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Dr. Paul's stated, by email, aversion and disdain for possibility of presidential nomination, election, and victory

... while there is still

time on the clock,
means in process,
damaging/ruinous news against Romney and a
God who rules in the affairs of men, is:

(Dr. Paul wrote, " That fact [that Romney has obtained enough delegates to secure the Republican nomination] hasn’t changed - and it’s not going to change." Nobody but God knows 1)if Romney has already presently obtained enough delegates, and even more so 2)whether this is going to change or not, it being an event in the future. We know Ron doesn't want to be king, but he shouldn't play God in terms of absolutist knowledge of the future). Sheesh, already!

untimely and

... It appears clear that, even if, by a miracle (which could happen by one of multiple means), Dr. Paul was to be nominated, win the nomination (and then the election) it appears he and the "official" campaign is in no state of mind/preparation to accept and walk through an open door to the presidency.
... There is zero possibility of winning if he doesn't want to win or has already accepted defeat before the end of the game.
... I am frankly amazed at the defeatism in the name of Dr. Paul pushing practical politics and pyrrhic platform possibilities to be embraced rhetorically but never practiced by the gop "leadership" criminals.

Different topic, but important... One thing is for sure, IF Ron wins (even against his will, and turned to accept the challenge), he certainly will need a better core staff and leadership of same) to have decent day to day operations in the executive office. Just pointing out the obvious.

Ron Paul for President 2012 (inspite of Ron Paul's present defeatism)

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Wow talk about taking Dr Ron Paul words out of context

This just silly. You do not understand being a gentleman a statesman or being humble these are qualities you don't see much these days.
And common sense is not very common anymore either.Go Ron Paul