance" it would help to heal some of the wounds.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

My guess is yes

I am completely confident that all 41 delegates from MA will vote for Romney at the convention. I think it's possible for these delegates to convince the MA GOP that they aren't going to cause trouble at the convention and that they will follow state rules. They were operating off of some poor legal advice. It sounds like almost all have, at this point, agreed to follow the rules. I imagine they can put enough pressure on the decision makers that they can get the decision reversed.

People here should realize that the incessant encouragement for delegates to break binding rules or to pretend they will support Romney then not do it only hurts these and other delegates. That is one of the drivers of this problem, and it is definitely not only the MA GOP at fault. They would have been much, much more likely to take these delegates at their word if not for the continual chatter online about ignoring binding rules.

I hope that those who are going to follow the rules get reinstated. I hope those who are going to continue to fight about the requirement to vote for Romney or who are going to continue to pretend that there are no such things as binding rules get replaced.

I agree about the "poor legal advice," Shazad...

... especially since the DP portion of that "legal advice" was predominantly coming from non-lawyers who were mixing the advice with their own fervent expressions of pro-Paul support. If you followed that whole sorry episode on the two main threads, Shazad, you will recall what my response was at the time.

Regarding encouraging Liberty delegates to break their pledge to support a particular (non-Paul) candidate, I think that we Liberty Movement supporters should take a deep breath and reflect on whether Dr. Paul would consider it honorable for a delegate to swear falsely in order to be in a position to vote for Paul. From what I know of the man, I don't think that Dr. Paul would want someone to do that.

As I have said before, Shazad, I fully expect that the Paul campaign will entreat the pro-Paul delegates in Tampa to respect their bound status.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

I think Ron Paul is already doing that

Based on his last email, and many others actions and statements from him, his campaign, and his local organizers, he's already doing that. But there has been a tendency by many to pretend that the emails are faked, to say that Ron Paul disagrees, and to call people in leadership positions traitors. It's kind of amazing to watch.


I would like to apologize to you for calling you a troll a few weeks ago, and being inhospitable to you.

Upon seeing your continued activity, I see you are a genuine supporter, and I was wrong.
I'm sorry.

I forgive you, BigT, and I ask you to forgive me as well...

... as some of my words to you were very uncharitable. Peace, Liberty patriot.

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

Thank you!

God Bless!

God bless, Liberty patriot!

Onward and upward!

A Constitutional, Christian conservative who voted for Ron and stands with Rand

To quote pete...

"Our revolution is more than a 15 min Paul speech in Tampa."

We must defeat the Federal Reserve at all costs.