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Attention Fellow National Delegates

Let me preface this by saying that my statements below might be a bit too strong for some, and if that is case for you I would advice you just to not pay attention to my statements, thank you.

My fellow Ron Paul National Delegates, I believe it is time we take off the rose colored glasses and accept the reality that the RNC doesn't give a crap about us, in fact we are to them nothing more than little buzzing gnats ruining their party.

If we really do stand for the principles of liberty, then we have to stop acting like we are going to some type of tea party in Tampa (not the movement but in the British since) and instead realize we are going into the arena of battle.

The fact of the reality is that the majority of the people at the RNC are not going to welcome us with open arms. The fact of the reality is that some of us going might not be seated. The fact of the reality is that everything is going to be done to make sure our voices aren't heard.

With less than forty five days until the opening of the Convention I believe we have to stop trying to do all these "stealth" operations to make sure our voices are votes are heard and instead take as much time as we can to strengthen our convictions of liberty.

Next week I am going to be taking a "patriotic pilgrimage." I am taking the train from Maine down to Philadelphia so that I can visit Independence Hall.

For Americans, indeed for all people, there are no more potent symbols of individual freedom than Independence Hall and the Liberty Bell.

My goal there is to some how draw from the spirit of Independence that dwells in that place because I know I am going to need it going into Tampa.

If the liberty revolution can learn a lesson from the founding fathers it can learn that if the movement is going to be sustained it is not going to happen because of compromise. It will be sustained because people will stand for their convictions no matter the price.

I believe that revolution will continue (at least here in Maine) for three reasons;

It will happen because people will no longer accept the call for unity just for the sake of the Republican Party.

It will happen because people will no longer compromise for the sake of the Big Tent.

And it will happen because the days are coming to an end when we will be no longer be voting for a candidate just because they have a "R" beside their name on the voter ballot.

Next month we will have the attention of the world on us make no mistake about it, my prayer is that we will stand with spines of steel and that come hell or high waters will stand for what is right no matter the cost.

+Matt McDonald
National Delegate from the State of Maine


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"Never In It To Win"

Ask yourself why there is still $3 million in our donation money sitting there.

Ask yourself why we never even issued a challenge for a single debate to Romney after there were just the two candidates.

Ask yourself why we never ran ONE SINGLE really hard-hitting attack ad on this dude and his dozens of serious Constitutional violations, personal evil deeds, etc.

Ask yourself why we will now have only four states in our win column.

Ask yourself why we bailed at PRECISELY THE HIGH WATER MARK (with the wins that were snatched back from us) on May 14th two days after the state conventions in AZ and OK.

Ask yourself why Trygve Olson is still taking YOUR MONEY.

Great Questions

...that need to be answered. We lost big. We needed Nebraska for momentum to take Tampa. Paul's campaign has experience and money in the bank and we lost in Nebraska pursuing a "be nice now" strategy?

I thought, "In it to win" means we enter every election and debate committed to win and making sure our opponents, the defenders of "Using Force To Do Good," know we are there to challenge their "Government by Force," and, that we won't go away no matter how uncomfortable losing power makes "them" feel, or how much they try to initiate "force" and intimidate us.

... and, I still don't understand why Paul "bailed at precisely the high-water mark." - please "Ask yourself," and reply here. I need to know.


PLEASE; anyone who was a delegate or IS a delegate, sign on with ElectionFraudRemedy.com and file YOUR STORY!

Once you are in this suit, the GOP and RNC and Elections-Board are enjoined from attacking YOU. I had to test it, this week, when I had our County Clerk (who runs the elections in Travis County - Austin, TX-) phone me to intimidate ME out of going forward. Richard Gilbert, the attorney in this suit, immediately fired-off a letter in return. Have I since heard from this awful woman? No, not at all. I believe she owes me a letter, at least, to prove her allegations, and I believe she has to do this; but, will she be brave enough to do so? Probably not.
These people work in the dark and in secret. They do not leave paper-trails (or not much). Each and every item I've received, from them, is proof of their dealings and will be used against them.

We all know something that went wonky in our own areas. Please do the best thing now and SIGN ON as complainant (at least), or witness, or plaintiff, immediately. You never do know which piece of information you have that will fit the case and finish-off that puzzle of fraud.

Get yourself protected and just do the right thing while you're at it!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

The deadline has passed.

and extended ...

and the extension has expired.

I am sure you are going to tell me that there is another extended deadline.


robot999's picture

As I understand

it, plaintiffs can be included at anytime in the lawsuit. That's what Richard said on the conf. call. I would suspect that the "deadlines" of which you speak were to have as many plaintiffs on-board as the 21 day period moves toward expiration (for defendants to respond).

The Establishment GOP criminals will have to pay for their actions and fraud committed against the people. Funny that you seem to think that is is Funny. Oh well, can't expect much from you RINO.

"Government is the entertainment division of the military-industrial complex". - Frank Zappa

MATT! Thank you!

Funny, and I comprehend the reasoning behind going down to Philly to see the Liberty Bell, to draw inspiration. But, honestly, I believe you don't need that to draw from. You seem inspired, to me, to vote your CONSCIENCE. And that is all that is required to WIN.
Here's the thing; the number of delegates Romney says he has is not the number he has. Nobody knows that number. Nobody knows the number Dr Paul has, or does not have.
And, there IS A LAWSUIT FILED, PEOPLE. We have not given up! It seeks to unbind ALL delegates and to reseat delegates who've been removed by the lying, cheating, GOP Scum (sorry, I don't generally go there, but considering what they tried on me this week, I am being NICE). It is not over. Yes, we have about 45 days, but that time should be put to good use. We should not only inspire one-another by preaching to the choir. We should also get out there, talk with people who are only going Romney because they think they have to go Romney, and explain that the LAW says they can vote their conscience too- whether it's a vote for Santorum, Gingrich, even Huntsman.

N O B O D Y is forced, legally, to vote for MITT.
And, besides, who would?

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

North Carolina has an election coming up Tuesday

North Carolina 7/17/12
Liberty candidates to Vote For:
[] Dan Forrest Lt. Govenor
[] Richard Alexander Sup. Pub. Instr
[] Mike Causey Ins. Comm
[] Scott Keadle House Rep Dist 8
[] Matthew Ridenhour Mecklenburg district 5 Comm
[] Adam Brooks Comm Randolph County District 5 (not sure if the election day is correct for him)
[] Mark Hopp Comm Alamance County

According to a Campaign Email To The Delegates :

We can't win! The Email said that Even IF All The Delegates Were "UNBOUND" all we could expect were no more than 300 delegates...It was signed by Ron Paul.

This was a very demoralizing paragraph put out by the ron paul 2012 campaign and signed by Ron Paul. I can't tell you how much damage this paragraph all by itself can or will do to any momentum we may have going into the 2012 RNC in Tampa..

I don't know if this paragraph has any real validity or not. All I know this is NOT what should be put out to our delegates.

What weould be the purpose of stating that WE CAN NOT WIN IN TAMPA!!

Why the hrell should I even participate any further when I or others receive and read such as email...

We don't even know if Romualn or the RNC is even going to let our hero Ron Paul speak one setence..

I am totally disappointed and pissed off about what has come out of the 2012 campaign by Ron Paul or his serrogates, etc..


How do you win a REVOLUTION with a thrown in the towel attitude..I JUST DON'T KNOW HOW YOU CAN...I just wish Ron Paul would come out and explain more...There seems to be something missing in TRASLATION HERE..


This isn't about

Ron Paul. It's about liberty. Time to start thinking beyond RP, he is up in years and there is no one like him on the horizon. Something has happened, we don't know what, we do know approximately when. The campaign abruptly stopped campaigning and started parroting MSM talking points about not being the nominee, the MSM delegate counts, etc. We do know that Dr Paul has been uncompromising for decades, he would not back off now without good reason. The people he is up against play VERY dirty, they kill children without a second thought, they traffic in drugs and human slavery. They starve people. These people will stop at NOTHING to stop Ron Paul. They have done something to hobble him, not completely...that would be too obvious, arouse too much anger. Time to remember Dr Pauls history, who the man IS and understand what he is up against. There are probably pressures that we may never know about. I simply do not believe Dr Paul would encourage supporters to sacrifice as they have simply so he could "influence the platform" or "get to speak" for 15 minutes. Nor has he actually conceded. They have done SOMETHING to DR Paul, and that ticks me off more than the vote fraud.

Please read my response, above

The campaign is still being too careful.
Can you tell me who sent you the email?

Was it Ron Paul or was it someone else from "his" camp?

Remember,some in the campaign have been caught working with the Romney camp (is there a Romney camp? where are they?), so we cannot trust all things sent out in Ron Paul's name. I tend to trust, more-so, the videos from Ron Paul, directly.

Please DO join-in the lawsuit: ElectionFraudRemedy.com, today!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

When I was young...

My father was a park ranger for independence mall in Philadelphia. I could go run and play inside independence hall and never got in trouble. I went back 3 years ago and there was a chain rope around the perimeter and private security guarding it. Plus you had to get a ticket to go in. Ruined my childhood memories RUINED! Anyways. Independence hall is becoming quite dependant.

If you go take a few pics of the rose and magnolia gardens they are gorgeous hidden treasures of independence mall, they were my front and back yards. My old address was 421 Locust St. If you could email me pictures I'd love to see it. O and my old home was starting to deteriorate because of dependence. I hope they keep it up still. Heres hoping you read this.

Randall Knapp

That made me feel all fuzzy inside..

Now let's get back to work.


I try to change people every day. Do You?

I'm with you Matt. Go to

I'm with you Matt. Go to Tampa (Everyone) and nominate Ron Paul. Nothing less.
It is my understanding that Mitt has to resign, be disqualified , be arrested on felony charges or all three. He's OUT. He is not eligible, period. If we can't have a fair election, we should not accept the fake results (again!?!?). We have proven election fraud, obstruction of elections--beyond a doubt. Mitt Romney cannot legally be nominated. Will the lawyers ask for his removal from the whole crooked process?

Yes and no.

Yes, according to Election LAW, all must be afforded the chance to vote their conscience, so we should be working (now) on ALL Delegates from our states, to get them to do this.
Do they all have to vote for Ron Paul? No, not if they don't feel inspired to do so (and you can help to sway them, as this is exactly what a convention is for). Do they have to vote Romney? No, again.

And, please do NOW sign on with ELECTIONFRAUDREMEDY.com
DO not allow the naysayers to get you to NOT sign on and be a part of this. I mean, are we IN this fight or are we NOT? The lawsuit (and the protection you are afforded as a witness) will provide to you for FREE. There is absolutely NO reason to not sign on this suit now.

Please do not believe the talking-heads (even those who say they are on our side) who say Richard Gilbert is in this for anything other than honesty and liberty. This man is passionate and knows his law, too.
Thanks to all!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Patriotic Pilgrimmage

May you find inspiration during your journey, Matt!
-John, fellower Mainer living in Prague

Rights belong to individuals, not groups; they derive from our nature and can neither be granted nor taken away by government. Ron Paul

Time to create the next generation of Broken homes

The establishment causes millions of broken homes every year because of this Nanny country, time we use their own medicine...sue sue sue we have it all on video!

Let's look at the facts

The RNC is a private organization. The opposition in the RNC have shown they will lie, cheat, steal, and commit violence in order to get their candidate nominated. Ron Paul and his campaign admitted as much in their last email saying the opposition will use every DIRTY TRICK in the book to game the system and get their candidate nominated.

And why does the opposition do this, because they know if they didn't lie, cheat, steal, and commit violence, that Ron Paul would be the nominee and we would control the RNC. So what the liberty movement needs to do is use all the available tools they have to conquer this opposition so the liberty movement controls of the RNC and nominates Ron Paul.

And what's the most valuable tool the liberty movement has available to do this. I believe that would be Adam Kokesh and the thousands of veterans marching behind him who will be marching at the convention. I say give Adam Kokesh and each of his thousands of veterans a paper invitation inviting them into the RNC convention as security for the delegates and the RNC which is perfectly warranted seeing how the opposition has already used physical violence against our delegates.

A written invitation should also be given to every one of our delegates which was excluded from attending due to the the lying, cheating, and stealing by the opposition. This invitation will allow them entry into the RNC just like our security. Since some of our delegates are already part of the RNC they have every right to extend these invitations because we all along were always the majority of the RNC, not the liars, cheaters, and thieves who pretend to be the majority.

So between now and the convention we notify as many of these excluded delegates to come to Tampa so we can take control of the RNC and nominate Ron Paul. If they need money to join us those who are not attending can help them in that department. These delegates, along with the thousands of security veterans, can meet up at the Paul Festival to get their written invitations and discuss their game plan. Any delegate with a paper which shows they were a delegate in their state gets an invitation to the RNC to be a national delegate. Once everyone is at the RNC it will be clear we have the majority and our security of thousands can help seat the rightful delegates while removing those who are only there through the minority oppositions cheating and stealing. If the minority oppositions security or anyone else becomes a problem they can be removed from the building as well because our security forces will be manning the doors at this point.

We, as the majority, take control of the stage and the mic, and explain to all those attending all the corruption and lying, cheating, and stealing this minority did, and then start voting. When the voting is done, Ron Paul should be the nominee, we make that clear to the 1500 media press who are there, we celebrate until the three day convention is over, and we go home and demand our states honor this nominee and put Ron Paul's name on the ballot.

All the above is no different than what the minority opposition is planning on doing. If your serious about liberty then it's time to grow a pair and show these crooks who truly is THE MAJORITY AND LEADERS of the RNC.

Any questions.

I'm confused.

How can we just write paper invitations to invite people in? The RNC already has its own security and it's very tight (ridiculously so). I'm asking sincerely, I really don't get how we could do this. Same with delegates, how can we just give them a paper invitation? The RNC won't allow them in, won't credential them, right? I mean, delegates can invite a guest, I think, but that wouldn't make them a delegate (still good to get somebody who might be helpful in persuading others though).

You ask

You ask how can we just write paper invitations to invite people in. Did somebody say you can't. The reason you CAN do so is because your ALLOWED to do dirty tricks like this to game the system in your favor. Dirty tricks to game the system is common practice in politics. Just ask Ron Paul or Doug Wead. They've been saying this very same thing to you. Doug Wead likes to say it's just "politics". I guess that's his way of trying to put a positive spin on it.

Dirty tricks, pranks, what ever you want to call these antics, these are the types of things these private political organizations do all the time, they allow their party members to do these things because it's just a private club and not anything official. None of this is taken seriously, it's just politics, part of the game they play to entertain it's party's members. You can do whatever you want so long as it's legal. There's nothing illegal about giving out written invitations and inviting delegates and security to this convention. The minority in the RNC are doing it so why can't we the majority? There are only duping you into thinking you can't do these types of things when you can just like the others are doing.

Would you like an RNC chairman to tell you it's okay to give out these invitations, then elect one, gather some of our national delegates at the Paul Festival and elect an RNC chairman. Yours will be just as legit as any one the opposition might have.

The minority who are trying to swindle the nomination from Ron Paul will give up if the majority show up to the convention to nominate Ron Paul. They will have no choice but to concede defeat because the majority rules in these private organizations. Which is why they keep pulling all these dirty tricks, they want you to think your the minority, instead of them. But it's all a lie as most of you already know. But they are allowed to lie because that's part of the dirty tricks you're allowed to play in these organizations. It's legal to lie isn't it, it's not nice, but it's legal.

Yes I'm sure they want to intimidate you with their security, which is why your security should be more intimidating than theirs if you don't want to be pushed around and harassed by the minorities security. Your security detail has every right to be there as their security detail because you are part of the RNC. The majority part. You'll better understand this when you see the tens of thousands of supporters and delegates and veterans who show up in Tampa to make it clear we are the majority and choose Ron Paul as the Republican Presidential nominee and not this phony Mitt Romney the minority want as the nominee.

Your post makes me think your taking this all too seriously. Do you take main stream news seriously as well? If not then what makes you think this convention is any different. It's a political club, a frat house, and you chose to join in order to take it over and nominate Ron Paul as the Republican nominee. Well it isn't going to happen unless you do it, and to do it you're going to have to do dirty tricks to accomplish the tasks, if you want to game the system to your advantage and win Ron Paul the nomination. As the opposition has shown you, it's the only way to succeed, so why deny yourself this advantage. They want to game the system playing dirty tricks, I say let's show them who the master is when it comes to dirty tricks, there shouldn't be anything confusing about that. As Doug said, it's just politics.

Agreed !

Agreed! Agreed! No other way to do it fellas. All your doing by playing on their terms is shooting yourselves in the foot and giving the status quo a "bailout" !....and we all know how Pauls support feels about giving bailouts to crooks and thieves...Squash that cockroach Romney or die trying...Live Free or Die!...You have nothing to lose here.....

"If ever time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin."
Samuel Adams

I absolutely agree.

You should forward this to as many RP supporters as you can, post a thread about it, send this to the RP campaign (preferably Adam Kokesh or Carol Paul themselves)
Make your voice heard and we could have a real shot at this! Inform the Paul Fest organizers, everyone who can donate, we need to move fast!

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!

Good motivation --makes me think of Gerald Celente

From another post: http://www.dailypaul.com/242164/video-gerald-celente-launche...

"Inspired by its potent symbolic value, Celente has purchased the 1750s "Franz Roggen House," a stately stone colonial set on the northeast corner of John and Crown Streets, in Kingston’s historic Stockade District. This is the only intersection in the United States that boasts pre-revolutionary stone buildings on all four corners."

I love this faithfulness to the ideas of the American Revolution.

Carry On!

Gwen Kraft

"Personal Liberty & Personal Responsibility" -- Dr. Ron Paul

"A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom." -- Bob Dylan

I honor your commitment to liberty Mr McDonald

Thank you for making your stand, you are the kind of "soldier" that deserves to be thanked for their service. I am heartened to see that you understand (and are helping others to understand as well) what is really happening with this GOP power struggle. I personally know a 08 national delegate who was FOLLOWED and had her credentials physically STOLEN so that she could not attend the convention!!!

Your patriot's pilgrimage sounds like a great source of inspiration. Ultimately this pilgrimage must be made in the heart. The spirit of independence must dwell within us. In a way this journey of self discovery, this "patriot's pilgrimage" is part of "The Hero's Adventure" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OOfESMT335M

ATTENTION all national delegates - "Be respectful and don't be pushed around" should mean be
"Wise as a serpent and harmless as a dove"
Any attempt at a "coup" through "disruption" will be used against us. I am really praying for all of you.

"All tyranny needs to gain a foothold is for people of good conscience to remain silent."
Thomas Jefferson

It seems apparent that RNC

It seems apparent that RNC will do everything to quell your attendance, your energy, your passion and your dominance. They do not want Romney making his big speech and all you patriots booing your heads off in view of the whole world. ...so we'll see what actually airs in the coverage of this artificial arena of democracy.

The Neo-Nazi Cons Hate Us. We Know That. GOOD!

The opening paragraphs of your post made me immediately think:

WHO CARES? Doesn't EVERYONE know that?

Doesn't EVERYONE know that The Republican Party is The American Nazi Party? (Go ask The Bush family and their friends).





Wisdom Strategies

Kick ass Matt!

No turning back!

Nice post.....

For Freedom!
The World is my country, all mankind is my brethren, to do good is my religion.


This is a peaceful battle that we can conquer with a message our founding fathers knew was the most Moral form of Government achievable.

Thy Liberty in Law!

His name is Edward Snowden

What is Capitalism?

Every delegate please read the Declaration of Independence.

This is why you have been called to Tampa.


I believe

This election is as important as the fight for independence itself. I hope to see 10 000 strong , united under liberty , that would attract the heads and pundits and force the average American to realize the importance of the days we are in. I believe this is a war on the spiritual level as well, and a true spirit of freedom is in the air. I believe, in you Matt. I hope to see a million dedicated Americans as you standing outside Independence hall, waving the star spangled banner.

Oath of Freedom
for the True north, strong & free!