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Doug Wead: All Eyes on Nebraska

All eyes are on Grand Island, Nebraska today. Will it be a Soviet style fraud? Or will it be a real convention? Today’s event will be telling. It will provide clues on what to expect at the Republican National Convention in Tampa next month.

This is clear, what happens in Nebraska cannot be blamed on the Nebraska governor, or the strong arm privately financed army he has hired to muscle the masses of people into line. Nor can it be blamed on Mitt Romney’s mean spirited campaign team, the same losers who ran Bob Dole and John McCain’s campaigns, whose motto is “only us.” No, today’s activities will be a clear reflection of how Mittens himself sees the Ron Paul insurgency. And how he will handle it in Tampa.

By now, even the most obtuse politico, at the most isolated, rarified level, would have seen the youtubes of people’s bones being broken in his name and of his own privately hired off duty police arresting people. By now he knows that his captains have confiscated the delegate rolls and run out to parking lots and locked them up in their trunks to make it impossible for roll call votes. He knows that they have ignored voice votes and brazenly declared “Nays have it,” when they didn’t. He knows that his people have had to move money out of GOP accounts to keep it out of the hands of the new, duly elected state chairman, who support Ron Paul... [Click to Continue]

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RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: ALL EYES ON Trygve Olson and Jesse Benton

RON PAUL R[3]VOLUTION: ALL EYES ON Trygve Olson and Jesse Benton.


Wisdom Strategies

Oh, Mr Wead...

First of, what you call a "Soviet style fraud" is conceived, developed and tested in the US. I guess this is the only type of manufacturing that is still booming in this country. I lived in Soviets, they had nothing on the US in terms of election rigging! Not even close.

Every time I read your post, you are telling us who's to blame and who not to blame. How about looking into your own camp? Have you ever considered that RP campaign management could do a better job preventing fraud and calling out the culprits, instead of telling people what to think?

After the lawsuit headed by Richard Gilbert your language has changed but where is the action?

No Doug

No Doug, everyone's eyes aren't on Nebraska, mine aren't, my eyes are looking at you pal, and everyone else down there at Ron Paul campaign headquarters.

Why wasn't a delegate slate turned in by Ron Paul's campaign for this convention in Nebraska, you were asked for one, and what did you frauds do. Nothing. What's your excuse clown. Too busy spending those millions in campaign contributions while you do NOTHING in return.

In my opinion your nothing but a slick talking con artist who likes making excuses for your back stabbing conduct. You made my list of treasonous trash. I'm sure you'll be making many more peoples lists before all is said and done con man.

Little Smitty a troll

Little Smitty a troll. A week long member and trying to stir up trouble, get a life and stop getting paid by the Romney campaign.

I'm a troll?

You call me names and make false accusations against me. That's what trolls do, so if anyone is a troll, it's you.

North Carolina has an election coming up Tuesday

North Carolina 7/17/12
Liberty candidates to Vote For:
[] Dan Forrest Lt. Govenor
[] Richard Alexander Sup. Pub. Instr
[] Mike Causey Ins. Comm
[] Scott Keadle House Rep Dist 8
[] Matthew Ridenhour Mecklenburg district 5 Comm
[] Adam Brooks Comm Randolph County District 5 (not sure if the election day is correct for him)
[] Mark Hopp Comm Alamance County

The idea of Romney Can't Win Is Not The Issue, The Issue Of

impotance is Ron Paul NOT get the GOP nomination. This is victory for the establishment who doesn't give a RATS A#SS weather Obama or Romney become president.

It was Ron Paul they feared, they wanted to stop, the one that was targeted to defeat...PERIOD!...Nothing else really was as important to the establishment.. To keep Ron Paul from winning primaries, delegates, TV and radio exposure was the goal...KEEP RON PAUL FROM WINNING AT ALL COSTS..

Come on guys! This should have been self evident. To marginalise the liberty movement. To make fun of all of us. To portray Ron Paul and his followers as "NUT JOBS", COOKS and aS a...THREAT TO THE "STATUS QUO"

have any delegates or alternates been allocated?

have any delegates or alternates been allocated yet?

Seven Words

Weak...Puss...Girly-Man...Scared Little Child - that's Mitt "No Balls" Romney. Couldn't beat the worst liberal in Massachusetts...couldn't even get the Olympics right in Salt Lake - and most of you guys think there's no way he can win the nomination???

Doug Wead and I agree on very little - but we do agree that losers were running the Dole and McCain campaigns...the same losers who shut decent people like Dr. Paul out of corrupt two-party politics.

More Kool-Aid, anyone?

Be seeing you.

Romney can't win, why give him the nomination?

It is becoming evermore apparent that this will all be for naught, because its clear Romney has little chance to win in the general election. The Democrats have planned for several years now how to defeat him, their play book is wide open and working well. The only chance the Republicans have is to nominate Dr Paul at the convention. The Democrats entire strategy would be null and void, the millions they have spent on tactics, opposition research, anti Romney attack ads, all out the window. Romney knows this as well as most of his supporters. If he really wanted whats best for the country and his party, at the convention Romney should decline the nomination and endorse Dr Paul. That single selfless act would give Romney the respect of the country and go down in political history as a pivotal game changing event that would not only win this election for the Republicans but bring liberty and constitutional freedoms to the country.

Maybe "The Elite" wanted

Maybe "The Elite" wanted Obama to win from the very beginning. Who knows, but why not question everything.I'm tired of the lies imposed on us by the media and our "elected officials" and shit needs to change. We, the U.S, used to rank number one worldwide in science and math and now we're like twenty something(Not sure but I know its around there). We need to wake up and realize that we've been getting played as fools. We're all highly intelligent we just need to open up our minds and realize it. I personally will vote for Ron Paul as/if the republican nominee or as a write in candidate and will always spread the message that Ron Paul opened my mind to. Peace, Freedom, and Prosperity for ALL. Not just a selected few.

Yes we (America) used to be number one in so many

fantastic categories. I wouldn't be surprised that we are twenty-something now. That all plummeted since 1963 when we took God and the Bible out of Schools and textbooks; America is now number one in violence, rape, murder, teen pregnancies, drug abuse, divorce, etc. Interestingly enough, the test results of private Christian education (whether its at a school or home) still rank much, much higher over the government schools.

And yes, we too can't vote for anyone but Ron Paul, no matter what, and spreading his Constitutional message. Americans in many cases are so distracted with sports or media entertainment that they don't think of what's truly important anymore - whether its knowing where they will spend eternity after an unexpected death (1 John 5:10-13) or whether its guarding the fragile flame of Constitutional freedom so our children's children will live in freedom on this earth.

Good post. Got me thinking. Thank you.


that dumb**s Rmoney wasn't even able to get the nomination over that other dumb**s McCain last time so how he could win over Obama with the armies of brainwashed liberal/commies voting for him? He was selected to fail from the very beginning and the shenanigans in Iowa prove it beyond reasonable doubt.
Time to found Liberty party again.

It is so embarassing and humiliating how he can continue on

given he is just an ordinary cad when Dr. Paul is available and willing as a timeless statesmen...a man of wisdom and Romney has NOTHING TO CONTRIBUTE.


Nothing to contribute to the American people

but, to his friends he helps by contributing to a New World.

“It is the food which you furnish to your mind that determines the whole character of your life.”
―Emmet Fox

ytc's picture

"So what happens today in Nebraska is Mitt Romney’s show."

What a powerful TRUTHful statement, putting the onus squarely on Romney's conscience.

I don't think

He has a conscience...

Ron Paul convert from the Heart of Dixie

Why would someone with $247 million want to campaign?

He has the worst personality of anybody. Freakin dork. No opinions..no personlity no morals no nothing. Why doesn't he just go off to an island somewhere with the sharks and be with them as they are his friends.


I think I can answer that

His father was governor here in Mi and did run for president. Mitts long term plan is a Romney family dynasty in American politics, he has 5 sons, I think he sees them in future positions of political influence. Much like the Kennedys or the Bushes.

As far as the island, I would like to suggest Malta, he could hang with Justice Roberts and discuss the cultural benefits of socialized medicine. LOL

yeah---I have a vision ot them hanging together from

..a bridge or something.


my vision

of his hanging is more about a noose.

It's not his money that's the problem

it's his reed-in-the-wind flexibility on truth and principles. I would hope that a libertarian billionaire would want to campaign for and serve the country in the White House some day, even though they stood to lose a billion while in office. It's devotion to the principles expressed in the Constitution that matter. Don't forget, our founding fathers gave up a lot of fortune to fight for liberty.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.