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Are we really supposed to believe, with the world watching, Assad is stupid enough to do this?

REMEMBER, In a recent report on Houla, the UN said it could not say who was responsible for that massacre, which killed 108 people.

All unbiased sources indicate it was western backed AL-CIADA "rebels" that killed all those people and then plastered the MSM with "confirmed reports" that it was Assad's Government forces that did it.

If you we only think LOGICALLY and think back to last year and Libya...it would make ZERO sense for Assad to commit such atrocities knowing full well that the UN/NATO/US are just itching for a reason to bomb Syria. All this God Damn killing has got to stop!

ARTICLE: (for what it's worth)
Syria massacre: Assad's forces 'shot anything moving'

The small town of Tremseh has suffered what may be the single worst atrocity of the Syrian uprising, say eyewitnesses.