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The right to anchor your boat is under attack. Please help me keep the camels nose out from under the tent.

Articale from local paper:

>State wants your take on mooring plan
Pilot program approval has been delayed by boaters' concerns http://keysnews.com/node/40976

News Release:

http://myfwc.com/news/news-releases/2012/july/11/monroe-moor... (with Media contact info)

The **all importent** public comment page:


I have been battling to preserve our right to anchor for the last ten years

police raid #1: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KDI6Q18nI-E

Police raid #2: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=n11qnAJP1VI (This is by far the best one! @~5:00 I make the cop say he's not talking without an attorney.)

Police raid #3: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bIuK3srLUVY

I have won against the city in criminal and civil court, yet they still won't give up. (A verry scary ordeal!)

If we lose our rights now, we may never get them back. Insted they will continue to take more and more.

PS: thank you DP

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It used to be said that in

It used to be said that in communist countries such as the Soviet Union, you could just assume everything was off limits and illegal unless you had specific permission to do it while in what used to be called the free world, typified by the United States, everything was legal unless it was specifically prohibited by laws that everyone knew. Now what used to be true of the communist countries is typical of America-unless you have specific permission to do it you better just assume it's illegal. How sad that the first thing any American thinks of when considering any action is "Can I do this or will I go to jail?"

You should call Dave Grix,

You should call Dave Grix, founder of FFF. He has a lot of experience dealing with FWC. You can find his email on their site:


I warned about this stuff!

Last year I warned about fishing off the shore... I did it all my life. I would drive down, with my lunch, some worms, and my surf casting rod and would fish away ...

Now you are required to have a salt water fishing license. I am not sure but I think the UN gets the money or it's to be put to 'sustainability' programs.

It's nonsense!!!!!

Wake up people!

Read the last question:

This is part of the international effort by the UN to count, number and TAX all your activities.

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