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Nebraska - Just Another Opportunity to Tell Us We Are Going To Lose...


I'm sorry folks, but, Nebraska? Does the Has-Been Media really expect that a nation of Ron Paul People was really pinning all its hopes on NEBRASKA?!? Where is that again???

(Being from Wisconsin I reserve the right to make fun of states that some people had never heard of until a major election.)

Seriously, is Nebraska going to matter in 3 months? 3 weeks? 3 days?

It seems that the only time I see Ron Paul mentioned by the Also-Ran, Lame-Stream Media is when they can announce another of his sequence of losses:

-Paul loses Iowa
-Paul loses Nevada
-Paul ends campaign
-Paul DEFINITELY ends campaign when son Rand endorses Romney
-Paul loses final last-ditch effort in Nebraska

See a pattern?

And let's not forget (and clearly they want us to forget due to the timing) yesterday, Mitt Romney did interviews for 5 different tv networks defending himself from allegations of MASSIVE FRAUD.

(Will that still matter in 3 weeks? Let's make sure it does.)

But !?NEBRASKA!? Are you kidding me? Is Romney actually out somewhere celebrating his big win in NeBrAsKa?

Are co-workers really going to us chide on Monday because the TeeVee news said our guy lost NEbraSKA? If they do, I'd suggest saying

"that's what they said about Iowa..."

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Oh, they've mentioned him before -




They and the Associated press all JUMPED all over this story and ran with it. Now all of a sudden he was relevant. Go figure, huh?

To his credit, Lawrence O'Donnell (MSNBC) dedicated considerable time and debunked that story:

It's incredible when the absolute worst and ONLY detrimental thing the MSM can dig up on Dr. Paul is a PRESIDENTIAL CANDIDATE flying first class. What's even worse is that they don't even bother to retract the story.

The entire corrupt system is bent against a Ron Paul nomination.

because they KNOW Ron Paul understands why our country is going down the tubes so rapidly AND he would go after the criminals who are taking us down that entropic path. Like you point out...everything is slanted against Ron Paul because he is TRULY going up against the corrupt powers that be & for that I commend him! We commend him! This is what we love about Ron Paul. He has character enough to stand up & state the truth & that should ALWAYS be commended. My hat continually goes off to Ron Paul for that. In fact, where would we be if someone like Ron Paul hadnt been convinced by friends to run in 2008?...hadnt been the only one in the debates telling the truth & waking people up from their various stupors? I thank God for Ron Paul, for giving him his gifts, and I thank Ron Paul for using them well. He is an example of a wise older man. The older men who compromise & dont seem to have any wisdom i.e. Romney, Bush, Obama, Bush, and the lot of them? I feel bad for them, because, like the good doctor has said many times "the truth wins out in the end". Ron Paul just chooses to stand by the truth even before it is popular. My utmost support for you Ron. Please stay the same.

james williams