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If Ron Paul doesn't get the republican nomination, where do we turn?

It seems to be becoming more and more evident that Ron Paul is not going to get the nomination, and even having to claw and dig to get his name on the convention ballot. I can't thank all of the delegates working through the political process enough and you have all already done more than your fair share. But it seems as though most people aren't taking into account who there voting for this November, there seems to be a huge swath of people who voted for Paul in the primaries who will be supporting Romney, and another huge swath who are going to write in Ron Paul, and still others are looking for directions. I think we should all discuss this in detail because we (here at the dailypaul) keep the Liberty train chugging. please comment with an answer
1.) Mitt Romney! (anyone but Obama)
2.) Barrack Obama! (hopefully he will stop acting like a neo-con)
3.) Virgil Goode! (Vote for the constitution)
4.) Gary Johnson! (Fiscal conservative, social "liberal")
5.) Ron Paul! (Write-in our principles)
6.) Jill Stein (Green party...)
7.) Vote this if you are still confident Ron Paul will get the nomination, and don't feel like saying one of the other options
8.) Are you still reading this? lol, 1-5 are the only ones people care about.

Please Vote!!!

I am really just posting this to see where the dailypaul community is leaning. and after it's all done I will tally up the votes and we'll see which choice won!

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This is baffling...

do you realize there won't be any elections, leaders, voting left, has the fact that Shit's going to hit the fan very soon hit you?, Tampa is either going to go very right, or very wrong, only one side is the future, either us or them. The DHS, FBI will go after every one of us who even mentions Ron Paul, they'll start full-blown nazi raids on every dissident, freedom and liberty lover they can get their hands on. Every Militia man, Soldier, hacker, and anybody who supports the death of the system are going to launch massive revolts because now that TOO MANY PEOPLE KNOW TOO MUCH, BRUTE FORCE IS THEIR DESPERATE ATTEMPT TO STOP THIS. the Nazi state will be complete if RP loses, when people know they won't get a chance like this, they'll lose it. I think there is still people, even RP supporters who haven't grasped that this could be a reality soon. not being negative, but when DHS orders 450 million hollow points, and military grade high powered rifles, they are getting ready, they are trying to instigate this, they are waiting for us to fire the first shot, but we won't, peace is our first weapon, and so far it's working

We go local take our country back from the bottom up

We insure that Romney and Obama can only get jobs as dog catchers along with others like Harry Reed.

hopefully not a FEMA camp

When the rats are biting at your feet it is time to start kicking.
I am gitting more involved on the local level. We have been obligated to play nice while considering the reputation of Ron Paul while publicly supporting him...but after Florida I say TAKE NO PRISONERS!
Do what is necessary to take our Democracy back by throwing out every corrupt politician at the city, county, state, and federal level any chance we get as though our lives depended on it.
We are being profiled by our government as though our fight for our constitution is a concern for national security. So instead of fighting over who the "real" Ron Paul supporters are we need to continue to water his seed for liberty together. Otherwise we may be fighting each other for fresh air in a boxcar headed for a camp for the malcontents.
I am selling almost everything I have and moving out of town to start a small organic farm before inflation and interest rates go out of control. I should be set up before winter. I hate to sound like an alarmist but if you belive the words of Ron Paul we have a dire future unless we change our spend like there is no tomorrow ways...and I don't see anyone up for that task in our near future. A write in for Ron Paul or a vote for Gary Johnson...does it even matter anymore? A vote for Obama would surely hasten what seems inevitable.
.......to be contined on HAM radio?

I'll be checking out Virgil

I'll be checking out Virgil Goode, after the convention in Tampa, if needed. After the discussion here on the DP about Johnson, I realize he's not worth my vote.

Blessings )o(

Loved #8

The MSM would be proud, lol.

I'll Be Voting for Gary Johnson

#4 for me. I will be voting for Gary Johnson, the Libertarian. Thanks for asking. Gary's campaign is really starting to grow these days. He is now over 180,000 likes on his Facebook page. And there is a moneybomb going on now through Monday, July 16th. See: www.garyjohnson2012.com

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Don't you mean the Republican Governor of New Mexico!.

He is not and NEVER HAS BEEN a Libertarian. Nothing has changed here.


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Possible Solution (requires a lot of work)

Assuming Ron Paul loses the nomination writing in Paul will not work as many states have restrictions on write in candidates. Some do not even allow write-ins while others require you to fill out a form.

I really think all the (major) third parties need to come together and decide on one candidate to support. Virgil Goode, Gary Johnson or Jill Stein.

I believe that Jill Stein might have the best chance just because she is a woman, though I would prefer Goode or Johnson.

Does anybody know if it is too late have the parties remove their candidate from the ballot? If the parties were to come together, I would assume this would need to occur to assure that all the protest votes go to the same person.

Also, is it too late to create a new third party and get their name on the ballot in all 50 states?

The Party Candidates Are Settled

At this late stage in the ballot access schedule, it is too late for a new party to get on the ballots of all the states. There is a website and newsletter that has the authoritative info on this. It is Ballot Access News. Its website is www.ballot-access.org

Here's a novel idea: rely on

Here's a novel idea: rely on yourselves to better your lives instead of waiting on a scumbag politician to get elected and magically fix everything for you.

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Decided to eliminate this post for

I am tired of your Government paid Ass. Get a real job you government PUKE!

Semper Fi ASS!


1976-1982 USMC, Having my hands in the soil keeps me from soiling my hands on useless politicians.

Another grunt pissing and

Another grunt pissing and moaning because he actually has to work for a living.

If not Ron Paul

then global revolution, because that is what will happen if dictator Obama or dictator Romney are elected.

The world is watching.
As goes the USA, so goes the world.