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Judge Andrew Napolitano Praises Gary Johnson

The following is from a transcript of of an audio recording of Judge Andrew Naplitano's presentation at Freedom Fest in Las Vegas on Thursday (12 July 2012) afternoon. His presentation was entitled “A Government of Waste and Lawlessness.” Here are the comments he made regarding Libertarian Presidential nominee Gary Johnson:

34:30: “I’m going to really go off script for a minute. . . .

There’s really no script; there’s just a note telling me I’m talking too long.


There is a person in this room, who I must invite to the attention of everyone, because he has the courage to stand in front of the establishment and say, “Enough is enough!”

Whether he wins or loses in his latest quest to set you free, he is a figure of historical significance and profound contemporary interest. He was once called, “Governor No!” when he said to the legislature of his state, “You are not going to interfere with commercial transactions that are voluntarily entered into.”

Maybe . . . who knows . . . after this campaign, or the next one, he might be in 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue. Former New Mexico Governor, whose sandal straps I am unworthy to fasten, who will speak here tomorrow (sic) at 10:30, Governor Gary Johnson.

(Gary stands, applause.)

That’s what we should be doing. Challenging the establishment, reminding them that there is a Constitution and a Declaration of Independence that put restrictions on the government.”

(Governor Johnson is speaking tomorrow — Saturday July 14th 2012, at 10:30 am — two days after Judge Napolitano’s remarks above.)

This is great news. Now former Governor Jesse Ventura and Judge Andrew Napolitano have commented favorable on Gary Johnson's campaign for President. The website is www.garyjohnson2012.com There is a moneybomb going on through Monday, 16 July to raise funds to buy advertising to help get Gary up to 15% in the national polls so he will be able to take part in the Presidential candidate debates. Your kind support will be much appreciated. Live free.

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tom woods also likes gary johnson personally

you have to realize there has to be a point of split somewhere--there always is, with people you hold to however high respect. you are not identical and your positions to benefit are not all the same. there is a very fundamental reality here--many of our activists leaders sell merchandise. there is nothing to protest--it is for the benefit of waking up the mass. they do need a higher audience reach for that, so expect many of our respected leaders of the paul movement to not call out LP as what it is--an excuse for a movement, any time soon.

again people need to grow up and realize there are contact points between individuals on a surface not at all even, and there is bound to be multiple splits somewhere. we're not a 100% cohesive collective consciousness, otherwise we would be like spiritual entities with no bodies, and we won't be human. there must be split somewhere, and this degree is not at all surprising.

Napolitano is more

Napolitano is more ideologically in-line with Johnson compared to Paul.

Ron Paul is really a man who loves the law. He believes that the Constitution is legitimate, must be followed, and that it allows States to do whatever the hell the want. He believes in the old left-wing ideology that people are allowed to vote/decide on the society they want.

Napolitano and Johnson, especially the latter, are more of the "morality trumps the Constitution". They talk more about natural rights, about how "right makes right" not "majority makes right". They seek to suck power away from any government, federal or state, and will be happy to let the federal government prevent the state government from interference in private lives. They're Constitutionalists except when it contradicts their morality.

Plan for eliminating the national debt in 10-20 years:

Overview: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2010/09/12/my-plan-for-reducin...

Specific cuts; defense spending: http://rolexian.wordpress.com/2011/01/03/more-detailed-look-a

Did anyone else notice that

on the Judge's FB page he has "Liked" RP, but no GJ?

Figured it Out,If the DP Ron

Figured it Out,If the DP Ron Pauler PURISTS vote all the pro-gary comments and threads. Then Ron Paul wins the gop nomination in Tampa!!

Ron Paul 2016

see a dper thinking voting

see a dper thinking voting down will nominate Ron Paul in the gop. I hope he is right, Ron Paul 2012

Ron Paul 2016

point made

Figured it Out,If the DP Ron Pauler PURISTS vote all the pro-gary comments and threads. Then Ron Paul wins the gop nomination in Tampa!!

Ron Paul 2016

so you negative voted my

so you negative voted my comment, Ron Paul 2012 or Gary Johnson if the gop does not nominate ron paul. neg that to big t must like bumping threads i guess.

Ron Paul 2016

SteveMT's picture

It is clear that you are not a Ron Paul "purist."

The Ron Paul purists are still here, believe me! I'm not the one doing this. Fact: There is a LARGE remnant of Ron Paul purists on the Daily Paul.

What happened to his support for Dr. Paul?

I haven't seen or heard anything since the judge's show was still on.

of course he still supports

of course he still supports ron paul! All this discussion and talk is if RON PAUL IS NOT THE GOP NOMINEE. I still support Ron Paul and Gary Johnson. We can chew gum and walk at the same time especially ron paul supporters minus the purists!

Ron Paul 2016

now someone is voting down a

now someone is voting down a comment that says the judge supports Ron Paul, haha

Ron Paul 2016

love it, Ron Paul 2012,keep

love it, Ron Paul 2012,keep voting it down so ron paul wins

Ron Paul 2016

SteveMT's picture

Agree: Support for Ron Paul should now be peaking, not ebbing!

There will plenty of time to consider this Gary Johnson stuff AFTER Tampa.

the ron paul campaign should

the ron paul campaign should of thought of that a month or 2 ago. When benson,tate,wead and a few others in the campaign basically thru the campaign under the bus! That was not the media's fault. Ron Paul campaign and gary campaign can be supported by one person,multi-tasking!!

Ron Paul 2016

your making my point for me

Figured it Out,If the DP Ron Pauler PURISTS vote all the pro-gary comments and threads. Then Ron Paul wins the gop nomination in Tampa!!

Ron Paul 2016

I'm voting for Ron Paul

but I have no real problem with Gary Johnson. I put him way above Obama and Romney.

Everyone voted for RP in

Everyone voted for RP in their primary, isn't that good enough?

I'll be voting GJ if RP doesn't get the nomination.

I think it behooves the liberty movement

to acknowledge those who promote ideals we hold dear, such as the judge's stating (of Gary Johnson), "That’s what we should be doing. Challenging the establishment, reminding them that there is a Constitution and a Declaration of Independence that put restrictions on the government.” In so doing it promotes the ideals themselves. I don't see that the judge said anything wrong - anything he'd have to later "spin" in some other venue via double-talk, as others have had to do. (And let's see them double-talk their way BACK to where they were if the judge rules in favor of LFRP. http://www.foxnews.com/us/2012/05/16/spin-meter-rivals-airbr...)

At the same time, in a race with only one winner (especially on a site devoted to the success of a particular individual), it's the nature of the beast to continue to point out differences among candidates until such time as it would be moot. For some that rides on Tampa; for others, it will never be.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir


It is just wrong that some of you are gary johnson bashing! Right now, with people like Romeny, Obama, John McCain, and Newt, we need to all get along with all liberty lovers, and that includes Libertarians. We need to join forces with as many parties and as many libertarians as possible. What I mean by this is, we need to support Libertarians, constitution party members (as long as they aren't neo cons) and all republicans like Mike Lee. We are the Liberty movement, not a party (yet), so we need to make sure that as we continue to support Ron Paul all they way to the convention, we don't create enemies with candidates who support liberty, as well as their supporters. We live in dangerous times, and as I do not believe in compromising with the enemy, libertarians and the Libertarian party is not our enemy. Please, in the famous words of a drug induced man who was beaten by police, can't we all just get along?

you can't ignore newt, bec than you are pro-fed all the way.

newt as everyone knows has consistently spoken out against the fed and his first economic plan in spring of 2011 has reigning in the fed and the gold standard.

those who are serial hypocrites don't like newt bec he also been the only one to speak out against islamsits that have heavily persecuted christians in the middle east and has called for closing of many military bases and has called for an immed pullout in afghanistan.

but i do agree with you that it is dispicable and shocking and very sad that some rp supporters bash gary johnson and see them as a threat. and even speak lies about him, like he is not libertarian, etc... gary johnson formally calls himself libertarian while ron paul refuses to call himself that and is adamant that he is a republican - that is part of a corrupt party that treated him horribly and with much disrespect.


Is it the end of August already?

It's kind of like good friends and family members got together to have long term celebration to honor another member of the group who has been exceptionally helpful to all of us. Then, unexpected guests arrived, which is fine. But, it wasn't long before we saw that the unexpected guests were not there to join us but, instead demanded that we ignore our honoree and honor someone they choose. They use distortions to crash the celebration and when we refuse to abandon our honoree, they resort to a gang mentality and insults.

Is that any way to "get along"? It isn't August and we aren't ready to honor anybody else right now. If the intentions were good, they would have respected us and not caused the free for all which has ensued. All of this could have and SHOULD HAVE waited until our "celebration" is over. Party on.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

Great Analogy, Nonna

...logged on t up-vote you! Thanks.


This is

not a personality cult movement. Somebody must carry the flag of liberty past Tampa. Libertarian party suits RP more than anything else. Since most of today's Americans do not buy IDEAS of individual liberty and free society (without scare of bad economy and inflation the number of current RP supporters would be 10 times less and without our endless wars Muslim students and Blue Republicans wont be with us either), RP has chosen to use GOP as a vehicle.

Well, at this point, voting for Libertarian party is both following liberty IDEAS and TACTICS, since 1) it is a strategy to maximize liberty without relinquishing our gains in GOP; 2) we may need Libertarian party again in 2016; 3) weakening two party monopoly is a self evident plus.

I agree w/ you that libertarian party can only break establishme

nt. and rp supporters know that as well. but you see rp supporters have long been heavily co-opted into establishment and under obamaney's wings. hence, that is why they hate the libertarian party and say bad things about gary johnson - bec they are infact romney-paul supporters.

they are bound to establishment and are weak adn serial hypocrites (not newt), and hence abuse paul's name to say one thing, but infact many rp supporters are slaves and want tyranny and want the 2 party system to stay intact and for everyone to march to their beat.

and the lib party that actually has a platform of lib ideals scares most rp supporters. hence, their resentment of gary johnson and anything that could rival establishment in a meaningful way.


This is the Daily PAUL

not the Daily Johnson.

How pathetic, you don't even have your own forum to shill on.
Why don't you go troll the website of Bob Barr [former CIA member and former Libertarian nominee]? And don't let the door hit you in the rear on your way out.

this is not daily paul didn't

this is not daily paul didn't you know it is daily rand. bottom line is we can all stop if you like and support romney bottom line, is if we do not have ron paul to vote for we are discussing to vote gary or another 3rd party candidate, do not worry in one month we can change name of daily paul to something else to your liking maybe rand daily:) or romney daily

Ron Paul 2016

And if the moderators don't get a grip on life soon,

this is going to be the "Daily Empty Website" with no traffic left.

I'm about to sign off and go campaign AGAINST Gary Johnson.

big t your driving folks away

big t your driving folks away not us. I have supported ron paul since 2006 and i am sure not going to throw it away supporting obamney! I will support ron paul if he is the nominee after that i support gary johnson over obamney. now if you think gary johnson is worse then obama or romney fine go vote for obama or romney or write in whoever. The only folks driving folks away from dp are ron paul supporters who are mad at folks voting for gary or anyone but obamney. why would ron paul supporters be mad at ron paul supporters who are not voting obama/romney is beyond me! why not go bitch at romney voters or obama voters! Are you made because i wil vote ron paul if he is the nominee or are you mad becuase i will not vote romney. I heard you say you would vote 3rd party not romney. so why are your panties in a twist? I get it your pissed because gary voters will not support your guy virgil goode. is your hatred of gary becuase we will not line up behind your guy virgil or because we will not support the gop nominee romney if he is!

Ron Paul 2016


How many times are you going to trot out the same old straw man over and over and over, like as if we don't vote Johnson then we're voting Obamney.

You're very obviously a troll who is here to just keep bumping threads.

What you don't know is that there is a large concerted effort going on via personal messaging to work against the Gary Johnson campaign because of this trolling on Daily Paul that you and the other assholes are doing here.

Now you're gonna get fucked good and hard for what you're doing here.

I am not a troll, big t

I am not a troll, big t calling me a troll doesn't make me a troll. I am just commenting on a thread and discussing. It took you like 4 posts of complaining at me before you even answered my first comment the other day. I AM NOT A TROLL DP MODS but if big t wants to alienate diehard ron paulers. Then i would have to say he is a troll.
for the record my pcp was 100% ron paul and my district was 100% ron paul so big t stfu with your trollish troll trolling!!

bottom line is if ron paul is not the nominee . I will be voting Gary Johnson and big t will be voting virgil goode if i remember correctly. Me defending or riminding folks or asking folks who they are going to vote for in the general election if ron paul is not the nominee is not trolling!

big t stop replying to my comments and you wouldn't be bumping the thread youself. bottom line i have only asked folks who they might be voting for and that i would vote ron paul if he is the nominee and gary johnson is ron paul is not. if that makes me a troll then fine i am a Ron paul troll supporting gary johnson if ron paul is not the nominee!

Ron Paul 2016