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Nebraska Delegate Count Video: Paul 2, Romney 30.

District RP-2 MR-7

At large- RP-0 MR-23

Link below at 37:30 Chair calls at large winners.


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Reality sucks

I agree violence is not always the answer ecat88, but sometimes necessary. If our founding fathers would not have stood up and fought for what they believed in, we would have never known what true freedom and liberty was. Sometimes you just have to fight fire with fire is all I'm saying.


Is Condi a Liberty supporter? You decide.

former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice said: “It is a narrative that is being pushed by our current president, that ‘I’m doing poorly because you’re doing well,’” she said. “That has never been the American narrative. Ours has never been a narrative of aggrievement and ours has never been a narrative of entitlement. It is time for all of us, in any way we can, to mobilize, get our act together, and storm Washington D.C.”

Keepin' it real.

It is Not

Important. It is a downer for Paul Supporters. It was a tactic to bring us down. They knew they were going to win Nebraska. Let's say this is not that important because we have 5 states already.

I heard Rachel Maddow last

I heard Rachel Maddow last night saying that it's over for Ron Paul after losing in Nebraska. What are the 5 states where Ron Paul won?

Curious as to why this is on the front page with all the down

votes. It must be important. (sarcasm)

It is very important... It

It is very important... It shows us we can no longer expect to win without having the numbers.... The GOP has evolved and this is a shinning example of what they can do when they out organize us.

Nebraska and Illinois state conventions better be studied closely... If we can't figure out how to win these very well organized GOP conventions we don't have a chance. Next time we can expect the evolved GOP at all the conventions.

One thing we have going for us is the Liberty people who are now established in the party. I have a feeling the GOP will be working hard to offer candy to these folks to bring them over to the dark side. Hopefully all will stand strong and resist temptation.


Just have to say.Maybe its time for an all out pr attack against Romney and Obama,with all the resources,effort,and energy we used getting Dr.Paul this far.Show the establishment we can get back up and hit even harder.

We already

Have the 5 states. I was trying to tell you people that this was all a set up to bring us down. G

So if we had ~80 liberty delegates, how many did R$ have?

We saw from the RP address video yesterday that we had a good 80 people show the night before in NE, so possibly even more Liberty delegates by vote time.

Does anyone have an idea how many old guard Repug delegates showed?


A Lot

We were outnumbered. We lost the first couple of challenges by 60 or so votes. With all of the press coverage on the 'rowdy' RP people, along with the governor calling delegates personally to make sure they were going to be there, it was tough. In a normal year, or without the coverage, or without all of the threats of outside interference, many of them may have stayed home. We were close, just not close enough.

If the Governor Called Delegates Personally . . .

Then all that "Goodwill","Fair", "Honest" . . . convention talk this week . . . was all lies. . . and you bought into it just as many of us predicted. The Governor does not call delegates "Personally" to get them to show up . .if you have an Honest and Fair Convention.

Isn't it against the rules to push for a slate on the mic?

Remember when people booed Romney's son or whoever when they tried to push for a slate.

With all that negative press . . .

Your leadership should have capitalized on all that negative press to turn out ALL of your Ron Paul people with e-mail blasts and phone banking . . . did you do this? Did you provide car pooling assistance, hotel/motel assistance, child care . . . you only needed 61 more of your people to show up . . .

You're right and we were

You're right and we were discussing that we wish we would have done more months ago when the very first deadline came to register your intent to be a delegate (or something stupid like that). Our numbers were essentially locked up back in March, we couldn't just bring more people today unfortunately.

And I'm sorry, but that goes right back to Laura and the NERLC.

so much for "leadership".

This was a set up

Romney paid all those people to show. The media and the establishment planned this all along.

And how do you know this?

And how do you know this?

did he buy them sandwiches again?


Thank you.

The fact that so many RP supporter showed up despite the likely outcome says a lot about the quality of the people in this movement. More specifically, the quality of the message and it's effect on people in this movement.

There are surely many reasons why the eighty delegates chose to be represented even in light of the mounted opposition. I say the most compelling reason is because they are people who understand the principle of one being made accountable due to the knowledge of truth.

Though we may not have Congressman Ron Paul as our duly elected Commander in Chief, we will always have him as our guide, our example and for many, our deliverer from the empire of lies.

We may not see the change we want this cycle or even in our lifetime, but let us hold fast and press on. The revolution is only begun.

"Only a virtuous people are capable of freedom. As nations become corrupt and vicious, they have more need of masters." Benjamin Franklin

We don't NEED 5 unbound states to put Paul in nomination

Whoever is putting out this propaganda is full of crap.

Each state delegation decides who to put in nomination, not the RNC.

The supreme court already ruled 20 years ago that political parties cannot bind open primary delegates.

So if we have 5 states where Paul has the plurality in open primaries like Mass., that state delegation would qualify.

Paul does not have a plurality in MA

Even if all delegates in MA were unbound and none of them had been removed because of the affidavit issue, Paul would still not have a plurality. 16 members of the Liberty Slate won congressional district delegate positions on April 28 (out of 27 in contention that day) but there are a total of 41 delegate spots:

27 congressional district spots
11 at-large spots
3 super delegates (given to the top three state party leaders)

So, as you can see, 16 delegates out of 41 does not constitute a plurality. There is absolutely no chance of Massachusetts putting Paul's name in contention at the convention.

When will you Ron Paul

When will you Ron Paul sheeple realize that he will not take and does not want the nomination? The man wants to influence the platform and thats all. You dont find it strange after his little breakfast meeting with Bernake is when the campaign started to waiver? The man was warned he faced a bitter end by a government that was controlled by big money you cant fight unless your willing to shed some blood and spill some blood! They have had their puppets picked before the primaries began. Wake up! Our government is corrupted and follows the design laid out by the true masters of our country. You will have to man up, arm up, and get ready to fight for what you all seek! God Bless Us All!



There's a lot of people here who think our numbers are big. Well they are, but they control whether or not those numbers have any actual meaning or not.

This is a controlled State.
A Totalitarian-ruled system.

But if people like Fidel Castro and Hugo Chavez can assure their own safety for decades -- with the entire CIA after them -- then there is no reason why a reformer with personal wealth (like Dr. Paul), can't hire sufficient private security to stand-up to any intimidation.

Ron Paul could have helped himself (and us) by not quitting so early (late-April), and by not deflating the efforts and sweat of his own people to gain more Delegates -- with self-destructive EMails pronouncing that Romney won - game over.

I never expected him to give up so easily.

"You will have to man up, arm

"You will have to man up, arm up, and get ready to fight for what you all seek! "

global 105, as someone who has considered himself a libertarian for many years, I'm obviously quite unhappy with how this country is, and not entirely optimistic with how the future will be.

However, we are far, far, far from any situation where violence should be suggested.

Statements like the one I quoted do nothing positive for this movement.


You won't fight and kill for what you want then you will never get it.

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

nice job nebraska. glad you

nice job nebraska. glad you had those electronic voting machines under control and all.

just a dude that wants to be free...

Why didn't they do an open count?

The count was still closed according to the comment that the ballots are in the box and taken to the other room to be counted. Were these computer scan ballots? Were the votes counted by hand? What Ron Paul delegates were in reviewing the count? Everytime the count is not plainly in the open we must presume that the tally is being rigged. We are fighting for transparency and lawful government why do so many role over when it comes to an open and transparent process?

The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...

Open count

Why didn't RP campaign there? Stop trying to blame eveyone else. RP doesn't want the nomination. The end. He is a great man, but he doesn't want to win. Move on. Find another hero, or run yourself. And forget about his POS son, because he is one of them.

What did you al expect

Paul started the fires in everyones mind.

Then he and Benton pissed on them and put them out all in less than 24 hours.

We need a real revolution. Stope being cowards! Its obvious Ron Paul cannot save us. He lacks the will to fight. We need a fighter!

"But you must remember, my fellow-citizens, that eternal vigilance by the people is the price of liberty, and that you must pay the price if you wish to secure the blessing." - Andrew Jackson

Debbie's picture

You are wrong. He's been fighting to get a full audit of the

Fed for 30 years and has stayed on course with bull-dog tenacity. We may finally see that come to fruition, and that would do more for our country than any office in the land.