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RE: Nebraska caucus results - Please read important info

Yeah it was a let down, a small bump in the road, but it's over and done with. Remember we ALREADY have the 5 states necessary.

We have SIX weeks left and Romney CONTINUES to stumble. Delegates can be converted. STAY THE COURSE!

In case you missed them, I will direct you to two very important topics for all of us that will be going to Tampa that you need to be aware and prepared for:





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Now We Wait


We're going to need popcorn.

We're going to need popcorn. Does anyone have any popcorn?

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

That is a long time, and Romeny is unraveling faster and faster


Heck, LFRP may be more likely to happen than Nebraska was. Imagine that outcome! All those covert and converted delegates...

Delegates can be converted.

Stay the course.

Convert em

Romneys signature is on the SEC filings for Stericycle. He invested in the abortion industry. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2012/07/13/mitt-romney-bain-se...

Yes, focus on that

Every Santorum delegate needs to see and understand that. Let’s approach them charitably, as potential allies. They probably all voted for Bush in order to get a conservative Judge, thus they have been betrayed; and their biggest argument for voting the lesser of two evils is in question.

yeah, and we need to be aware

yeah, and we need to be aware that they are sometimes told that Ron Paul is about legalizing prostitution and drugs, that's a lame, lazy brained way of trying to sway people away from Ron Paul, but I've heard people say that about him, so many Santorum supporters may have that assumption

Yes, absolutely

The other hurdle is their fear of Obama. They will be driven into Romney's arms over fear of Obama. We need the perception of legitimacy and momentum for them to come over.

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A needed post, ecard, thanks