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Fox News defines 'Conservative' with George W. Bush, John McCain, & Mitt Romney?

I know I've talked about this before, but in its 15+ years, Fox News has painted their version of "Conservative" as George W. Bush, John McCain, & Mitt Romney for POTUS on to the general elections.

I just happened to be watching 'The Five' this afternoon, and for the supposed "Conservative 4" of the group (Boling, Perino, Tantaros, & Gutfeld), to have to listen to those hacks try to defend Romney against all odds, on what may be legitimately a felony that Romney committed involving his days at Bain Capital, is just mind-boggling. We all know about the hypocrisy, but WOW, how rotten does your soul have to be to keep trying to defend Romney as a conservative?

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You WON'T vote for Romney? WOW!


(Around 5:40)

Hmm... let's see. This network along with other MSM has blacked me out, along with my ideas towards TRUE fiscal conservatism for YEARS, and you want me to vote for a McCain or Romney based on YOUR definition of 'Conservative'? (What RP could have said. haha)

A couple of other 'Factors' about Fox News.

Of course most would realize that owner, Rupert Murdoch, picks the guy he likes, and that's it... that's who the Fox hacks have to push as conservative.
NOT ONE, no not George W. Bush, John McCain, or Mitt Romney would EVER touch the Federal Reserve. For Fox News, it has always been about protecting the Fed. Reserve.

But, this factor sticks out to me more lately.

How many Fox News pundits/reporters/anchors, or whatever they feel like calling themselves, are Catholic?

What role do you believe the Catholic church may be playing in influencing the news?

yah john mcain and romney are

yah john mcain and romney are far from conservitive but i can see bush maybe not fiscaly but socialy he was

Bush was not a conservative

Bush was not a conservative socially.

Are you aware that in Bush's first term, when BOTH houses of congress were controlled by republicans they actually increased, INCREASED funding for planned parenthood, the biggest abortion promoter in the country?



I bring this up as an exmple of how far the republican rhetoric differs from what they actually do. Bush was just telling the suckers what they wanted to hear in order to get elected.

And of course Chief Justice Roberts, the guy who just pissed on the constitution and sold us out and upheld Obamacare, was a George W. Bush appointee. So there goes the argument that a republican appointee would somehow be more conservative. In fact the most liberal supreme court justices have actually been appointed by republicans:


He's from the severe school of conservatism

don't ya know!

It's like the school of hard knocks but for billionaires.



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How rotten

does your sOul have to be to keep trying to defend Romney as a conservative???
Let's keep asking that same question over and over again. Kind of a reverse brainwash to the msm

“The God who gave us life, gave us liberty at the same time: the hand of force may destroy, but cannot disjoin them.”

– Thomas Jefferson

The neocons have been running a revisionist

propaganda ploy to make people think that the neocons, who are progressives, are conservatives.
This is a requirement for the continued success of their leftist take-over of the Republican Party. If the average dupe out there in talk-radio land ever gets wind that they really are progressives, they'll have a revolt on their hands.

Fox is the dedicated neocon progressive house-organ on TV, and so they are continually pushing the propaganda line to keep the neocon spin in the minds of the listeners.

Admittedly, with such a radical leftist as Romney, pro-abortion, anti-gun, and Romneycare, and all, they have to be contortionists to sell that to the American public.
That's why their main talking point is "obama is the debbil", because they dare not point at anything Romney is.

Romney wants a war with Iran

Romney wants a war with Iran and said he doesn't need congressional authorization to do it. That's all Fox needs to know to label him a "conservative".

Good post!

Good post!

Foxnews has really redifined what it means to be a conservative. You just have to worship America, be against peace and hate liberals.

The Correct Definition Is: SATANISTS

The Correct Definition Is: SATANISTS.

Yes. Satanists.


Wisdom Strategies

No news is good news, when it comes to MSM

Part of this problem is that most republicans believe that Fox is a "conservative" news outlet, which goes to show you how incredibly ignorant and naive most people are. Fox being MSM owned by the establishment sets the tone for the backing and defending of the establishment candidates. "The Five" is the philosophical polar opposite of "The View" and all of them are sheep led by different herders, aimed to draw the masses of asses in one direction or the other, but never toward the truth, except of course their perverted version of what they "think" that it is. What ever happened to simply reporting news? It seems all we get now are "news" geared toward slanting the story back and forth between the so-called left versus the so-called right or hours upon hours of opining by law degree laden, telegenic dopes on how the the other side is wrong and that you should be guided by their eloquent persuasion. I just don't get how for one, why people don't trust their gut and know they are being softly guided one way or another yet knowing in their hearts that something isn't right and two, why they don't thirst for truth, no matter how painful it may be to hear. We all have time in our busy days to fit a little "lernin" in there and it's not hard to find. Go Daily Paul and go Ron Paul 2012, it AINT over and we AINT giving up. Please stick together patriots, I beg of you.


At least Romney has few conservatives where Obama has NONE AT ALL.

yes, those conservatives . .

work at Stericycle. You know, that place directly linked to Bain that BURNS aborted fetuses from abortion clinics that romney was partners with. oops!! were not supposed to know that huh?

If I was obama, I'd say why yes Mr. Romney, lets talk about Salyndra, as long as we can first talk about your PRO-abortion company Stericycle. So, Mitt, how hot do the ovens have to be to consume the human flesh completely??

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

If I was Obama I would too

What do you think Romney would say in return?

he would . .

tell the documented lie he that told before.

"I left Bain in Feb 1999 so I had nothing to do with that"

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Nothing wrong with that.

Good answer.

no, not an answer . . .

a lie.

If I was obama, I'd say, oh! well then Mr. "i know enough about laws and the economy to create jobs, blah, blah, blah", you do??
you obviously dont know enough about law to submit a legal document to the SEC for the company YOU OWNED!!! OR? were you actually in charge after 1999? BUT, you do know how to create jobs huh?
Or is that a lie also? which words coming out of your mouth are true? Or is this just a test of the emergency romney broadcasting system. if this were a TRUE th, my lips wouldnt be moving"

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

You give the SEC too much credit

I posted on here Nader's latest law suit against the SEC, and I'm suggesting that the SEC is working FOR Obama in trying to pin Romney with this. He left, and what ever he was paid after, does not mean he was making the calls, but simple receiving the dividend from his former agreement.

As for creating jobs, that is not the government's job IMO.


On your last statement. I agree.

But JUST like obama, romney does because he's constantly talking about his knowledge of how to create jobs.

romney knew what was going on in bain the whole time and anything less than that defies logic. With his love of money, you seriously think if he was invested in the co. he WOULDNT be in the middle of what they were doing? officially or unofficially?

Whats the SEC trying to "pin" on romney? either the documents in late 1999 show romney as the top dog or they dont.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Romney does know how to create jobs

Romney has created far more jobs in the private sector and government then Obama. He's had far more experience creating jobs for the private sector and government than Obama.

Whether Romney KNEW ot not is immaterial. he "moved on", and profittted off his investment, whihc is his right, even if he wasn;t in charge. Making money is GOOD.

What he is in the middle of is a SEC/ Obama red herring. People who don't understand that the SEC is corrupt, people who think government is the SOLUTION, think the government is going to check and balance it'self, it doesn't. People who think the government should be a business are socialists, and that is NOT us. And as for Romney, he's been beating this system and they hate him for it. Ron Paul doesn't. Ron Paul may not agree with Romney on 90% of the issues, but he does not damn him for making money and jobs in the private sector.

It is the SEC saying Romney didn't leave. So it's Romney's word against a corrupt government department who is under the control of president Obama.

I believe Romney, not Obama's Corrupt SEC.

romney HAS

created more jobs in CHINA's and INDIA's private sector. AGREED.
Not here!!!
He insured his stock holding pals had their stock value guaranteed while the blue collar got FU$KD with NOOOOOO lubrication.

Dont start lecturing me about creating jobs in the private sector and if the government is corrupt or not. government is evil through and through for myriad reasons most of us are fully aware of.

How many brain cells does it take Granger, to take a company in trouble with its work force here, send the jobs from the USA to whichever humans on this earth will work for the least money, caring not one iota about their conditions or anything else. Dell did it in my company sending hundreds of US jobs dedicated employees held for years to Panama for cryin out loud!! It's not hard my friend and if I was born a multi-millionaire, you might be voting for me instead of mitt.
Bottom line? get off this idea that mitt is some job creating genius. man!! your naive.

what IS difficult?
making a company go and compete while being reasonable to the workers and retaining the jobs HERE. Of course NONE of the repulicrat congress/senate save Paul, did anything but HELP the jobs go oversees.

romney's been beating the system? Hes been beating people at your and my level WITH the system. He's part of their system. He isnt opposed to obama!!! wake up!! they drink form the same cup. romney is WORSE than obama as obama wasnt born rich while romney's whole family has been part of the rotten "system" for generations!
you sound like limbaugh.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson


In the private and government sectors he has created MORE jobs than Obama.

It seems to me, that you have an issue with people who earn money and you have an issue with the system, you reject both and expect you deserve entitlement to the fruits of others investments.

Obama's rich grandparents afford him a private education, and because he's mixed race, he got the benefits of THE SYSTEM that rewards reverse discrimination, where the government GIVES to those who are NOT white, jobs, money, opportunity, like even being preident.

it seems to you wrong granger

I have an issue with hypocrits.
Like when mitt protested FOR the draft to send his fellow young Americans to their slaughter while he spent his "missionary" trip in a castle in the Bordeux region of France vs. a fox hole in the swamps of Viet Nam.
Like when his company bain, partnered with Stericycle to burn(oh sorry! "dispose of") aborted fetuses and then wants to stand around talking as if he's pro-lfe.

I have an issue with folks that talk as if they've accomplished something great when all they've really done is take daddys millions and make more millions. Not a great feat in my mind, but maybe my standards are too high.

I dont waste my time thinking I'll ever get anyone elses fruits.

By the way, why shouldnt people get the fruit of other's investments. the bankers(like romney, obama) get it. the fed gets others money.

Why is it ok for the government system and the bankers and wall streeters to get money illegally, but by golly its not ok for some poor schmuck to think eh shold get welfare??
Why is it ok for one but not the other?
Why SHOULDN'T the worker who toiled for a decade or two get unemployment for 2-4 years or food stamps or welfare, when his billion $$ company sent his and thousands of other jobs to china, india all the while the top execs got their 6 or 7 figure bonuses???

Seems that you dont like welfare for the common man, but if the white collar millionaire criminal bilks people out of money, thats just fine.

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

I don't like welfare for the common man. Correct!

Welfare is corrupt, unfair, too general, and does not actually CARE about the person who they "put to work" in just applying for it.

Welfare has become a way to keep people poor, to keep them down. Try applying for a job that actually gives you an opportunity to better yourself, tell them you've been on welfare and you won't get the job. The government doesn't care about the people, it cares about it's self, except to bond people to the goverrment, making government bigger, not better.

Projects, food stamps, medicare and medicade, social security gives people places most folks don't want to live, lead paint, chemical infested products, poor environments with crime, selected foods that are old, poor grade, used old clothes, bad medicine, doctors who don't have time for you really, overworked and underpaid social workers and inspectors, assessors taking every ounce and inch of your freedom and privacy and scrutanizing it, making people look and act poor in spirit, breaking them. You're RIGHT, I don't like welfare and thinks it's a rotton system.

These "secret socieities", like The Grange get allot of dis-info trying to make them bad guys, but people belonged to these fraternities because it was how neighbors helped neighbors. Not only do we help each other get work done, as I've built fences, painted, cleaned others peoples yards to actually HELP them, we put money in to help each other, when someone's heater or fan breaks, we buy them one if they need one, we bought nursing homes, trailer parks, trailers for each other to PROVIDE and PROTECT, we have pot luck dinners with food from our organic gardens. We make sure each other are OK. Church is very much the same, and did more before government decided to be church too.

People can help each other when we don't have government telling us we can't, becasue they will, and then they don't.

As for Romney, to me, he's better than Obama, because he has Ron Paul republicans in offices and on committees. Obama has none. Neither guy is my first choice. I didn't get my first choice.

Those who vetted Romney should be held accountable and if your are not a Republican you can't do that, all you can do is listen to MSM and howl.

Howl away.

I'm going to do my best as a Republican who took my Oath seriously, and will make sure my committee KNOWS what issues I have and will work to get them on the ballot. Eliminating welfare would be one of them and I explained why.

your dreamin,

if you believe he has TRUE RPers next to him.
"he has Ron Paul republicans in offices and on committees."

Jackson County Georgia

War is an instrument entirely inefficient toward redressing wrong; and multiplies, instead of indemnifying losses.
Thomas Jefferson

Problem being

his signature on the Stericycle documents

I don't see that as a problem either

I see the Govt and Corporations proffiting off Obama's presidency pulling a fast one. Much ado about nothing.

Romney has neocons

Romney doesn't know what conservative means, his adviser's follow Leon Trotsky, not Jefferson.

Obama has Neoliberals

and NO Ron Paul Republicans at all.