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Fox News defines 'Conservative' with George W. Bush, John McCain, & Mitt Romney?

I know I've talked about this before, but in its 15+ years, Fox News has painted their version of "Conservative" as George W. Bush, John McCain, & Mitt Romney for POTUS on to the general elections.

I just happened to be watching 'The Five' this afternoon, and for the supposed "Conservative 4" of the group (Boling, Perino, Tantaros, & Gutfeld), to have to listen to those hacks try to defend Romney against all odds, on what may be legitimately a felony that Romney committed involving his days at Bain Capital, is just mind-boggling. We all know about the hypocrisy, but WOW, how rotten does your soul have to be to keep trying to defend Romney as a conservative?

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foxnews has moved the

foxnews has moved the republican party further and further to the left, taking for granted the big government socialism which republicans used to at least pretend to be against.

Very little difference between Dems and Reps these days

a few social issues like abortion and gun laws is just about the only difference nowadays. Ron Paul is a true conservative, yet they have been brainwashed so much that they think he is "out there" when he has more in common with Eisenhower and Goldwater--True conservative Republicans than anyone on the "conservative" scene in years.

paul is a libertarian, but ran from his roots

and is a republican staunchly in order to stay connected with establishment. true, there is little diff b/w the two parties. so courageous people move away from both parties and don't lean either way.

so it is a serial hypocrite to say there is a little diff b/w the two parties, thrash them, and then announce that you are a republican and intend to always remain a republican - that is to be close to romney.


Also Global Warmimg

Conservative Republicans are always saying that global warming is unproven, when in fact, the scientific community no longer considers it a theory but a fact. Why is that? I really hate that. Why does a fiscal conservative have to be anti choice and pro air pollution? am pro choice and I believe in global warming. I've been registered Republican for 35 years. I stayed because I can't vote in the Republican primary in my state unless I am registered R.


The NWO is based on science being FACT, and yet, science is the first to admit it's all theory.



SO true

And now they are talking about Condi Rice as if SHE were a conservative. Even Savage said today that she will fit right in with the CFR et al... she is pro-choice but worse, she is pushing for the L.O.S.T. with Hillary.


Follow the @statedept on Twitter for appalling allegiance of our state dept to the UN.

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Condi is religious

Religion is part of the conservative element the Liberal base wants to destroy.