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The NWO Wants Our Childrens Minds! We Must Tell Our Children The Truth About What Is Happening & What Needs to Be Done.

"Public education is not about enlightenment at all. It is about reducing citizens to the same safe level, to create a standard citizenry, to put down dissent & originality" H.L. Mencken

We are the hope for our children to learn the truth about many things in this life including the differences between Collectivism (& its many morphing forms) & Individualism. The must know & be able to recognize the differences & when collectivism disguises itself as Individualism. Truly on a wide margin timescale, this is only the beginning of this revolution. We must be long term thinkers & people of action. The NWO has no right over OUR LIVES & OUR CHILDRENS LIVES. They did not bring our children, nor did they bring us into existence, they can neither grant, nor take away any rights. Those come from our creator. We were born on this planet just like the globalist NWO freaks who desire to dominate & push people down.

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points for edu,

thanks you for your encouraging post. I had wished to encourage you on another thread, re hope, and that your contributions make DP richer.

thank you--

glad something comes from being old and well-worn. :)

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--

Nothing New

They've been doing this for decades. It's been going on since the 50's. But you are right, they have no right to impose their will on others.

Changes start with "educating" children.

My childs' friend has "won" a trip to the UN. On this trip to Europe she will visit Geneva, Brussels, Paris, Berlin and the Hague.
This teenager will be indoctrinated about the "good works" of the UN and learn nothing about how they, (the UN) will try to control every government in the Western World.
This teenager has been hand picked from the brightest pupils in her school.