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Warning to Law Enforcement & the Nebraska Republican Chair

Tonight and tomorrow, a delegate to the Nebraska State Convention will be handing out this flyer to the "Top Brass" of the Nebraska GOP:


If anyone knows Nebraska Delegates, please get a copy of this to them. Once the Top Brass receive this, they will probably need a fresh change of underwear.

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No f-facebook please!

can't you just put up a pic on a regular site?

[edit] Is this it? http://www.watchthevote2012.com/OpenLetterToNebraskaGOP.htm Looks like it to me...

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Facebook up to its old

Facebook up to its old censorship tricks:

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Blessings )o(

Same message here and I WAS logged in


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Caught in the middle?
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The Nebraska delegates are saying stuff like this will mess

things up for them. They are saying all this stuff from outsiders will make it harder for them at convention.

Facebook page....

"This content is currently unavailable." Any idea why? Does it open for anyone else?

Make sure you are logged in

It did it to me until I logged on.

So can you describe?

Since you were able to see what this is then please clue the rest of us in. Thanks

Please describe

what you are talking about for those of us who do not choose to be on FB.