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Oregon: Elected Delegates And Alternates To Meet In Beaverton Tomorrow; Duly Elected Alternates Excluded?

elected delegates & appointed alternates got this, but i didn't get to see the attached list (what does Allen Alley mean when he says 'duly elected Alternates', does he mean the appointed ones, or has the ORP reversed it's stance? Does anyone have access to a copy of the list?):

Oregon Delegates and Alternates,

I am pleased to announce that the Oregon Republican Party (ORP) delegation meeting will be held:

Noon Saturday July 14th, 2012
BG Plaza
Suite 124
3800 SW Cedar Hills Blvd
Beaverton, OR 97005

Please RSVP to Jaymie Collette at 503-** or **@orgop.org.

Doors will open at noon for credentialing.

This is a closed meeting. Only duly elected Delegates and Alternates will be allowed to attend. The official list of Delegates and Alternate Delegates is attached and will be used for credentialing purposes. Please bring a photo ID to the meeting for credential verification. All Delegates and Alternate Delegates are eligible to vote.

We encourage you all to attend but we will allow participation by phone. If you plan on participating by phone, we will need you to reply to this email with the phone number you will be calling in from. This allows us to program the system to positively ID phone participants. Please contact Jaymie Collette (**@orgop.org) with the telephone number you will be calling in from on the 14th.

We will conduct the following business at the meeting:
1. Elect Delegation Chairman (must be a delegate).
2. Elect one man and one woman to each of the four convention committees (must be delegates). The four convention committees are as follows:
Committee of Resolutions (Platform Committee)
Committee on Credentials
Committee on Rules and Order of Business
Committee on Permanent Organization

Note: a delegate may not serve on more than one convention committee. Alternate delegates may not serve as chairman of the delegation of on a convention committee (unless the number of delegates able to serve is less than the number of positions to be filled).

3. Collect contact information for all delegates and alternates for filing delegate certification with Republican National Committee (RNC):
Home and mobile phone numbers
Email address
Social Security Number
Date of birth

4. Take a delegation photograph and individual delegate photographs.

If you have questions about the meeting, please contact Jaymie Collette at 503-*** or **@orgop.org.

Allen Alley
Oregon Republican Party

Work: 503-595-8881

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the (Liberty) Unity slate swept the alternate elections. ORP says since it happened after 5pm, it doesn't count, and appointed (mostly) their cronies as friends. Or failing that, anyone else who applied but didn't win the vote.