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Libertarian City Councilman in OH Pushes to Privatize Community's Bus Service

While revealing yesterday Perrysburg’s latest steps in replacing TARTA with an independent bus company, Councilman Todd Grayson said the Northwest Ohio city is exploring solutions for problems this transition might cause citizens.

Grayson, a Libertarian chairing the Health, Sanitation and Public Utilities Committee for City Council, announced that HSPU narrowed the number of bus companies competing to serve Perrysburg from six to two: Black & White Transportation of Toledo and MV Transportation of Dallas. Said Grayson, “after a little bit more [time] to dissect the proposals,” HSPU expects to select its contract-winner within three weeks.

The councilman claimed that a private carrier could save Perrysburg nearly 50 percent of the $1.5 million now spent annually on bus services provided by TARTA (the Toledo Area Regional Transit Authority).

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Elected Libertarians at Local Levels Are Effective

Elected Libertarians at local levels are very effective at reducing the size and cost of government. As their reputations grow, Libertarians will be elected at ever higher levels.


Will absolutely not stand for this imo. Some public bus services have been incorporated and thus a business entity onto themselves from what I have heard.

Yet it is a good and sound effort.


Surprisingly, I haven't heard much resistance yet from unions.

Only from TARTA, which has responded some with some hardball by deciding to cease their service three months before the end of the year.

I wouldn't be surprised, though, if local unions make some noise in the next few months on this.

This is exactly the type of

This is exactly the type of local initiative that gets me so excited about the movement. Hopefully it works out; a privatized bus service would show people that you don't need the government for transportation services. Well done Councilman Todd Grayson.

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