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Want to Stick it to the Bankers? Did you Know the Day you Signed the Note, Your House was Paid in Full?

If these crook Bankers were doing what they are supposed to be doing with the public debt, there wouldn't be a need for anyone to file for Bankruptcy.

All Homes and Utilities and anything else considered 'public debt' is already pre-paid in advance.

Are you ready to blow your top?

Remember HJR-192 aka Public Law 10 chapter 48, 48 Stat 112?

That's right folks, when they took our Gold, they took away our ability to actually 'pay off' anything. So, they had to give us a remedy, and that remedy is Public Law 10.

Remember now, we are still in Bankruptcy (1933).

All public debts are pre-paid in advance. That means all utilities and homes as well. When you sign the note on your home at the Bank, you need to walk out with the Deed, because your signature just paid off that house.

But the crooks don't tell you that. No, instead, they endorse the back of your promissory note and deposit it in a secret account in your name. Then 72 hrs. later, they call the Treasury Dept, and say "Hey, someone has abandoned this account, can we have it?", and the Treasury says "Sure, it's all yours!".

Then the crook bankers pillage that account for about 10 times more than the actual money that was created with your signature (remember, fractional reserve banking?), and then have the ballz to Con You Into Making $1,200.00 Payments AGAIN on that house for the next 30 years. that you just paid off 3 days ago when you signed the Note.

How's that for screwing you three ways to Sunday?

No Joke People: You paid off the home the day you signed the Note at the Bank. It should have been over, done, no more payments, free and clear. You walk out with the keys and the deed, and the Banker is supposed to take that promissory Note to the Treasury window and Discharge the debt.

Remember, it's not HJR-192 you use in your argument, it's "Public Law 10: Chapter 48, 48 Stat 112 ..... That's the Key!

Remember also: The Bank did not loan you jack $hit. They had no money to loan you, until YOU signed the Note. Your signature created the money, it's all a con; all of it, from day one.

Listen to Rod Class explain how your signature is what creates the money in Episode 598, May 25, 2012 in the Archived shows as you scroll down the page:


Listen to his other shows; he's driving home the Bankruptcy and how it's effecting all of us. At some point in almost every show, he gets into the 1933 Bankruptcy.

And to add injury to insult, if you miss one of those 'other payments' that you are paying monthly (even though you already paid off the home), the greedy boogers will show up with the Sheriff and steal your home and repeat the process again.

Yes, I said they come and STEAL your home, because you already paid the home off with your signature; they are just double dipping on you.

The whole system is setup for confiscation. They are THIEVES and CRIMINALS, the whole lot of them!

Read it yourself:


Source of above link: http://www.myprivateaudio.com/Bank-Fraud.html

NOTE: It's not HJR-192 you want to argue, it's:

Public Law 10: Chapter 48, 48 Stat 112 .. That is Law.

People are walking out of the bank without the deed; they are signing the deed over to the bank, instead of putting it in their pocket when they leave. Did you think they were going to TELL YOU that you just paid off the home?


In Liberty and Beyond!

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Their game, their rules

The only way to win is to not play the game at all.
Move into the desert. Built yourself a home out of clay. Grow your own garden, make your own toys, and occasionally go into town to trade.

If you make any deal with a bank, you are playing their game by their rules.

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questions and more questions

around 5 years ago our mort corp sold our home loan
sent us a letter saying it has been sold,but not to whom
after all this time we do not know owns this note
to day i received a note from the civil forfeiture division
of the sheriffs dpt
we are being evicted out of this home,presumably for failure to pay!!
to make matters worse,we still do not know who has this note,nor if they have all of it
i have read story upon story about people getting evicted
from their homes with no legal recourse by using the courts
also i have not read anything about anyone winning in court
against the bankers for their fraud
what can i possibly do now? except to move and let them win another one?

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

Please keep the info. flowing

I'm amazed we've been so conned. Please keep it coming...can't get enough.

Do you know anyone who has succefully argued this in court?

I have known of this knowledge for awhile, but I have yet to find someone who has successfully used it in court.

Court ?

I would not consider the Comptrollers discharge issue a viable court option. Lawyers simply would not touch it. Might talk about it around the coffee table but would blanch at the idea of stating a case out of it.

There are other approaches available, particularly in foreclosure.

National ( read Federal Government ) Bankruptcy itself is the bigger issue, not so much the after effects of racketeering in the banking industry in general.

A little tidbit from Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.) : “A Bankrupt has no Sovereignty at common law.”

Wonder why you don't get no respect?

You're a member of the Public. A Citizen. A Voter. A Creditor. A surety and guarantor to the so called “National Debt” of a formally bankrupt Government. A sub-bankrupt. A subsist-or, if you will. A “Human Resource” within the political and regional confines of the UNITED STATES. Said US beholding to the International Monetary Fund as the Real Party in Interest.

And every Judge and Magistrate in this land know it. They are mere administrators and revenue collectors in the National Debt.

Bottom line.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info


The law can be manipulated any way you might want to interpret it. That's what lawyers do.

Try using your head.
You can't afford a house. Therefore, you borrow 100k with the promise to pay it back with interest. You and the bank sign the contract.
You get the house now. The bank gets interest later. It's a fair deal that you both agreed to.
Saying you own the house in full without paying for it is plainly trying to get something for nothing by ripping off the banks - i.e. Communism.
Also, mortgages are private debt - not public debt.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

Like Said, Believe It or Don't. I could care less :

>The law can be manipulated any way you might want to interpret it. That's what lawyers do.<

Indeed. The Law should be followed, not interpreted. They are dealing in Statute and Code anyway, which is not Law.

>Try using your head.<

Like discovering exactly how they don't follow their own set published rules and regs. and busting their cases against me? Maybe doing that isn't "using my head" but I've enjoyed it now now and then.

>You can't afford a house. Therefore, you borrow 100k with the promise to pay it back with interest. You and the bank sign the contract.<

Please show me a mortgage agreement where someone in authority signs for the bank, thereby taking responsibility for following all the State and Federal regs. and you've showed me a FIRST in this circle of research that'll go viral.

>You get the house now. The bank gets interest later. It's a fair deal that you both agreed to.<

The bank gets the interest first. Depends on the State. Ernest money paid through the home broker often reverts toward the loan rather than being passed on to the seller, particularly in the recent spate of 100% financing. Then check some amortisation tables, or monthly "payment" receipts even. See how much of the payment accounts against the accrued interest and how much against the remaining balance.

The interest portion is then split up along the way. Bank skims a percent or two and up-streams the rest to whom ever or what ever they sold the note to. It's a Ponzi scheme, pure and simple.

If the bank rep did not sign the agreement we got a unilateral contract. The "Borrower" agrees to terms and alone signed.

>Saying you own the house in full without paying for it is plainly trying to get something for nothing by ripping off the banks - i.e. Communism.<

NO ONE owns their homes. It's all been hypothecated into Surety for the National Debt. Look up Hypothecation and explain how the Fed Gove pledged everyone's land and personal property for their own government debt.

Ripping off the banks. What a laugh.

In recent years, a few Forensic Auditors have taken on the task of chasing the paper to see where it goes. They found the paper has multiplied in "value" time over time and time again. $250 K "loan" may show a $1 Mil "current value", or more. MUCH more.

>Also, mortgages are private debt - not public debt.<

A Bank Mortgage "borrowed" against is held out as a "loan", which it is not. No money or even Fed Reserve Notes change hands. It's all done with book keeping entries, as Mr. Schauf showed.

The whole loan / repayment scam is based on a presumption of underlying convertibility into "Money", which Fed Notes are not. They are Promises to Pay at some unspecified date with use as debt discharge in the mean time. Says so right on the bills. THIS NOTE IS LEGAL TENDER FOR ALL DEBTS PUBLIC AND PRIVATE.

Tender is not payment by definition, but may be accepted for Discharge of a debt. I could tender corn chips for a debt if the other party accepted.

You want private debt, deal with a party that is not regulated by government.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Try using my head? How about you try using yours instead.

There is no money; they took our gold, which took away our ability to pay off anything. The remedy THEY gave us ... Now notice, I said the remedy THEY gave us, was that all public debt was to be discharged.

The signature creates more Federal Reserve Notes.

If we still had a means to actually PAY OFF our debt, as in a currency that is actually worth something, then it might be a different story, but we do not.

Go read the paper in the link I provided above. Then listen to some Rod Class shows and do a little research.

Okay, technically speaking, you do not own the home, you are signing a promissory note that discharges the debt until one day (if ever) we get a lawful currency, in which time we actually pay off the loan.

We can't pay off anything, so what do we do?

We Discharge the Debt with our signature, and since they never plan on giving us back our gold, a discharged debt is just as good as saying you own it.

So how did it go with you?

For someone to post such a thing so publically, I'd have to assume that you have successfully done it yourself.

So when you signed the paperwork and asked for your deed now, did you walk out with it?

They may be breaking the rules, but the fact is that you'd have to take some guns into a closing to walk out with the deed unless you paid the property out in full. No amount of quoting the law is even going to come close to parting their fingers.


Believe It or Don't :

The facts of this “Public Debt” structure are there in the record. Overall Public Debt includes bank loans, credit card covers and the so called “National Debt”. Every penny in accounting.

Almost 20 years ago Tom Schauf, Certified Public Accountant, began explaining the Bankers Mortgage racket from the point of Generally Accepted Accounting Principles. ( look him up ) He showed how your home loan went on the books as a debt to the bank. He further showed how the check given to you to pay the property transfer also went on the books as a debt from the bank. Paying a debt with a debt is an accounting no-no.

He also explained the fractional reserve aspect of the whole racket.

I'm very happy I met him and used his expertise in working with several families to have their home loan balance canceled. Without going to court. Most satisfying.

These days it can be shown the “Deed” is supposed to go into an “Individual Real Estate Trust” ( IRET ) but the transfer is not fully completed and taxes are not paid, as required by banking regulations. After a few days, the Trust fails for filing time limits. Since taxes are not paid the IRET can not show sufficient papers to be properly registered in a timely fashion. The IRET is abandoned and the Deed dropped into a batch Real Estate Investment Trust ( REIT ) and “upstreamed” ( sold ) on the international market. Fraudulent dealings in counterfeits from the jump. REIT's are a large part of what is collapsing in the world economy. Investors are figuring it out big time.

That's the catch people are using to stop foreclosures and prove lack of ownership by the foreclosing party. Lots of fun.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

What you're not seeing here is a little thing called Reality.

US Income Tax is Unconstitutional. It's obvious. But you pay anyway, why?

The State is very, very literally a mob of thugs that extort us all for money. They have the power, we don't. That's how governments roll.

Income tax is a tool they use to extort money from us, even though our founding fathers said there shall never be such a thing in the USA.

If the state can still extort us (and you still pay) despite the fact that Washington and Jefferson said it can't happen, then your silly little mortgage advice is just a fart in the wind. Everyone is still going to pay and you spreading these "truths" is laughable.


>US Income Tax is

>US Income Tax is Unconstitutional. It's obvious. But you pay anyway, why?<

Me? I haven't filed since Regan was in office, maybe 82'–3'ish, I forget, and the short form was a blue post card. I kept it for fun. IRS and Calif. FTB messed with me for a while 20 years later. They haven't contacted me since.

>The State is very, very literally a mob of thugs that extort us all for money. They have the power, we don't. That's how governments roll.<

Largely agreed, but I don't consider they have much real power against me. At least not in administrative and court matters. I could care less about their guns as well. I just don't get excited by their macho displays. No fear reaction. No anger either. Their antics are kind of boring actually. I don't provide excuse or otherwise piss them off for 'Roid Rage. And I'm no fun for them in court when it comes down to it.

They run primarily on fear mongering. I'm more concerned about my neighbours and countrymen who buy into the fear and propaganda. They're useless and do not stand up for themselves and family, let alone another.

>Income tax is a tool they use to extort money from us, even though our founding fathers said there shall never be such a thing in the USA.<

Indeed. One of my hobbies is occasionally helping people with tax problems. Recently got a $1,300+ account due on a payment schedule zeroed out after the guy had received a NOTICE OF INTENT TO LIEN on his paid for home. One letter was all it took. Surprised me even. Another guy got hit with over $5,800 back State taxes and penalties. Long time non-filer. Got him $124 back and the threatening IRS dog pile-on went away. Didn't even go to audit.

>If the state can still extort us (and you still pay) despite the fact that Washington and Jefferson said it can't happen, then your silly little mortgage advice is just a fart in the wind. Everyone is still going to pay and you spreading these "truths" is laughable.<

This is not my “mortgage advice”. It's the way the Feds and ever helpful Federal Reserve System dealt with the bankruptcy in 1933. Simple as that. It's their regs not mine. Still wouldn't function due to human nature.

Their whole scam is based upon claiming they own everything, including your underwear, as collateral for the so called “ National Debt”. A major underpinning of this overall scam is your “Work/Production Value” and the expected tax revenue base over your life time.

So what if they followed their rules and most everything you supposedly purchased was properly discharged against your lifetime line of “credit value” by signature through the Comptrollers Office? Who would actually work to build the house, to make and do the things you need to survive, let alone live in a dignified manner? Productivity would cease to exist in short order. There would be no general economy. The one we got is pretty shaky as is.

That's the reality.

The Constitution is a Trust : http://www.The-Legacy.Info

Oh, you must still be a "Taxpayer" :

Some people haven't completed the halfway marker of the learning curve yet, and still believe the gov't can force them to pay a tax on something they aren't actually liable for.

You may be a "Taxpayer", and that's fine; if you're employed by the government, then by all means, you are liable for that tax.

I'm not employed by them; they cannot prove that I am or ever have been employed by them, therefor I do not donate any money to them, why would I? I never signed an employment contract, did you?

This is a game of "Do what you think you can afford". There are avenues to unseating judges and disbarring attorneys; they have Bonds :)... They don't like those Bonds put into jeopardy; no Bond; no Job!

People win against the STATE everyday; all over the country. A few you hear about because someone actually logged the entire process online somewhere, but most are hidden; sealed; never to be seen again if the STATE loses.

The problem is: People are still arguing whether or not the income tax is constitutional, instead of addressing the core issue of liability and contracts.

The income tax absolutely "IS" Constitutional if you are an government agent.

Wow you're a tard. So be it.

Either you're a retard who is begging to be but has yet to be b!tchslapped by uncle sam, or you are willingly misleading people as the commenter below suggests.

Either way, I wash my hands of you. Be gone.


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you are aware

that you could try to prove this post wrong
feel free

setting your expectations to high,can cause depression

I'm a tard? .... LOL

Ummmm, because I know the law; because I've put in my time studying the fraud; because I know how to defend myself against the fraud; because I'm not an idiot who sends in a "Gift Tax", I'm the tard?

Yep, it might be a good idea to go play elsewhere Jr. You are definitely behind on the learning curve.

Carry those chains lightly my friend.


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it didn't, he's admitted it before

apparently he's fine misleading gullible people. See comment & parent comments @:


"You underestimate the character of man." | "So be off now, and set about it." | Up for a game?

I admitted it before?

Hey "Jon", I love how you hand pick one comment out of a thread (as if it were the last word), instead showing the entire thread, so people can see the 'final' outcome of the total conversation in that thread.

Here was my last comment to you "Jon", in that very same thread, and all you had to say was "&?".


NOTE: Jon, just because you personally don't believe in these things, does not mean they are invalid. Every time I post something, you throw it in Off Topic. Either because you believe it to be false; you personally have something against me; or you simply haven't put in the time I and others have with respect to the subject at hand.

I do not try to mislead anyone.

Instead of the personal attacks, perhaps you can post information that's contrary; prove my posts wrong with black ink on white paper?

If you can prove these things wrong with some research of your own, I will be more than happy to come in behind your comment and apologize and publicly thank you for teaching me and everyone else on this forum the truth of the matter.

To the comment above yours: I paid off the house long before I learned this information, so no, I have not personally done it, but most definitely will make that attempt on the next purchase.

I believe it is John Stewart? and a few others that have been teaching this for a few years now. It is true; the home was paid off when the Note was signed. The signature created the money that is supposed to discharge the debt.

Rod Class is also hammering this very subject on the bankruptcy and the signature that creates more Fed Notes. Click on my name and see the other recent posts I've made on this with his links in them.

Jon, if this information is false, and you can PROVE that it is false, then by all means, post your information for us to see. I surely don't want to mislead anyone, and I'm sure you have some kind of proof to disavow my post, or you wouldn't have replied in the first place, right?