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Mainstream media supporting Ron Paul after sleeping with the establishment?

After a long run of most major media outlets keeping Ron Paul in black-out status, it is quite curious as to the motivation and meaning behind a surge of positive mainstream reporting about the revolutionary Republican presidential candidate in the past couple of months. Have they had a wake-up call?

What could possibly be driving these stations to jump into the arena with the Liberty movement after they've slept with the establishment and corporations for so long? I mean, think about it, most of America remains incognizent at the prospect Ron Paul is still hoping to sit in the Oval Office because of all the lousy coverage, or lack thereof, rather.

A passionate Ron Paul supporter recently wrote a comment about the mainstream media (M$M) under one of my articles:

countficula Up yours M$M, death to the "OLD MEDIA" cronies! Though I want to grab the whole of America and scream as loud as I can in it's face, I am just going to type it. Please wake up now! We can still get our country back from the enemies of the state foreign AND DOMESTIC. Romney IS Obama, Obama sold us all down river, the guy that wouldn't...no couldn't be a part of it turns out to be the absolute worst yet! If the world bankers and their familiars in our government aren't turned back right now our childrens future is a dark place indeed. In case you are reading this and don't have kids you just don't know what the fear is like. Once you care about someone far more than you do yourself fighting tooth and nail is the only option! FOR OUR COUNTRY's SAKE VOTE RON PAUL!!!!!!!