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Ron Paul: Romney campaign scared to let me speak at GOP convention

Rep. Ron Paul said that the Republican Party is scared to let him speak at the national convention in Florida next month.

The Texas Republican candidate for president said he thinks the prospects of him having the Tampa platform to energize his “Ronvolution” movement of supporters — who buck traditional GOP staples such as war funding and are in favor of more radical ideas such as auditing the Federal Reserve — intimidates some in the Republican leadership, including former Gov. Mitt Romney’s (R-Mass.) campaign.

“I think the Romney campaign organization is very insecure,” said Paul in an interview with Fox Business News on Friday.


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Romney under HUGE attack on Bain Capital. Obama relentless,

and that might be the BEST THING Obama has ever done.

Come on Obama turn up the attack. Republicans need to know enough to dump this clown.

But how ironic for the president

to be questioning the DATE of Romney's leave of Bain when... according to Sheriff Arpaio, for immigration records he requested, "someone" deleted records around the time of the president's birth to prevent anyone knowing the DATE his mother re-entered this country.

When we try to pick out anything by itself, we find it hitched to everything else in the Universe.
~ John Muir

The only thing he's going to

The only thing he's going to do if he's allowed to speak at the convention is remind the GOP how Romney is no different than Obama so they'll get disillusioned and not bother to show up at the polls. That will cost Romney a lot of votes, so yeah he's got a reason to be scared of anybody who doesn't toe the line.

I don't think Ron Paul would even do that

If Ron Paul were allowed to speak (but I doubt that will happen), my concern is that Ron Paul would always be too much of a gentlemen to ever criticize Mitt Romney in that speech.

He would talk strictly in abstract, philosphical langauge about various policies and then that would be it. No attacks would ever be made on Romney (or a equivalence made with Obama).

Heck, Ron Paul never even attacked Romney when he was supposedly Campaigning against him. He's certaintly not going to do that now.

I think that may be assuming independents

even watch the convention. There is no intrigue without Ron Paul people. The place will be as bland as can be. Fox News in the toilet again on ratings. Oh well.


Not independents,

Not independents, Republicans.

They know by the time of the

convention Mitt will be on the ropes and Ron would knock him out given the chance.

Even if romney gets the nomination he'll be toxic to voters.

North Carolina has an election coming up Tuesday

North Carolina 7/17/12
Liberty candidates to Vote For:
[] Dan Forrest Lt. Govenor
[] Richard Alexander Sup. Pub. Instr
[] Mike Causey Ins. Comm
[] Scott Keadle House Rep Dist 8
[] Matthew Ridenhour Mecklenburg district 5 Comm
[] Adam Brooks Comm Randolph County District 5 (not sure if the election day is correct for him)
[] Mark Hopp Comm Alamance County

Are there any plans to invite

Are there any plans to invite the Romney, Santorum, Newt, et al delegates to Ron Paul's festival? This is where you will influence those delegates, IMO, if the RNC won't let him officially speak.

Blessings )o(

Invite them to

Ron Paul's speech. The festival features pro-choice Gary Johnson...not the way to win over Santorum and Newt people. Good point, we need to court them.

I think that's a great idea.

All along, I've said the Gingrich, Santorum, other delegates, who really do not care for Romney, at ALL.., including many who feel pressured to only go for Mitt, it's still possible and easy and preferable to go Paul.
If we don't alert them to this, now-- or in Tampa, we'll just be giving up.
What does talking with people hurt?

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Who cares

If little willard is scared. He's evil and has no real supporters.
He knows RP is tons more interesting than he himself is.

Who cares what Willard thinks. It's not Willard's show. RP is just as much a repub as Willard and even more so.........and belongs to the Repub party.
So willard needs to shut up due to lack of interest in him and Ron Paul will speak because the people said so. GOT IT WILLARD? It's not Willards decision. RP will win. Watch and see. RP better be ready to hire a new campaign staff because he's gonna win in TAMPA.


Keepin' it real.

Haha Fuking love the attitude man!!!!

This is the attitude we need to get $hit done, this IS the attitude we need to show the Republican guard at Tampa and that weasel Willard, We will show them we are the future, just love it

President Ron Paul 2012!!!


Has got to fight for us and be president.
I don't care if he has to govern from a wheel chair...just do it.
When he speaks his supporters jump to it.

Keepin' it real.

I'm almost starting to think

that the Republican's are trying to throw the election. I just don't understand why members of the Romney camp are almost going out of their way to disenfranchise Paul supporters and young voters. If the Republican's wanted to win, it would make way more sense to throw in Ron Paul for the general election, especially since Obama has already wasted millions on Romney ads. All of the "ammunition" that Obama has against Romney doesn't apply to Paul. Well, we already know this.. so I guess I am just stating the obvious.

I have been wondering too...but I have been wrongly thinking of

them as potential open-minded semi-Republicans. They aren't.

They are not even neo-cons. I am sick of not calling them what they really are: communists.

Here's the definition from Wikepedia:
Communism (from Latin communis - common, universal) is a revolutionary socialist movement to create a classless, moneyless, and stateless social order structured upon common ownership of the means of production, as well as a social, political and economic ideology that aims at the establishment of this social order

The Republicans we are facing are Communists. You/we are the enemy as we do not want redistribution of wealth or Obamacare or to have the UN own our national parks and the cherry orchards of the California Central Valley or Washington state.

During the last 12 years these guys have had their revolution and we are living under communism lite.


I have been thinking the same

and have even accused the RNC of doing this on the phone several times. They like to hang up, though...
In my opinion, the RNC gave McCain the nomination in 2008 after trading 2012 for 2008 with Willard. This was because they knew they were going to lose the election anyway, so why not show your worst card first? Now, nobody on the ground supports Romney. A large majority of active, rank-n-file Republican primary campaigners are Paul supporters, and that has been the case since the beginning. We ALL know Paul has a better chance of beating Obama. So WHY would the RNC go to these lengths to systematically shut us out? In my opinion, the RNC is railroading Romney's nomination in exchange for something from the second Obama administration(hypothetically speaking).

I don't know what they are getting, but they are intentionally railroading the WORST candidate, knowing that he cannot win.

Denise B's picture

If you ask me,

the RNC has been infiltrated by the same USA-hating socialists that infiltrated the DNC a long time ago. These people that are fighting so hard to subvert Ron Paul and his movement on the right work for the same treasonous scumbags that hate him and his movement on the left. The leadership of both the left and the right are bought and paid for and they work in concert to achieve the elite's goals, and right now that is getting Obama re-elected. The lower level neocon party members are just useful idiots who are too blind to see the truth and too STUPID to see that there is no substantive difference between Obama and Romney.


They are a bit insecure now because they are trying to figure out how Romney could not be involved at Bain after 1999 when he was involved at Bain after 1999.