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Dramatic police footage: Belfast riots leave 20 wounded; 7-14-12

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But, but, but according the the government stenographer US Press

everything is FINE.

Obama himself says that "The private sector is doing fine."

Who are we to believe - the US "stay in line and report whet the government wants you to report" press, or this actual footage.

Surely PhotoShop must have a video feature? (sarcsam).

yea I watch

alot of video of the protest and the jack booted thugs that are trying to control the situation....but they can't.

The protest grow larger and seem to be getting more violent. I am watching italy, Greece and Spain...it is getting ugly.

No, you won't see this on any amerikan lame stream media outlet. They do not want amerikans getting any ideas...but it is coming here and our government will use the same harsh tactics or even worse. Yep...it's a comin.

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Is only RT covering these stories? Where the MSM?

They are out-to-lunch as usual. The world is like a powder-keg. It won't take much more.

Thanks for both of these videos.

Video: Hundreds clash with riot police in Spain



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