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My thoughts of the final death of the ron paul 4 president campaign.

It was cool while it lasted , i have unlimited disappointment in the ron paul campaign for the last few months they led. But more importantly im upset with ron paul. Looking back at the flagrant abuse of our supporters at the hands of the GOP, historically ron had done nothing to call out the abuse as it was happening. I guess there is a political reason for it , but one must ask themselves if ron paul had acted would romney have been knocked out of the contest for cheating and bribery?

I guess none of that really matters right now. I really do hope mitt romney crushes obama , but it will make no difference in the outcome of our country as it will slip further and further into a socialist state. But who knows , maybe the upcoming crash will present new ways to address the government. (see second amendment)

Make no mistake , ron paul is a politician that only comes along once in a million years. There will never in the history of humankind ever be anybody like him again. His son is a filthy gutless piece of shit , he will attempt to hijack the liberty movement just like the Neocons hijacked the tea party.

All in all the liberty movement is over , it was fun while it lasted but we were 10 years too late to save this country from destruction.

Here is a list of things that were proven during this election

1. In the 21st century you can quite literally be the reincarnation of jesus christ and run for president and still get beat by somebody who gets more news coverage than you. Quality of canidate does not matter if you dont have news anchors masturbating to your name every 5 minutes on the air. Ron paul? who is that guy?

2. No amount of enthusiasm , hard work , determination , and general love of your country can get a canidate elected in the united states.

3. If you are voting and its not a paper ballot , you are not actually voting.

Basically its done and over with , ron paul might get to audit the fed , we MIGHT see that they spend more money than is in existance , but nothing will be done about it because people like krugman still exist that put the idea into peoples heads that money isnt real.

My biggest hope is that all the people who are going to tampa can make it as uncomfortable as humanly possible for the GOP. Wear shirts that say "depression of 2013? no i voted for ron paul" and similar stunts. If there is news coverage it would be awesome if supporters could get interviewed and basically tell them flat out that it was a scam and the whole thing was rigged from the beginning and it will be the same for the general election.

All i know is that my future paychecks are going into firearms and self sustainable technology and products to survive the upcoming civil unrest

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Ron Paul is no different than

Ron Paul is no different than any other politician. He brings home the bacon to his district after voting against the very bills he himself loaded up with hundreds of millions in pork all the while playing to his base to stay in office. He hates government, yet doesn't seem to have a problem collecting a paycheck therefrom.

The only real difference is he's managed to build a very profitable personality cult of wild-eyed followers who jump at his every beckon call with money bombs and book sales. Obama could only wish for that sort of cult-like dedication.

I would write a very thick book on the hypocrisy of Ron Paul if I could do it without anybody knowing I wrote it.

You are pretty

oblivious not to understand that what he is doing is bringing money back from where it was originally taken from.

November 6th 2012 I voted for Dr.Ron Paul
"We must remember, elections are short-term efforts. Revolutions are long-term projects." ~ Ron Paul

Two wrongs don't make a

Two wrongs don't make a right. He should be fighting to stop the taxation, not facilitating it by continuing to redistribute it.

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