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Did Big Brother Install A "Smart Meter" On Your Home? Here's How You Replace It With An Analog Meter:

Did you make the mistake of not contesting the installation of the "Smart Meter" aka Radiation Therapy Meter aka BIG BROTHER Spy Meter?

We're talking the Electric Co. Smart Meter here.

Well, not rebutting was our first mistake, but for those of us who did not rebut and BIG BROTHER put one on our home, here's how we send them a legal notice of intent, and demand they take it off and replace it with another Analog meter. If they do not comply, you yank that Radiation Spy Meter off the side of your home and put that Analog meter back where it belongs:

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And here is one place mentioned in the video where you can buy your very own Analog meter for $69.95: http://freedomtaker.com/

In Liberty and Beyond!

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I don't currently have a Smart Meter installed... Yet!

But my wife and I decided to order the replacement kit as an insurance policy just in case they sneak one in. I understand that supplies of this kit are limited. So

Anyway, I surely appreciate this post. Thank you!

Update: I contacted our power company (Tucson Electric Power). They told me that they are NOT installing anything that would be considered a "Smart Meter". What they will be installing are AMR's (Automatic Meter Readers). Read about AMR's here: http://bit.ly/10N9phm

From what I understand, the readings are still collected by meter readers as they ride around in their cars. Only when they are close to your house can they get a reading. To me, this seems safe enough. The water company has a AMR connected to our water meter outside of our house at the curb. The meter reader just drives past the meter with a wand antenna (like a curb feeler) sticking outside the car to pulse for a reading.

Am I being duped? Please comment.

“Disobedience is the true foundation of liberty. The obedient must be slaves.”― Henry David Thoreau

Thanks South for posting this..

Anyone who had s\done any research whatsoever knows these devices are poison to yourself and your family. (not to mention the surveillance crap that comes along w/it)

Here is a company that is putting analog meters back int due to health issues many customers are having w/ the smart meters.


Right out of the head of the CIA's mouth:

"We will spy on Americans through their electrical devices"


Smart Meters that are running current to Smart Appliances, and viola!

We've got video and audio, what are they doing now? They're in the bathroom; she just turned on the hair dryer; where's he at? He just sit down at his computer; what's he doing on the computer? He's searching for a banana nut bread recipe; now he's looking at porn; where's she? still in the bathroom, not using the hair dryer anymore, she's just turned on the radio and plugged in her hair curler.

Bob, I think we've got enough evidence to bring forth a conviction, turn the Smart Meter off, we'll present this tape to the DA tomorrow.

These Smart Meters and their Appliances are a very slippery slope people.



The individual has always had to struggle to keep from being overwhelmed by the tribe. If you try it, you will be lonely often, and sometimes frightened. But no price is too high to pay for the privilege of owning yourself.
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SoCalEdison is debating how

SoCalEdison is debating how much to charge to customers that want to change back to the old meters--somewhere around $1000. They also plan to charge a monthly fee of around $10 to have someone come read the meter.


I was just reading about insect spy drones, mosquitoes actual size of a mosquitoe, that can listen, and see to spy on people. THis bug can acually sting a person to get a DNA sample.

Scary. And how much money goes to develop this, and maintain it, and employ people to monitor it. And why are we bankrupt? Because they use it on stuff that are not a priority.



great video

great video

Freedom is popular....

... I don't know about the radiation and all the technicalities, but I love this guy's whole attitude. Cool, calm, well spoken (great radio voice) and just oozes liberty. It's worth keeping this trend going, for example, anyone done this and, if so, what were the repercussion? Can we form "delegations," request appointments and visit our local power companies to ask some sensible questions? For no other purpose it shows them there are still some people around who care about their Constitutional rights. I take my hat off to this guy? Who is he? Can we get him elected to the Senate? Put him up against Mclaim or Lindsey Olin Graham.

Plano TX

His Videos Are All Over the DP

He was a regular video contributor during 2008 campaign. Jerry Daily, I think.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

i enjoyed watching this


Thanks "The South." Was not

Thanks "The South." Was not aware of this until coming across your post.

In the process of purchasing a home; will certainly be something I look into now.

Not all technology is evil...

This is dumb. So are you not going to use Facebook? Google? Credit cards? Using mass crowd sourced data to provide segmented levels of service, advertisements, tailored content... Is done by EVERYONE, literally everyone.

My thermostat, now digital, now allows me to program my house temperature for all times of the day... So it conforms to my schedule. It is optimized. Far better than an analog thermostat.

So why not utilize similar concepts with power? Not all technological advances are bad.

I Agree

I agree that not all technology is evil, and that includes GMO crops, etc. However, all new tech is unknown and untested.

Of course, even known and tested tech is no guarantee of safety: look at how many are killed by bathtubs!

We obviously save, as consumers, if a meter-reader does not have to come out in person to read meters. We even gain some privacy, as they have to come onto the property.

On the other hand, EMF, etc. is a real concern, especially as it multiplies. Consumers need a choice so we can figure out who's right.

The fear comes from potential government mandates. Some utilities are government entities, and some are just in bed with them, and some are independent. However, I think we can take care of that problem by asserting our rights and voting out the authoritarians.

What do you think? http://consequeries.com/

This is Dumb? ....... Really?

There's a HUGE difference between having a digital thermostat on the wall or digital coffee maker in the kitchen and having the Government team up with your electric company so the can install a Radiation Therapeutic Drone Sensor on the side of your house, with no other intent than that of "monitoring your activities and usage patterns".

The difference is:

1. YOU personally have 100% total control over your own thermostat.
2. They now have the ability to charge you extra if they feel you may have used your radio/air conditioner/microwave/TV at a time that is of high volume within your area. Now they can 'punish' you for using electricity when they don't feel you should be using electricity.

It's just another way to 'control' and 'tax'. And now if you're a few days late on your electric bill, some jacka$$ sitting behind a desk talking to his girlfriend on the phone, can say "Check this out: I'm fixing to cut your neighbors power for not paying their bill", and viola! With the flick of a switch from some snot nosed punk at 3AM, you're entire house is dark.

No Thanks, I'd rather them have to send the guy out personally to jump my fence in the light of day, so I can meet him at the box.

Yes, this is dumb

The misinformation presented in the video and in the comments is staggering. This issue is nothing but a conspiracy theory without a cause.

You state that a digital thermostat allows you total control which I assume we are supposed to infer that smart meters do not. That's BS. Smart meters (in all but a few select, test areas and by explicit customer consent) do not control anything. They quickly and efficiently relay electricity use to the utility company so larger changes in power use can be better planned for on a per segment (neighborhood) basis. They also eliminate the human factor of reading them (both in cost and error).

You state they now have the ability to charge you a variable rate "if they feel" you used too much at peak usage time. What a crock. Sorry, but this is THE FREE MARKET. You claim liberty and I assume you would include free market principles so why are you fighting it here? My guess is that you're scared of technology (by your incorrect use of its terms). What you're missing is that with a free market (e.g. time-of-use rates) you would have BETTER control over your bill vs. your neighbor's by being better at timing your power use. On top of that, with enough people doing so, average power rates could drop by up to 80% or more. In regions like California, power rates could drop by more than 98% if people learned how best to make their power predictable. Peak power is not cheap. It comes from keeping a massive turbine spinning with no load on it 24/7, just waiting for the demand to call for it. Its also the reason that nuclear energy is not "too cheap to meter" like it was touted decades ago. You can't shut down a nuke quickly when the demand drops too quickly. Multiply all that across the country and you get a grid where its either unstable (unusable) or always on contingency. Your choice. I choose faster info to the utilities and better connection between home use and billed amounts rather than paying through the nose so they can mark up the rates 400% (plus their profit margin). Also, why does a private company not have the right to install equipment that allows them to discontinue your service faster and easier if you decide not to pay? What if you were selling widgets and people stopped paying you, would you not cry foul on them?

Just so you know, the utilities weren't behind this. They have fought it for over a decade. They only caved when they got something out of it, like fairer rates. They wanted the old system where no recourse is possible.

Radiation? Really? You're going to make that statement? These things have a wireless transmitter identical to every other wireless device. That's radio waves and while "technically" you can call it radiation, it does not conform to what the public associates radiation with. On top of that, this tiny little emission is generated outside your home and usually as far away from it as possible. Radio waves diminish with the square of the distance so that's like being next door to a wireless phone owner. So, unless you're going to go shut down the local FM radio stations because they produce the same type of emission and go back to AM (which is still radiation!), don't play the danger card.

Now, I will give you one point and that is the smart meters which directly control home appliances. This requires a major modification to a given appliance to give this control. These are so few and far between, they're not a concern (the two field tests I'm aware of have both been pulled). Either way, this is something no one should accept. Not because the technology is bad but because THEY are in control of it. I strongly advocate this technology nationwide but with the caveat that we can control and schedule it by appliance panel or home computer. By the way, this last configuration would cost nothing extra (beyond the meter) and would cut transmission line 'spare capacity' requirements by 80%. This, the generation efficiency rise and the ensuing boom of renewables would cut the nation's electricity costs by more than 3/4ths and total energy use by more than 1/2, before we switched lots of oil use to electricity.

All is not what it seems, my friend.

No it's not dumb.

You might apply for a utility company job and become a company man.

Our utility company posted a 26% increase in profit from the previous year, 210 million dollars. Funny thing is, our utility is a cooperative and is a non profit organization. Advocacy groups attempted to force the utility to return 42 million to it's "customers", but they refused. Instead, they have just notified us their intent to increase our rates by 4.8%. You know what their reason is: because electricity demand has decreased. That's right, "customers", like us, have taken the initiative to decrease their usage and now this non profit organization needs to raise rates to increase their profits.

The term "customer" is an oxymoron. A monopoly which forces individuals to use their product does not have "customers", they have rate payers. Most persons have no choice when it comes to purchasing electricity. They have one company available and that's it. A customer is one who purchase or uses a product of their choice and as such also has the ability to stop using that product and go somewhere else. If utility companies truly felt they had "customers", then they would provide product options, not force their desired product on you. If one of their "customers" does not want a Smart Meter on their home, for whatever reason, then the utility company should oblige their "customers" desire. This is not the case. Many utility companies are simply refusing their "customers" request to not install a Smart Meter. Many utility companies are allowing their "customers" to opt out, so long as they pay the extortion fee of around $250 per year. In California, 56 local governments have requested a halt to Smart Meter installation. Does not sound like these local governments believe the topic is dumb.

Bottom line, some people will find smart meters desirable, others won't. The choice should be left to the "customer" to decide, not the monopoly.

Sorry that you've been misled

First off, I don't understand the 'company job/man' comment. I'm the one person in this who IS YOUR FRIEND. I'm the guy who has been working for a decade to take the monopoly away from the utilities and give the power of choice back to the people. Along with that, I'm the guy who is offering/promoting both a technology to make your own power and a "living smart grid" which will place all the benefits, control and savings in YOUR HANDS. You have no other advocates besides me. The government wants centralized control for tax reasons. The utilities want higher rates with less transparency (read that as analog meters or controllable smart meters). The government subsidized renewables (everything you see advertised today) want high grid rates or off grid installations - i.e. they don't want a fair grid.

There are too many factors for me to guess at why they want a raise when use is down but just that fact alone supports my points. Don't you want to know that your conservation efforts cut peak use or shifted peak use to night use? Those are things that cut prices and without that knowledge, they can simply say that peak use rose so rates must rise. That's probably exactly what they did to you.

I agree that there's no customer when under a monopoly. That's the whole reason to fight FOR this. With a better grid, only the best renewables will make sense (while not passing a subsidy cost on to the other customers). The dumb renewables like PV and small wind which have no storage capacity, inject variability so they raise everyone's costs. With a living smart grid, those become less profitable and so less adopted. Other technologies that have storage (and yes there are a number of them working hard to get non-controlling financing) or time based output will profit more. These are the country's only alternative to building a massive new transmission infrastructure on your tab. Switching over to a system where power generated is competitively priced with power used is a good thing because it is those technologies that will fix the grid's imbalance and set people free from their monthly monopoly bills.

I also agree that, yes, it should still be the customer's choice but once you see the big picture, unless they are actively controlling your dryer, why would you not want it? Everything else promotes more monopoly control and every increasing (and unjustified) rate hikes.

Here's a link to a writeup I did on the living smart grid...

Why do you think I've been misled?

First, a smart meter does absolutely nothing to reduce one's energy bill, nothing. It's a tool which would help one reduce energy usage, but it still requires a 100% effort of the user. Thus, as I pointed out in my post, there are still people in this country who have the ability to do this, without using a smart meter, like we did. We have decreased our usage over 20% from last year. We reduced our landscape watering, we reduced our air conditioner (80 last year to 86 this year), we only do laundry on Fridays now from 7am to 11am, we are conscience about our lighting, we removed and discarded an extra refer in the garage. We don't need a smart meter to show us how to reduce energy, in fact, it should be common sense.

Our utility, as most, marketed Smart Meters as a way to reduce energy. We have heard and read over the past decade the need to reduce energy to save the environment, only now to be told our energy bill will now increase because the utility has less demand for their product and needs to raise rates to increase profit.

How actually does the smart grid remove the monopoly enjoyed by utility companies?

Have you seen the commercials already for "smart appliances"?

If I can see my energy usage by the minute for each and every energy using item in my home, then so can the utility. That's why I don't want it, aside from not needing it. I purchase a product and I don't expect to be told how I use it after I buy it.

I already have a glimpse of the big picture and to me, it's ugly.

Sorry if I came across the wrong way in my post.

I'm just trying to get the info out there

This is a more complicated subject than meets the eye. I certainly am not picking on you or taking offense to what you say. It's all about learning.

A smart meter does save power, but not in the way you're expecting and not so much in the way they're using it to date. It's more in the smart appliances that you mentioned later. I'll touch that in a second, but first I want to be clear that simply not using as much power is not what this is about. That's called conservation and it's very elastic. Good times return and use bounces right back up. It's about using what we want, but at more predictable and/or matched times to what is easy to supply. The other side is that I can install a generator (e.g. a water turbine on my creek?) and generate tons of power for profit only when the rates are 50 cents and shut it off when the rates are a dime. This helps me but it also helps everyone else in the mix.

Our transmission grid (tx for short) is over capacity by 80%+ just to serve the one hottest peak summer A/C need. The rest of the year, we maintain more than we need by a long shot. With any increase in demand, the tx requirement will rise by 5x that amount. See the problem? This puts extra strain on local generators (and also cuts how much variable wind they'll accept) because generation ALWAYS has to match demand exactly and instantly. When you have bigger and bigger generators (because they make cheaper power), they get slower and more expensive to start up and shut down. This means prediction becomes very valuable to them and to your annual rate changes.

A smart meter reads the power at any interval it's set to and then sends that data to the utility at any rate also. The living smart grid proposal does this same stuff with one difference. It allows your appliance to read that data at any interval it wants it. This is where the smart appliances are moving. If you pay extra for a dryer that will save you money, it can only do so by shifting some of it's demand to times when the local grid is not so short of supply. To you, this translates to lower rate periods. On the other side of the coin, your furnace can trend the rates over time and learn that it should create extra cooling right up to 4:07 (when the live rates really change) and then back off a bit (short cycle) after that to save a little. How aggressive this action is would depend on whether you had it set for none, minimal, medium, or high economy. When all your appliances can predict this, the result is that the whole neighborhood grid smooths out and the utilities can no longer use the excuse that variability (peak swings) require rate hikes. This is when everyone's prices trend lower. To be clear, under this system and all rational existing systems, no individual appliance data is sent to the utility. It's more about your appliance acting as an agent on your behalf by using their info.

When you include some renewable system that has storage, like vehicle-2-grid charging/storing, the benefits above are multiplied. Under a very real scenario of growing distributed renewables (home), we could reduce the generation spare capacity to 40% extra and the tx to 25-30%. That means we already have enough to cover our future demand, even if we dump lots of coal and a few nukes.

Nowhere in your rambling did

Nowhere in your rambling did I read anything resembling a refutation of the dangers presented in the video posted by the OP.

Please try again.

EDIT: Also, FYI, many actually don't use the technologies you allude to (Facebook; Google; credit cards) out of similar concerns... so your aim at posing the question as rhetorical fails as such.

Stop Smart Meters !!!

This is a crucial step in the roll-back of Big Brother. I'm gonna try this and I've heard tell that Xcel Energy says no smart meter: no power for you! ... I'll do a lot of research and work the appropriate legal avenues, then to hell with Excel Enrgy and their corporate monopoly bully attitude. The real bullies in life you gotta watch out for are government and big corporate monopolies.



I can't believe people spend time getting worked up over this

I have 4 General Electric Analog I-70 meters

Factory refurbished left over from a lot I bought. I'll sell them individually for $50 a piece and that includes shipping anywhere in the continental US or all 4 for $150 shipping included.

They are re-calibrated and set to zero and ready to install.

Click on my name to contact me.

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