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Our Hypocritical Gov't: Cries about emissions and refuses fuel efficiency

Very frustrating and interesting clip. A man describes the reason the government won't allow a fuel efficient (78.5 mpg) VW Passat to be sold in the US. It's only so they can tax us more...meanwhile they cry for companies to make fuel efficient vehicles, but don't want them so they can tax us. Outrageous!!!


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There is a company here in

There is a company here in California that the gets 300-500 MPG. They apply for a loan 200 million from the Dept of Energy and said they don't think it would sell well. They had 5000-6000 people put a deposit on these cars. One gallon of gas would get you from Sacramento to Los Angles.

Math: 6000 x 23,000 gas vehicle = 138000000

Aperta Car

WV is coming out with a 2 seater that get 175MPG.

Bottom !@#$ Line is they don't want a FREE MARKET.

haha... unbelievable

So...did they stop making the 300-500 mpg model for a 200 mpg one? that's all they have on their website now, but even that is awesome. I wish I could see more about it.

and no they don't...they want anything that will give them more money in their lobbyist driven bank accounts and in the form of taxes. My world was just rocked with all this. I knew our government sucked, but really?

I'd suggest getting a loan

from the private sector.
Why do they want a gov't loan?
If they product is good and they have a good plan, they will get the money from the private sector.

The number 1 energy consuming entity in the world = ?

The US government.

The number 1 polluting entity in the world = the US government.

Of course the government is excepted from its own rules and policies.

of course!!

Do as we say and not as we do...


http://c4ss.org/content/2570 ... a good article on this subject, likely to piss you off even more.


thank you...