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Winning is Only Achievable Once We Stop Living in Fear

There is only one thing that is keeping us from achieving our freedom once again in this country and it can be described with only one simple word: Fear.

Franklin D. Roosevelt stated “There is nothing to fear but fear itself,” and I cannot think of a more applicable statement than that right now. Fear is our greatest enemy: Fear of the IRS, fear of stepping outside the lines, fear of disobeying so-called “authority.” And the biggest fear of all: Fear of losing our stuff. If there was ever a time in our history when outright civil disobedience was required, it is right now. And if that civil disobedience leads to outright uncivil acts from the enemy, than I say let it come, let everyone see them for exactly what they are - criminals, cowards and murderers.

They can only do what they are doing to us if we ALLOW them to. If enough Americans would just draw that line and say “No More! You can take my house, take my car, take my bank accounts and even take my life, but you’re not going to do it anymore with my consent,” it would just be a matter of time until the whole house of cards fell apart. They don’t have the manpower to enforce their servitude upon an unwilling populace

Stand up America and live up to the fierce, proud and courageous blood line that you descended from! Don’t you understand that you don’t really have anything anymore anyway?! You don’t own your home if it can taken from you (try missing a few property tax payments and you’ll quickly see who REALLY owns it). You don’t even own the fruits of your own labor. Whatever bank account you may have, dwindles each day with the inflation of the never ending printing of their monopoly money. You’ve got shackles around your ankles and wrists and you’re all sitting around thinking that the next draconian law they pass is finally going to be your breaking point, except it’s already the hundredth time you’ve moved that line and tyranny keeps right on steam rolling over you while you wait to act!

Snap yourself out of the trance that they have you in and realize that if we don’t act swiftly, the time to act will be gone and chains will have been forged so tightly around your children and grandchildren’s necks that they will never escape...those of them that survive it that is. And stop kidding yourself that that is not EXACTLY what is at stake here. Make no mistake about it, these people mean to do you and your family harm. In fact, they already have and you’re all just too scared or too blind to admit it. How many more dead or maimed soldiers need to come back from fighting unjust wars to make these scum of the earth more filthy rich than they already are? How many more innocent people have to be slaughtered overseas? How many more people have to lose their jobs, their homes and any dignity they have left? How much more poison needs to be put in your food and your drinking water and your child’s vaccines before you will call it was it is? How many more elections need to be stolen from you?

So many people today will look back to WWII and ask themselves how it was possible that the Jewish people were just led to slaughter the way that they were and didn’t fight back until it was too late...Well if you really want an answer all you have to do is look in the mirror and you’ll have it.

One of my favorite lines from Mel Gibson’s “The Patriot” happens shortly after he goes out and savagely fights to bring his son back from the British troops that had seized him to hang him. He had just watched another son be murdered in front of his eyes and this second one was also about to be killed so he hunted them down and savagely killed the British troops and brought his son home. Afterwards, he is sitting reflecting on what had just happened. He had fought to stay out of the whole revolution for freedom because he thought he was protecting his children and instead he had already lost one and nearly another. His sister in law approaches him because she assumes he feels bad about killing the British soldiers the way he did and she says to him “You have done nothing for which you should be ashamed”, and he looks back at her and says “I have done nothing, and for that I am ashamed”.

This is a plea to all of you that you don’t find yourselves in the same situation someday...wishing you could go back in time and do things differently so that your children don’t pay the ultimate price for your inaction.

This August is our last hope of turning the tide of tyranny which seeks to destroy this country and everything our forbears fought so valiantly to leave for us. I say we give everything we’ve got to get Ron Paul nominated. The people that are delegates need to stop living in fear of what could or might happen and vote for the only person that really cares about saving this once great country and let the chips fall where they may. If necessary, cause a raucous for the whole world to see on national television and show that the American people are not going to go down without a fight. At least you won’t have to look back one day and utter the words “I have done nothing, and for that I am ashamed”.

And If God forbid, Ron Paul does not get the nomination, then the rest of us better realize that this will be the last line in the sand to be drawn. Four more years of anyone else and our country will not survive. The time will have come to withdraw your consent or face utter ruination. You won’t be able to claim that you weren’t warned.

NOTE: Least I be called a hypocrite, I made my stand a long time ago and as a result, I own nothing and never will again without it being unlawfully seized from me. There was not yet enough people willing to stand with me, but my stand in my eyes was not in vain. My biggest fear had always been losing my home and my stuff, and my biggest surprise was that after they were gone, my life did not end. In fact, the process removed my fear because I now know that standing up for truth and justice brings a much deeper happiness and contentment than any worldly possession could ever provide, even when you yourself don’t reap the immediate benefit from it.

Lose your fear and we will win this war.

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Winning is only achievable

Winning is only achievable once we stop living in reality.

Best post ever!

Ill keep this bookmarked for AFTER August.

Winning is only achievable

Winning is only achievable when you have enough delegates.

Any of you jackasses you are complaining, did you show up and vote in delegates at your state convention? We had a lot of hardcore Ron Paul people who fizzled out, otherwise we would have taken 3 more delegates spots. We failed, and you didn't vote on National Delegates in your state, you have no right to complain or criticize those who did.

Venting a bit?Quite a

Venting a bit?

Quite a blanket statement. Narrow it down for us so that it may be useful.

Who's complaining? Respond to them personally.

And as for your last assertion: "We failed, and you didn't vote on National Delegates in your state, you have no right to complain or criticize those who did."

Well, that statement carries a boatload of presuppositions that explode upon even a minimal amount of scrutiny, but I'm tired and drunk, and as a result, I'm not in the mood to break down the logical flaws (and irony) in your bloated argument.

But I will leave you with a humorous clip that effectively serves that purpose (particularly the 'no right to complain' assertion): http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=efKguI0NFek

The fact is, that many RP

The fact is, that many RP supporters did NOT show up at our district conventions. If they did, we would have won a lot more of the delegate spots.

If every single Ron Paul supporter got involved, we would have completely taken over and we would have the 1144 delegates needed, and we absolutely would control the party. I would be RNC chair! ...well maybe someone more "diplomatic", but they would be a Ron Paul supporter.

Of course I'm upset that we didn't get more than 300 spots. I've already spent over $1000, which isn't a lot, but Tampa is going to be about $4000 more. And people who probably haven't done as much as we did in our state are criticizing us. We lost a lot of states like Georgia, Missouri, and Nebraska by a very very small margin.

I spoke with some guy who had Ron Paul stickers all over his damn car, and asked him to join the county committee so he could help us. He didn't want to because he doesn't like "conservatives"...Do you think I do? Yeah me and my wingman Mitch McConnell like to roll up in the club together pulling hot chicks.

If you want to support the cause, join the damn party and make sure your state's delegates support liberty. If you don't we will end up with 300 delegates at Tampa and we will lose.

You couldn't get to 1144 that way

Because there were many primaries, particularly the big ones, which worked off slates of delegates linked to candidates on primary day including New York, Illinois, Ohio, California, New Jersey, Wisconsin, Florida - there was little or no chance to win delegates for these states after the primary - that is why so much effort was expended on the states where delegates were chosen at caucus or convention - but you cannot get 1144 delegates without winning some of the big primary states with slates of delegates chosen on primary day. Ron Paul did not win any appreciable number of primary delegates which is why he won't get the nomination - even if the delegates are unbound you have all these delegates who ran on primary night as Romney delegates who would just turn around and vote for him anyway.

The task that the movement set out on - to win the nomination for Ron Paul when he couldn't win primaries was mathematically impossible at the onset - I heard Ron Paul say once that he had hoped for a brokered convention if the other candidates (Santorum and Gingrich) had stayed in the race - because these guys would have won delegates in primaries which would have perhaps kept Romney below 1144, thus opening the door for Ron Paul's strategy to work. Santorum and Gingrich didn't comply and thus the effort was doomed from the beginning.

I agree so now the problem is how to keep the movement alive!

I agree with your analysis. Regarding the movement there is no telling how many of "us" there are probably over one million but not with much in common except concern for our country.

I am impressed with the www.studentsforliberty.com org which has been growing and is now on many more campuses and is worldwide !

I got a glossy brochure from them and in it one was holding a copy of Atlas Shrugged and another Human Action by Ludwig von Mises.

I think it is important for each of us and all of us to go on reading and learning because we are involved in an ideological struggle of epic proportion.

I wish it were all boiled down to one or two books but it is more like a dozen or two. Ron Paul is definitely in the mix and he has ignited the movement.

Given the debt and the ongoing spending and deficits there can't be much more time before all the central banks get their printing presses rolling. They simply don't have the money to pay for all the promises they have made to the great unwashed entitled and we will be in for a surge in unemployment as well as hyperinflation.

That must be what so many here refer to as the crisis which will bring this country down before the next election in four years.

Even if whatever happens it is urgent that we go on reading and passing the torch, speaking and writing whether it is books or letters to the editor. Support www.studentsforliberty.com and www.YALiberty.org and www.campaignforliberty.com Our numbers must grow exponentially so that we really outnumber the bad guys in time.

Read Ayn Rand's non fiction and see her Atlas SHrugged in October in theaters part 2.

No Man's need constitutes an obligation on the part of another man to fulfill that need.

The number of Liberty advocates is not small

There are about 130 million voters - give or take a few million - who will vote this November - the hard core Ron Paul supporters must be over 1 million - he drew 2 million votes in the Republican primaries - some but not many of those voting for him will be outside his core but I think that the movement must be something like 1.5 million strong - more than 1% of the electorate - not enough to launch a third party campaign with any hope of success and not enough to win the nomination of either of the two major political parties but enough to be the power broker if someone could somehow organize it - instead of just saying it's Ron Paul or noone, why not trade support for principles - audits of the Fed, a requirement that future wars require prior Congressional approval, a commitment to cut entitlements - these are real and concrete things that could help save America - is there a risk that the Republicans will turn their backs on libertarians once in office? Absolutely you can bet they will try but the control over them is the threat that the support could be withdrawn at the very next election.

In Germany the small Free Democratic Party is a centrist party that has been part of most German governments since post-WWII independence. It is a socially liberal but economically conservative party on balance and it will partner with the right and force them to back off on social issues and it will at other times partner with the left and force them to back off on economic issues. The RP movement is more rightist on balance but it could play a similar role if the same discipline that went into the heroic but hopeless quest for delegates were channeled into a unified bargaining position to achieve libertarian policies.

Ron Paul has lost - he is 76 years old and will be retiring at some point in the not too far distant in the future but he started something that could be built into a positive force for constitutional change if somehow the movement could be organized.

I doubt that the same delegate grabbing strategy that worked this year will work in 2016 - the RNC is not comprised of fools and they will find ways to make it very difficult to challenge the various state parties at their conventions and caucuses next time around - that horse has done gone and left. Something new will be required to maintain momentum - of that you can be sure.

The trouble now

The most serious threat to our economic recovery right now is not the deficit as bad as it is - it is not the fed policy as bad as it is - it is not the irresponsible fiscal policy as bad as it is - it is the regulatory web that Obama is weaving over our economy - two words alone express the depth of this problem: Lisa Jackson - the head of the EPA - she is determined to shut down whatever remaining manufacturing we have in this country and to ensure that we never, ever get an opportunity to benefit from any previously unknown fossil fuels that God may have placed within the confines of our country. No enemy, foreign or domestic, has ever done more damage to more ordinary Americans than this one appointment of Barack Obama - I am not as well-versed on the NLRB but I understand that if anything it could be even worse.

Our demise will not come with a catastrophic collapse of the dollar but rather gradually and quietly through an ever-increasing maze of ridiculous government regulations promulgated by leftist bureaucrats who hate America and hate free enterprise - and they are already well under way on getting the job done. For all of Ron Paul's contributions, I feel that he has missed the boat by not sending out a clearer alarm on this one.

Lisa Jackson = economic despair and as long as Barack Obama is President, this person will wreak her evil on our population. I don't think that at this stage the American people are ready to go back to an agrarian society but that is exactly where Obama has us headed. So buy land while it is cheap and learn something about farming because Obama by design is going to destroy most other forms of economic activity and start to learn how to do without electricity for a few hours a day because he certainly doesn't want us to keep our wasteful 24/7 electrical service and get yourself a motor scooter which can get 200 miles per gallon because gasoline will be a luxury.

So I personally think that people are looking at the wrong issues - the thing that Obama will do to set us back decades is already in play and when it is over - so many people will be on the government dole, getting money and food stamps because no work is available, that they will comprise the majority and then FEAR real FEAR of losing their entitlements will guarantee that we can never go back. The end of America is already underway and his name is Barack Obama.


for Westfall.

"He didn't want to because he

"He didn't want to because he doesn't like "conservatives"...Do you think I do? Yeah me and my wingman Mitch McConnell like to roll up in the club together pulling hot chicks."

lol. Well said...

Again, though, it just sounded like you were venting generally...

While I empathize with your sentiment- truly I do- it sounds like you've got enough ammo to write your own piece separately and have it discussed on its own merits, apart from this thread. Otherwise I was hoping to see something more specific as far as where and at whom your frustration was aimed. Being mad that not enough got involved in the manner you would have liked is all well and good; but the irony is that the freedom we advocate also involves the freedom to abstain from involvement in the political process.

Just my 2 cents; which, when melted down for their metallic content, will be worth more than a fiat paper dollar soon.

EDIT: Also, thank you for your sacrifice in money and time, and for your service to the cause of liberty.

A melted paper dollar is worth its weight in carbon.

Toxic waste ink value not calculated: mercury, cadmium...

Fine print: some restrictions apply.

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Currnt US Penny Melt value is made of zinc: ½¢

2.3¢ US Penny 1909 - 1982 Copper Lincoln Cent Value (United States) US MINT SPECIFICATIONS: copper 95%, zinc 5%

WW II: steel

½¢ Post 1982: 1982 - 2012 Zinc Lincoln Cent Value (United States) copper washed zinc

Disclaimer: Mark Twain (1835-1910-To be continued) is unlicensed. His river pilot's license went delinquent in 1862. Caution advised. Daily Paul

Let it not be said that we did nothing.

Let it be said that we did everything that we will!

I believe in the freedom to be what we choose to be.

Damn Right!

We have only this one last chance before the light goes out in america. We need to make a statement in Tampa and make it loud and clear that WE ARE liberty loving americas and WE WANT our freedom back here and now. WE WILL dictate the platform and WE WILL pick the GOD DAM# nominee and WE WILL rally THE REPUBLIC to victory or my name is not "E"

Take thst and that and that!!!

Much needed read

You obviously took a lot of time to think and write this out, so I made an account just to tell you how much this moved me. Regrettably, I was starting to lose hope with the Nebraska news and so on, but I've got a new fire inside me for Tampa. I hope to move towards complete material freedom soon, and thank you for the inspiring message. **puts The Patriot in Xbox**

Fear vs. Love

Your post is right-on! Fellow R3volutionaries, it is time to stop whining about voter fraud and campaign failures. Time to stop shooting our own, both our faceless brothers and sisters here on the DP who offer differing perspectives, as well as leaders in the liberty movement who we think are making stupid moves. Where is the LOVE in R3volution? It's time for us each to center our own selves on the love we have for this country, for our families, our children, and BOLDLY move forward, UNITED in the cause of liberty! It was the love and unwavering resolve of Dr. Paul that drew me into this movement over the course of the past 5 years, it is that same love and unwavering resolve taken root in my own heart that moves me along FEARLESSLY in the cause of liberty. Firing off a ticked-off comment about Jesse or Rand or how stupid another DPer's logic is or how we should have won NE...might make you feel better for 2 seconds, but stop for a minute! Use the head God gave you. What can you do RIGHT NOW for the cause of liberty? If you are a delegate, get your rear end to Tampa as if we had 1144 delegates and you not showing up would cost the nomination. If you're not a delegate, FIND ONE and support them financially so they can go! Run for office! Support other liberty candidates who are! Disobey bad laws! Use this network of amazing people to build up, not tear down! If you see voter fraud, fight it (just stop whining about it to the rest of the choir!) OK, enough said. WE'VE GOT THIS, Y'ALL!!!!!!!


I'm sure I'll be rereading this in the days and months ahead.

"Moderation in temper is always a virtue; but moderation in principle is always a vice." -- Thomas Paine

Remember the ALAMO

may the Battle of Tampa be filled with the same enduring spirit as the memories of Crocket and Houston in TX. the spirit to fight to the bitter end for freedom !

President Ron Paul 2012

Also, as a f/u to my comment

Also, as a f/u to my comment below, in case it's not clear...

This should def be a front page post

Especially over some of the ones that are there now... Newt bohemian grove? Really?

I'm wIth ya sista!

It's not fun to lose everything but it sure does set you free. My home burnt down a few years back, best thing that ever happened to me!!!

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I have sworn upon the altar of God eternal hostility to every form of tyranny over the mind of man.

Denise, In my 5+ years as a


In my 5+ years as a participant here, I can't recall a single post which rang truer to me personally than yours here, from the title to the content and context in which it is presented; and more importantly, the truth and relevance of it all.

Absolutely love the reference to that particular segment of "The Patriot" as well. Very apropos.


Denise B's picture

Thank you -

I really appreciate your kind remarks. I just hope people will listen and take it to heart. :)



Inspirational!!! I agree!

Inspirational!!! I agree!

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison