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SURIYAHFISH - Live Stream - Nebraska Republican Convention - July 13-14


Ms. Suriyah Fish and the Liberty Live Stream Team have arrived in Grand Island, Nebraska. The Team is working now in Grand Island, Nebraska to achieve operational status and begin their Live Streaming video broadcast of the opening events associated with the Nebraska Republican State Convention. We are working to launch the first Live Stream broadcast at ~ 5:00PM CST, Friday, July 13, 2012. Please join the LLST in our chat room and accept our invitation to participate in our channel’s social stream at:

Main Livestream
Second liveteam:
Another group's stream:

The LLST Facebook group:

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It's a selective slate, so

It's a selective slate, so yes.

Get as many people to Tampa as we can

And the best the campaign could do was try to make deals with the Gingrich and santorum coalitions. It's up to the people to represent themselves , and no amount of money can change that. It's involvement at the state and local levels, gettin off your ass and dedicating your life dreams and goals to a singular cause. I truly believe Ron Paul and the movement he's grown these past four years is the most important thing In our lives, and for that matter, generations of people's lives to come. I may seem hypocritical since I'm not even a U.S citizen, but the best we can do is the best we do ourselves . RP has always said IT'S UP TO US. Lead a rally, inhabit independence hall, bring a group of friends on a patriotic pilgrimage, urge your acquaintances , friends, family, colleagues to participate in this election cycle, for it truly is going above and beyond politics, political agendas, and perhaps the U.S of A herself. It is a true battle of ideals. My prayers go out to you all. I will be fighting north end of the wall. I believe in my fellow global citizens. The spirit if freedom resides in all of you.

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

Unfortunately we are not losing because of voters

We are losing by someone manipulating the DiBold voting machines. The same company that makes most ATM Machines. Remember the programmer that testified in court how it was rigged or did you forget about that already.



I may have just registered today

but I'm real. I was a delegate today, a RP donor and new member of the NE Repub Liberty Caucus. I'm pissed as hell about losing today. I told off a couple flown-in Romney zombies after we lost. I just want to help keep the focus on things that are real - voting irregularities weren't an issue today.

bottom line,

The gop must nominate Ron Paul in Tampa or the gop will elect obama by running romney! Romney is Obama. I want to vote Ron Paul but if the gop does not give me that option. I will be supporting Gary Johnson 2012 over obamney(romney is obama)! NDAA,CISPA,Illegal Wars,Illegal Peace Drones(acts of war),patriot act,failed drug war,police state and obamneycare and not cutting one dime from current spending levels,just broken promises about future spending increase cuts. Paul/Johnson 2012!!!!!!

Ron Paul 2016

Your comment: "The gop must

Your comment: "The gop must nominate Ron Paul in Tampa or the gop will elect obama by running romney! Romney is Obama."

I honestly do not think that they care one way or another. They are evil and corrupt. They want to run this nation into the ground. They know that both Willard and Obama will do that and so as long as one of them wins, that is all that matters. We have reached the point where the entire system is completely corrupt. And don't even expect any help from the DOJ, The Supreme Court, The house or the senate. It is over. This country/republic has now reached the point where its total crash and demise are no longer avoidable. If this country were a physical person…we would be saying or thinking that it will be a good or blessed thing when death finally happens just so the suffering can finally end.

Wasn't it Iceland that went bankrupt a couple of years ago? They kicked out the international banksters and started over and from what I have heard, they are doing really great now. Perhaps that is what we should/need to do.

Larry in North Carolina
The only thing necessary for evil to triumph is for good men and women to not support Ron Paul!

If you read the Creature from Jeckyll Island

You will remember the Rothschilds funded 4 sides of the Napolionic wars in Europe. Thats how they win. Remember they are powerful but limited in numbers.


Can someone tell me why Nebraska is being portrayed as RP's "last chance" when he already has more than 5 states? Does the RNC not recognize this? and WHY NOT?! So frustrating...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

because the delegates in

because the delegates in winner take all states don't count towards a plurality, even if we got them, they are bound to Romney until the RNC is told to unbind them by the pending lawsuit. Paul doesn't have 5 non-Winner-Take-All states pluralities, he has 4. Which is why Nebraska is important, it will be his 5th non bound state by the rules.

Lawyers for Ron Paul

If they were not a hoax promoted by the National Republican Party Winner take all will mean nothing at the national convention. The law is on the books that a delegate should not be cooerced by anyone. That means your state or the republican party.

Apparently that is not the response the RNC gave in response to

the LFRP filed brief---in that document I read they have stated they are BOUND! I KNOW....I KNOW...GOOGLE IT.


If you include

Nevada then we have 5, but since most of Nevada's delegates are "bound" to Mittens, the RNC will not count that. It is frustrating, but think how we did in comparison to four years ago! The liberty movement is rising, and like all other movements, it will take a while to grow. It takes time to wake people up, and as much as many of us (myself included) wanted to see liberty rise to the top this year, it simply didn't happen. There will no doubt be more liberty candidates in the future, of course non as likable as Ron Paul, that we can rally behind. Please do not be discouraged because of this news people, we have grown, and we can only grow from here!

-Casey Hamlin
15 Year Old Liberty Activist

Truth is Casey

We do not have any time left. Did you personally give an oath to uphold the constitution. I did in 1968. I do not break my promises. Many of us out here are willing to give our lives to protect our freedoms. Are You?

The future...

This entire process and all the work we have to put forth to seemingly put Ron Paul right at the edge and win, it shouldn't be this hard. People need to understand the urgency of our situation. I have two kids, I have one life, their future and mine, our happiness, the people I love's happiness. I do not want to be enslaved to my government and live such a financially induced mediocre lifestyle because my own Government is owned and operated by FIAT MONEY, by the Banks and the Rich, while we the people take the hit. It is frustrating because we NEED Ron Paul now. But Casey I am right there with you, I know this is a growing movement and I do everything I can to spread our message. I know we will win in the end, but not before it gets worse is my point. I have found my place, and it is to speak for Liberty and the People, and wake up as many sheeple as possible, as fast as possible! I am inspired...but I am angry. I think we all feel this way...

"None are more hopelessly enslaved than those who falsely believe they are free." [Johann Wolfgang von Goethe]

North Carolina has an election coming up Tuesday

North Carolina 7/17/12
Liberty candidates to Vote For:
[] Dan Forrest Lt. Govenor
[] Richard Alexander Sup. Pub. Instr
[] Mike Causey Ins. Comm
[] Scott Keadle House Rep Dist 8
[] Matthew Ridenhour Mecklenburg district 5 Comm
[] Adam Brooks Comm Randolph County District 5 (not sure if the election day is correct for him)
[] Mark Hopp Comm Alamance County

How can we

discover the TRUE liberty candidates for our state?
A couple of months ago I had a candidate for senate contact me, on visiting his website I saw that I agreed with everything until the last, where he said that he 100% supports Israel!

I 100% support THE USA! NOT some foreign country and I don't like having my money sent overseas, at least until the US is once again the Republic it is supposed to be! That person looks like a fake liberty candidate to me.

So how do we find them?????

there is no one way. nothing

there is no one way. nothing takes the place of your own research. my full list of all the states has taken me countless of hours to put together.

Would you please see my comment

on correcting Wisconsin on your post of Liberty Candidates? Thanks!

Thank you

I'll look over your list an see who I agree with! :)

We just fell short

Don't blame Laura and the people here that worked hard. We just fell about 40 votes short. It was an all or nothing type deal - our slate vs there's and they had 40 more votes.

There was absolutely no fraud. We had hardcore Paul supporters monitoring the entire ballot process from start to finish. I guarantee it was fair.

The main issue was that Romneys slate was clearly indicated on the ballot, the national Paul campaign declined to provide a slate but we were 40 short anyway.

More outside help would not have actually helped, in fact the national attention got the Romney campaigners organized, there were Romney goons everywhere. We needed this to be low key in NE.

Thanks Nebraskanfor Liberty

Thanks Nebraskanfor Liberty and all other RP folks attending the convention! Without a majority there is not much you can do to overturn events.

"Absolutely no fraud" - that would be a first

Why the absolutes? Reports are already coming in of dirty tricks by the Romney camp.

Your "guarantee" is starting to look pretty feeble.

The dirty trick was Romney's

The dirty trick was Romney's official slate being segregated at the top of the ballot and every sheep being instructed to just fill in the ovals in that section. But there simply wasn't anything we could do about that today. The ballot count matched the open procedural votes that were publicly counted out in the open. If there would have been fraud and dirty tricks we would have left for the parking lot.

You couldn't motion for an

You couldn't motion for an open ballot?


How many 2/3 majority votes did you let go by without blocking! I have never seen a convention which never had a 2/3 majority vote required at some point!

You would still be debating rules if you had shut down their vote! You could debate till next week if they want to play the... 'this is no convention, don't you know you're just here to 'count noses'... game!

I don't know what other

I don't know what other states are like but that would not have worked here. We had our palimentarian experts, so did they but the important fact is they run the party. They made a special rule to limit debate, we challenged it and lost. It's unfortunate but did really reach out here and are well positioned for the future. It sucks that we didn't win.

you know you could have

you know you could have accepted outside help for phone banking to get more people to turn up at the convention. esp since all eyes were on nebraska and you knew about it. turning down help being like 'we got this' and then you all were virtually silent when they passed the platform....seems a little embarrassing. i mean big thanks and respect to those who did turn up but dang, what a let down, especially for us watching online and thinking... where are the RP people...

Phone banking in the last

Phone banking in the last week or two wouldn't have helped. They were only going to seat people who attended the county conventions and at a minimum filed the paperwork a month or so ago.

We appreciate everyone's interest but we were counting on low establishment turnout. It was held out west and the 2 delegates we did get were because establishment types from Omaha were unwilling to drive and we got our alternates seated.

The increased attention got additional Romney people there who otherwise would have stayed home and we had more alternates lined up. Im mad, you're mad, we did all we could.

The platform was at the end of the day after the voting had taken place. Who cares about the platform? Our elected Republicans sure don't.