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DHS expects RNC in Tampa to attract anarchists, violence, and criminal activity.

Threats confronting the 2012 Republican National Convention assume two primary forms: homeland security threats and violent or disruptive public disorder.

The 2012 Republican National Convention is expected to draw widespread protests by persons dissatisfied with national policy, foreign policy, and the Republican Party agenda. This politically oriented event has the potential to attract anarchists and others persons intent on expressing their opposition through violence and criminal activity.

The 2012 Republican National Convention also presents an attractive
target for terrorist and extremist organizations.

Download [Docket No. USCG-2011-0922] HERE:

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Of course it does, the RNC and it's Neocons are criminals, prone to violence, and since they are hell bent on eliminating the Constitution, anarchists as well.

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DHS Is Talking About YOU

Some of you may recall the Missouri security report that came out just a few short years ago that identified some factions of terrorism as people "with Ron Paul bumper stickers".

What better way to finally de-legitimize Ron Paul delegates than by painting them as anarchists, troublemakers, and violent protesters.

The pot truly calls the kettle black.

Be seeing you.

if you read it

it basically says they think a boat is going to sail up the channel and either set off a WMD or fire guns off from the waters.

what a joke.

get ready for a false flag...

This is just how it goes. Unfortunately....

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I guess they're talking about Romney supporters?


They are more criminal than I ever could have imagined.

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I've seen video of Anarchist wearing police boots

guess they shop at police and military surplus stores..?..shrug

If you see something, say something, the government is listening.
Silence isn't golden, it's yellow.

I Don't Know

about those 'anarchists' and other allegedly disaffected people. The ones I know that fall in that category are not violent in expressing their opposition and aren't criminals by any objective definition of the word.

As to the GOP and it's criminal tendencies, there, I can agree with the DHS' assessment. Go get 'em...

The warning begins

August 25th, one day before Dr. Ron' Speech. The convention begins on the 27th. Isn't that pleasant?


Will the DHS plant the violent, anarchist, criminals to discredit Dr Paul and his people?
Is this why Dr Paul continually talks about behaving in a respectful manner?
I prey that all the Drs supporters go in peace at Tampa.

I know a bunch of people going to Tampa

and not 1 of us are planning on doing ANYTHING but showing up and chilling out. It's all about the numbers (IMHO) who show up in support of Liberty and a constitutional republic. We are not bringing cases of beer...bags of weed, or ANYTHING but love in our hearts for President Paul.

If there are violent, crazy, out of control people, I'd be SHOCKED if they are true RP supporters. I think I will be able to tell a "plant" within just a few minutes and I'll politely move on.

I could be wrong but I don't think people like me who haven't had enough money to take a vacation in years will be scraping up enouth coin to get to Tampa just to be thrown in jail.

I'm going to be clear headed and focused. Hopefully all of the rest of you guys headed that way will have the same mindset.

You got it Brother

Just go, and make your point known, in a respectful but forceful manner. That is, we aren't buying the GOP line of shyt anymore.

interesting story from 2008


if you get a chance check out the film 'Better This World', I think it's on pbs.

I'm quite certain that the establishment would also like to have as few Ron Paul delegates actually make the convention as possible. So watch out.


not a single F--- was given to what DHS said today, they can babble and talk gibberish all they want, were going to WIN!!!. They are the ones instigating this, but they are coming to realize we are the future.

President Paul 2012!!!

Here we go with the

Here we go with the propaganda.