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If Ron Paul is to be President

It must be by the power of Almighty God!

I know there are a great many here who believe in the power of prayer unto Him who alone can move mountains and still the raging storm. He changes the times and the seasons and does whatsoever He wills.

Oh Lord God of heaven and earth and all that is therein, hear our cry for mercy, and deliverance, and righteous judgment.

Chasten us O Lord, but not to destruction of that which You have so graciously given us.

We call upon Thee for help as You have told us to do. Help us Lord, help us in Jesus' name we pray.

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GREAT idea...

Energy is real, and prayer is energy. One doesn't have to be a "Christian" or even have any religious affiliation to pray powerfully and effectively.

If ever there was a need for prayer in the realm of 'politics' it is now. Make it part of your morning and evening to go within and sincerely pray (in any words) for success for our man. Ron Paul is a gift to us...let's be grateful, and pray that this gift manifests in a miracle in Tampa.

Thank you, Ron Paul, for being who you are and for standing for our integrity as the most powerful (if not perfect) nation on earth.

Ron Paul is my president.

Nothing comes to those who wait.

Totally agree.



Lord, Hear our prayer!

Amen Granger!

We have a great many problems in our nation at this time in history.
God, and God alone can turn things around to the good.
Pray without ceasing......This, is the answer to ALL our problems!

Have a great day everyone!

" In Thee O Lord do I put my trust " ~ Psalm 31:1~