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Incredible Ron Paul Song/Video: If You Want To Take My Picture


Have all the shots been called?
you say I cannot win.
I stand against it all,
the souls a blowing wind.
I feel divinity,
I feel the unity of people,
I feel the love around,
will break the bars of evil.

If you wanna take my picture, hang my name in vain.
Notice what I stand for, for there is nothing I gain.

What inspires a man,
to stand against a giant,
an idea is brewing,
against a full blown tyrant.
We have a chance for peace,
We have a chance for truth,
we need Ron Paul's name in our voting both.

If you wanna take his picture, hang his name in vain.
Notice what he stands for, for there is nothing he gains.

Look at how we come together,
one chance left to make it better.
Feel the roar of energy,
Flowing out in synergy.
I know we cant be beat,
thats why it makes such sense to me.

If you wanna take our picture, hang Love's name in vain.
Notice what we stand for, for it is what you took we gain.

And if you wanna push us over, no we will not be tame,
show the world your colors and you will bask in shame.

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Very touching.

The two most important days in your life are the day you are born...and the day you find out why. -Mark Twain