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SURIYAHFISH - Live Stream - Nebraska Republican Convention - July 13-14


Ms. Suriyah Fish and the Liberty Live Stream Team have arrived in Grand Island, Nebraska. The Team is working now in Grand Island, Nebraska to achieve operational status and begin their Live Streaming video broadcast of the opening events associated with the Nebraska Republican State Convention. We are working to launch the first Live Stream broadcast at ~ 5:00PM CST, Friday, July 13, 2012. Please join the LLST in our chat room and accept our invitation to participate in our channel’s social stream at:

Main Livestream
Second liveteam:
Another group's stream:

The LLST Facebook group:

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Explaining To Do

Then I hope you or Laura are ready to make a thread statement, or something, explaining everything in detail about what happened in NE.

Thank you from the convention

Thank you from the convention floor. Too bad so many friends on here seem to think otherwise. We didn't have the numbers and are heartbroken, but we've made progress in many other ways. Our numbers are way up from just a couple years ago, and we aren't going anywhere.

Congratulations Trygve and Jesse!

You did it!!!!

You kept us from five states and an opportunity to nominate Dr. Paul.

Mission accomplished.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."

The Team

Olson/Benton the team of infamy. I now get emails from Politicians that I have never had contact with that ask for donations. Someone gave out the RP supporter list.

Me too!

Me too!

Now What?

Where do we go from here? I'm worried that the RNC will not recognize that we have 5 states and will not allow us to nominate Ron Paul. We can argue that we have more than 5 states already, but what will the RNC actually recognize? Will they even give us a voice in Tampa?

I know that our movement goes beyond this election, but getting Ron Paul in as our president is still my top goal. The question is: How do we do it?

If Mitt Romney has to drop out because of felony charges or whatever reason, does that mean that Ron Paul gets the nomination?

We need a plan. This is too important to screw up!

So what do we do?

Maybe we should contact the

Maybe we should contact the Federal Elections Commission concerning Romneys eligibility. Idk?

Your attitude is so "Ron Paul SupporterEsque". The answer is

you don't go in there ASKING PERMISSION ABOUT WHETHER OR NOT WE HAVE 5 STATES!!! You go in there acting like you own the place and perform a nomination.

That includes Oklahoma. They should not being going in there asking permission. They should go in there and TAKE IT. We ARE THE RNC.

Where's our seats?


SteveMT's picture

Litigation, to get those 5 states. That is the best option.

We already have the five states. The RNC/GOP has proven their underhanded tactics.

'Lawyers for Ron Paul' is looking like the only way to get Ron Paul to Tampa.

Where have Lawyers for Ron Paul been

I have been gleaning the internet and news sources to hear any news from them and nada none. Are they still working on the law suit?

I am over this. We need to go on stage and SIT IN THE CHAIRS

and BE the RNC. We do not ASK if we can sit in the chairs...we just SIT THERE! THOSE CHAIRS BELONG TO US....


Now, one can clearly see the

Now, one can clearly see the main option left to us. It's been fraud all the way so far through the primaries including members of Ron's own staff. The RNC is cruisin' for a bruisin' in more ways than one. Lookout Tampa. I'm very angry at this corrupt process and I suspect many delegates feel similarly and will express it in Tampa. You deserve it, RNC.

File a lawsuit against Romney?

Is he, Romney, eligible for the nomination considering he has these allegations of lying about Bain, and when he really left? If he is a possible felon, can he remain in the running? Is this our gift from Obama?

We all need to explore this possibility....

Dig A LOT deeper into this... The lawyers for Ron Paul should answer this question for us.

Tolerance is the virtue of the man who no longer has anything to believe in....

Hire Adam Kokesh and fellow veterans as security at the RNC,

And send the delegates involved in the lawsuit that couldn't become delegates, send them to Tampa !

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

So much for playing nice

How much did the main campaign help out in Nebraska? I'm sure that by being respectful and 'doing things the right way' the campaign would not have then abandoned these folks when so much was at stake. I think I know the answer, but it would be nice to know for sure. If they did nothing, then the next time someone interviews one of them, they should be asked pointedly why they let these people as well as many others hang, after saying they were not doing trsditional campaigning in primary states to focus on states like Nebraska.

Numbers, numbers, numbers.

We have made a lot of progress and while time seems short, turning this big ship around will take more effort and continued involvement or more and more citizens to have their eyes opened.
The Paul campaign's ability to help was almost over once the initial delegates got elected for Nebraska's county conventions. If we didn't have the numbers then we have no one to blame but ourselves.
We can reach out to non-Paul delegates and we should try to educate those already in the party!!!! Yes, we can bring new people but a converted experienced member is more valuable if they are reliable.
Regardless of the outcome today, we can still change the minds of those elected if we will not give up. The final safeguard is the Electoral College because it is really them who elect/select the President, so we need to influence them too.
Never let up, never back off, be calm but persuasive. Encouraging but not pushy. Wise and not foolish.
Meet with other bright minds in your areas and design a good plan and then work that plan. Good luck!

O U R P L A N = R O N P U A L (Coinsidence? I think not.)

More will die...

Any votes to alter rules regarding electing, voting, or speeches, REQUIRES a 2/3 majority! With the numbers in NE the convention could have been shut down for hours, until most the Romney folks had to go home and take their meds!

More than 1/3 majority on the floor means no rules can be passed since passage requires 2/3 when the rules have anything to do with manner of voting or speeches!

The whole purpose of a convention is to convince others through speaking... that is why it requires 2/3 majority to alter that purpose... or to alter from a hand counted vote!

The grassroots should have been prepared to use their 1/3 to shut down the convention on every 2/3 standing vote! This, until they either cooperate, or go home giving up the majority, or cheat... the latter being contestable at national credentials!

They apparently did not! Why not?

My relatives and friends will die the faster in immoral wars, and our fruits of labor will be stolen the quicker, if we do not fight and win this time!

For them there is no future election!

For them there is no time or place for 'having fun' at a convention!

Many today around the world dying at the hands of an 'America gone Wild', prayed for victory in NE... and pray for a Ron Paul presidency.

They do not even know what 'having fun' at convention means. I would be ashamed to try to explain! I hate the thought!

Our relatives and friends from Germany and Austria had fun in 1938. They did not in 1945!

By then they had either died, or they had awakened to the reality of what happens to Orwell's 'men in shiny helmets who think in slogans and talk in bullets'!

Abraham Lincoln jumped out of

Abraham Lincoln jumped out of a window during a vote to prevent a quorum. There is no reason to be polite in these conventions. The polite guy loses.

Blessings )o(

I absolutely cannot believe that you guys did not

demand a paper recount! This is absurd. "Playing nice" gets you nowhere when you're dealing with people that aren't going to play nice with you. People tried and tried to tell you not to accept electronic balloting. You had a chance to potentially negotiate this at the beginning. I think a lot of people are really disgusted. I wonder why!


Nebraska needs help. Did the

Nebraska needs help. Did the campaign do any training for these people?

Time to saddle up and work on taking over GOP seats in Nebraska so we can avoid this in future elections.

I'm starting a campaign called




Ok, with the Bain mess and

other things that Obama is digging up on Romney. What happens if he is forced to drop out? Does that mean that Ron Paul gets to be the RNC candidate by default?

I'm becoming more and more convinced, although I'm not the brightest person alive, that the human brain is devolving! It looks like the majority of the people in the world are incapable of thinking! It bodes ill for the human race, imo.


Here's something to make you feel a little better:


I read all of these comments, and I'm just as confused as

anyone can be..Does anyone have good realiable info on what happened in Nebraska..Why did they bring in electronic machines in the first place?

Why were the Paul numbers down? Did anyone with experience bother to help these Nebrashans out?

So many questions and no clear answers...I'm just confused about the whole mess..

It appears the 2012 campaign is right. Romney has the numbers, the money, the oraganization and we have squat.

We couldn't raise the money we needed to compete. Money talks and bullsh#t walks.

You need lots of money to win a presidential race and we just could not do it, mainly because of those indidviduals that wanted to help, but do to our present economic climate were unable to do more donating.

The media did our liberty movement lots of harm, mainly buy ingnoring Ron Paul and marginalizing him in the debates early on. We did make a statement with tons of people, but it didn't translate into enough delegates.

I'm sure there were many obstacles and road blocks to overcome and it was to be expected. I'm sure most of you were not taken by surprise by all the dirty tricks played on the Paul 2012 campaign.

My two cents : Ron Paul didn't have a chance with his inexperinced and incompetent staff and political advisors. many would argue with me on this, but it is evident by what i heard and saw, this was the case and Ron Paul sure as hell must know this, but too much damage was done early on to overcome the big setbacks. Just to much overcoming to deal with and much, much too little money in the coiffers to compete withthe Romulans..

Like I said, this is just my $.02 cents, take it or leave it..

I don't know what else to say and maybe I left out some things, but the money just wasn't there, and that was HUGE!

All the best for the future..Love you guys, especially all those that busted your as#ses doing what you do best..

Respectfully, in liberty,



So is that it for NE? Is

So is that it for NE? Is there more voting tomorrow or is this a done deal?

Pretty much.... RP-2 MR-30 We

Pretty much.... RP-2 MR-30

We got our butts kicked....

Alternates are all that are left....

Nebraska Results Don't Matter

The set up is in full force. Move on. Tampa is the real goal. Wasting even one more minute of your time on this takes away from Tampa. Let's get rocking on that front. Too much is at stake.

You're right but I'm still in

You're right but I'm still in shock. I thought we had Nebraska in our pocket. What with all the "We don't need any outside help, we got this" BS that was going around. We all know that the BS romney campaign had people there from around the country AKA electronic voting machines. Didn't they originate from somewhere else other than Nebraska. I believe we're an unstoppable force and we should have proved it in Nebraska, but okay, let's move on. Now that we know we made a mistake. We correct it by showing our muscle in Tampa and taking back OUR country! For peace and liberty.

Thank You!!!

Tampa here we come!!!!!!!

From what I heard

The RO people tried to motion for a hand count but list that vote 125- 180, but that could have been for the buffalo county discredited votes that were sposed to. B E for RP
The Nebraska liberty caucus were a docile mess, and in my opinion did not make themselves heard AT ALL.
The entire convention has been speeches given by Romney big Whigs, with Romney skates being fairly easily passed. I'm disgusted at the NE liberties weak attempt at getting a hand count and I hope people across the country learn to fight to be heard, and not be 'respectful' by letting the GOP trample all over your vote! I didn't even here a mention of liberty or Ron Paul the entire time

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

Agreed. The few Liberty


The few Liberty people who did stand up and speak was way out of their league. The fellow called a point of order and the chair chewed him up... The Young woman didn't seem to even know why she was speaking... We looked really bad....

This pretty much has gone 100% smooth for the GOP. They have 99% called the shot. We did keep them from changing one minor rule... Other than that we have been like deer in the head lights.