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Gary Johnson Supporters: Waste Your Vote On Ron Paul Instead

If you were a Ron Paul person and decided to go with Gary Johnson I have a challenge for you.

Vote Ron Paul instead.

We can put Johnson in in 2016 rather than a second Paul term which I don't think he would pursue (much like president Polk.) Either that or maybe a vice-presidency or other offer once the nomination is secured? (just thinking out loud.)

Come. Play ball with us, Johnson-heads. We're all on the same team - let's play this game right and win!

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last I checked GJ is the one

who is actively campaigning to win and will be on my ballot. RP said he won't get the nomination and thus won't be on my ballot. I will vote for the best person running to win unless none are tolerable. Gary Johnson is high on my list atm.

GJ stands for Guantanamo Johnson

Unfortunately, Guantanamo Gary is pro-torture and has publicly stated that repeatedly. Roseanne Barr of the Green Tea Party is a saner choice.