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Things To Look For At The Nebraska Convention

Things to watch for at the Nebraska Convention:

- Will they allow guests to view the convention? Hopefully so!
- Will they allow live streaming video to be broadcast from the convention floor? Hopefully so!
- Who will be chairman of the meeting? In my understanding, this will be the establishment's Mark Fahleson, who wanted to run for National Committeeman. Since his attempt to run for that position would have left the Party Chair position open, and since John Orr, the favorite of Ron Paul fans, probably had the votes to get the position, Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman apparently convinced Fahleson to remian in his position through this convention.
- Will they seat guests as voting delegates?
- What delegates will they welcome from Dodge County (Fremont, NE)? Against the will of the majority of delegates, additional guests were seated as delegates at this county convention. The majority of delegates, all Ron Paul fans, proceeded to take the convention outside and hold a Rump convention. Therefore, two sets of delegates have been chosen to go to the state convention.
- What delegates will they welcome from Buffalo County (Kearney, NE)? There were 10 additional delegates (questionably) chosen from here to attend the state convention. Those delegates will likely be allowed in and there's likely no way of knowing who they will vote for.
- Will they use voting machines or paper ballots to decide votes?
- Who will they elect as Executive Director and Vice Chair of the Republican Party? This will be an indication of who will win the state - look for Jon Tucker for Executive Director and Laura Ebke as Vice Chair - these are two of the state Republican Liberty Caucus leadership.
- Who will they elect as the National Committeeman? Ron Paul fans (I think) will be voting for Matt Butler over David Kramer.
- Who will they elect as the National Committeewoman? I do not know if Joyce Simmons is a Ron Paul fan, but seeing as Nebraska Governor Dave Heineman has endorced Darlene Starman, it's a safe bet that Ron Paul fans will not be voting for Starman.
- Will people be having fun? Or, will there be a need for extra security?

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Convention Update

- They have allowed guests to view the convention - good for transparency!
- They have allowed live video streaming - good for transparency!
- The challenge(s) to the Dodge County delegate slate (and the Buffalo delegate slate which didn't happen) failed. I take this as a bad sign for the Ron Paul chances.
- They are using paper ballots that will be sent to voting machines for the count. They claim these machines are not connected to the internet and that there are 2 representatives from each of the campaigns (Romney & Paul) watching this counting process.
- The only names listed on the Congressional District National Delegate voting list are from the Romney slate - they offered to have a Ron Paul slate listed on the ballot, but the Nebraska Republican Liberty Caucus declined. (Without knowing more about my home state, I have no way of knowing who is who, and therefore will not be able to tell if Liberty/Ron Paul delegates will be elected.)