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Plurality in 5 States

Ron Paul currently has plurality in 4 States :
Iowa, Maine, Minnesota and Colorado.

Ron Paul won a plurality of delegates in Louisiana and Oklahoma but because of blatant cheating/fraud the GOP State Party will submit a list of delegates to RNC that do not show a plurality of delegates for Ron Paul.

If either of these States were subject to legal action to make the RNC accept the delegates produced from these conventions according to their own rules, this would provide Ron Paul with his 5th State.

Similarly in Nevada, when the Nevada GOP did not like the results of their own convention, they set up a new organization in order to submit different delegates to RNC.
Again legal action might force the RNC to accept the original delegates (two Ron Paul stealth delegates would need to vote for Ron Paul not just abstain in order to get a plurality).

There is a possibility in Arizona that Ron Paul could get 15 delegates and Romney 14 if the result according to the GOP's own rules was accepted. It is unclear whether there are 13 or 15 Ron Paul supporting delegates.

There was talk of a while ago to mount a campaign to re-hold the Alaskan State Convention due to blatant cheating in the original.
I have seen no news lately as to any progress in this direction.
If Alaska were re-held there is a very strong chance Ron Paul would get the plurality of delegates in Alaska.

Virginia also offers a slim possibility. There are 3 delegates and 19 stealth delegates for Ron Paul, out of 49 total. Another 3 would be required and for the delegates to be unbound.

The Ron Paul campaign is NOT pursuing legal action in any of these cases.
Only grassroots activists are pursuing (some) of these legal possibilities to get Ron Paul his 5th State to be on the 1st ballot in Tampa.

Delegate Count by State

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grrr, I am getting so sick

grrr, I am getting so sick and tired of the d@mn corruption in the GOP with how they're trying to take the states away from RP, I totally forgot about Alaska, yet another one besides Massachusetts, it's just so ridiculous

It gets my blood boiling whenever I get a bunch of stupid Romney junk mail shamelessly asking me to support him. Every time I get such mail, I send it back with a big Ron Paul sticker over Romney's face, but they spare no $$ because the junk mail still keeps coming. It makes me sick how much money that guy has pouring into his disgusting campaign.

Anyway, thanks for this info.

This is a bit of good news considering

the disappointment in Nebraska. Thanks.

"Fairy tales are more than true; not because they tell us that dragons exist, but because they tell us that dragons can be beaten."
— G.K. Chesterton


Doug Wead in his last Facebook chat said that the legal team for the campaign were pursuing legal action in several states. So, we don't know for sure which ones but its not true that the legal team is doing nothing. Just for the record.

Blessings )o(

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I'll believe that when I see it. A few weeks away from he National Convention and the Ron Paul team decides to pursue legal action?

I want to just puke

The only REAL action I have seen is from "Lawyers for Ron Paul"

Whatever you may suspect about this group, they are doing SOMETHING and none of us are paying for it. www.electionfraudremedy.com

Lawyers4RonPaul really came to MY aid this week

I have signed on with the lawsuit(s).
This week, when the County Clerk, who has all control over ALL elections where I live, phoned me to intimidate me, L4RP (Richard Gilbert) got right on it and sent HER (and the county prosecutor) letters advising that they were trying to intimidate a party to a Federal Suit. I have heard exactly ZERO from this woman, or anyone else related to her, since.

When Mr Gilbert says you are protected, you ARE. I would actually urge anyone who's going to Tampa, as a delegate- past or present- to sign on with these lawsuits. I know people have made up some trash (like Richard and others are in it for the money?) I paid him ZERO; I expect to pay him ZERO, and he still came and protected ME. Richard Gilbert, like Ron Paul, is in this for all the right reasons.
And, really; I feel like anyone who's been defrauded or been a witness to same needs to now stand up. If you won't do it for yourselves and your children or future-children, why not? Do you not know what we've lost in the past thirty years (since Reagan)? I am old enough to know, and it's been a LOT of liberty.
I find it sad that our society, especially those here who maybe don't recall what liberty really means, are so ready with the rumors.. and ready to step down and let themselves be ruled.
I was not brought up that way! Nor were my own children!

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).

Just because the RP legal

Just because the RP legal team isn't spreading it from one end of the internet to the other doesn't mean they aren't doing anything.

Blessings )o(

Well, I would like to know what they are doing.

If you are in the know, and if you mean the lawyers from within the campaign, I'd like to know what they are doing for us.
I know what's being done by Richard Gilbert, et al, and I know there IS a hearing on Friday in this case for the delegates. And, I know Richard will keep us all apprised of the facts of the case.

Why would the campaign lawyers feel they need to keep it hush-hush? Do they not want to work for the delegates? If so, don't they NEED plaintiffs? If not, who are they working for?

We had SOME proof, but RNC does not care about Rules n Laws- they just break and then change 'em to suit whomever (not PAUL).