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Question for the Gary Johnson supporters

I'm not trying to be offensive in this post. This is just my thought process. I hope I can get some answers.

I appreciate all that Gary Johnson has done for the state of New Mexico when he was governor there. As far as I understand it, he did a great job. And I fully appreciate his support of Ron Paul, his courage in supporting him publicly. I love that he is a true liberty-minded candidate.

Here is my issue: He is pro-choice, pro-gay rights, he divorced his wife, and he's occasionally quite rude and crude. As far as I can tell, abortion is so evil that even pro-choicers call it a necessary evil and have to justify its use. I do consider the gay agenda a threat to the moral fiber of the rising generation. Unless she was very abusive or unfaithful to him, I see no good justification for divorcing his wife, and this demonstrates a lack of moral character. And his rudeness and crudeness, and even the little anti-Paul swipe he made on his web site way back when he was still running for the Republican bill show a lack of character.

I have not studied Gary Johnson deeply. But these moral issues, on a good/evil scale, weigh on the "evil" side to me.

I understand that it's probably completely unfair to compare ANYone to Ron Paul. He has set a very, very high standard. I have no intention of lowering my standard.

There is no doubt in my mind that a Gary Johnson presidency will be far and away better than either Obama's or Romney's presidencies. If he just does the same things as president that he did as governor, this country will recover. But I still fear that he may be the least of 3 evils.

Can you reassure me that Gary Johnson is not the least of 3 evils? Or would you encourage me to hold my nose and pull the lever for someone whom I do not currently feel comfortable with? Maybe if he would not push pro-choice legislature and leave marriage completely with the churches or the states. Maybe the sheer number of his good qualities can outweigh his bad ones.

Right now, I'm completely for Ron Paul. That is not going to change until it is absolutely, completely, totally clear that the option of supporting him is no longer available. I am not even doing real research into any other option. But right now, I might vote Constitution party if it's useless to vote for Ron Paul.

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I don't know your age, but I am assuming you would not have or did not vote for Reagan because he had a divorce in his past?
Gary Johnson built up a business with over 1000 employees.
He ran for the first time as a republican in a 2 to 1 democrat state and won, not once but twice. He took a state from a billion dollar deficit to 1.5 billion in the black.
He believes the states should handle issues like abortion, not the federal government.
He is a liberty candidate that is very very close to all that Ron Paul believes.
Do some research!
My first choice is Ron Paul, and Gary is my second choice.
I know I sure as hell won't flip and vote for Willard.

Formerly rprevolutionist

Ill take a stab at this one...

First let me tell you that I am all of those things you mention. I am *extremely* pro-choice (I literally consider myself pro-abortion) and extremely pro gay rights. I am often rude, and crude, and I have absolutely no moral values whatsoever. I literally have two girlfriends. I am a hardcore atheist. I once ran over a kitten.

And I fully support Ron Paul. Why? It has nothing to do with him being "good" in the over simplistic view you have of morality, but he doesn't try to force his "good" morals on anyone else, anymore than Gary Johnson would try to force his beliefs on you.

Also this isn't an issue of good vs evil, it is an issue of government control vs individual freedom. Ron Paul and I probably disagree on moral issues more than you and Gary Johnson do, but all 4 of us agree on what the role of government should be. And that's really all that matters.

Moreover, you are never going to get another Ron Paul, so if you want to promote the ideas of Ron Paul, you better start getting used to supporting people like Gary Johnson and others with whom you agree on core-concepts and the role of government.

These are my two cents

#1. Abortion. There's a libertarian case to be made for abortion AND against abortion. Google it, and you'll find different libertarians (or Libertarians) giving their opinions on this issue. For me, this issue is not a make-or-break issue. Gary Johnson wants to leave this issue up to the state.
#2. Divorce. I don't see ANY politicians as a role model. I just want to be left alone. I don't know enough what problems his family had, and I don't know what circumstances they were in. But in my business life, I have quite a few divorced people that are generally good people. So I don't care if Joe Smith or Jane Smith is a divorcee running for an office.
#3. Gay marriage. I have a relative who is gay. For me to tell her that she cannot get married is totally wrong. I want her to live together with the right person (a he or a she) and I want her to be happy. I believe Ron Paul believes that the government should get out of the marriage business. Gary Johnson wants the government to recognize gay marriage due to many federal regulations dealing with marriage (income tax, inheritance tax, immigration, etc).

im supporting gary only

im supporting gary only because i want a third party to have a better showing than most of the time, we are a country thats supose to be angry at the dems and repubs what kind of messege do they get from us if the third party's get their usual tiny showings, theyll think we gave up. Now gary is nowhere near my top choice i could think of 100 people id prefer, but gary is not going to win and i know that so its pretty much a protest vote (if rons not on the ballot of course) we need the third parties to start having good showing so the politicians know were pissed off and not going to take it anymore. Garys a small government guy and the only one wholl be running in november so he will get my vote most likely

As far as federalism goes...

..it's pretty much a wash between Ron Paul & Gary Johnson, as they both understand that FedGov has no juridiction over abortion (or sodomy or smoking marijuana or divorce or five card stud.) I'm not that familiar with Virgil Goode, but if he is also the orthodox Constitutionist it says on his label, then I'd have no problem with him either.

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Gary Johnson's Son

I have just one insight into Gary Johnson that I would like to share with you. At the Libertarian Party Convention after he received the Presidential nomination, Gary publically recognized his son Eric, who he said had worked full-time for the last year and a half on his dad's campaign for no compensation. Until recently, Gary Johnson's campaign staff was very small and they were getting only a small amount of donations. As we know almost all of us were donating to Ron Paul's campaign. I know I didn't contribute to Gary Johnson until I had given the legal maximum to Ron Paul and Gary joined the Libertarian Party and I saw there was a possiblity of a good Plan B candidate in case Ron didn't receive the Republican nomination.
I think if Gary Johnson's son respected his Dad so much that he would be willing to take the a year and a half out of life with no compensation to work on his Dad's campaign, it gives us some indication that Gary Johnson is highly thought of by someone who knows him best.

Raimondo on Johnson

The pro-life/pro-abortion

The pro-life/pro-abortion argument is one that is difficult for libertarians. Two libertarians can agree on every other single issue and still find themselves crossed on this one.

That being said Ron Paul has proposed an elegant solution to this problem, one of states rights. I believe that is one of the best solutions to allow most people of different viewpoints to be happy.

Gary Johnson holds the same view on this as Paul. As it's in adherence with the Constitution and aside from being a logical solution, it's the proper procedure for this kind of law in America.

So your feeling on this may very well come down to the way he talks about it. Johnson may not be as polished as Paul on this issue.

I'll be voting for Johnson, Why? Because he's a good man and he's on the ballot. Plain and simple.

I am a Pro-life Roman Catholic who will vote for Gary Johnson

I agree with you that Gary Johnson is not on my side on many moral issues. Libertarians do not necessarily agree on these issues. We all make individual choices (it's called individual liberty). Our maker will decide if we did the right thing when judgement day comes. I agree with Gary Johnson on other issues like personal freedoms, return to free markets, end the Fed and balance the budget. Obama and Romney are both socialistic anti-free market, pro-abortion and pro-gay. When the republicans had control of all branches of government, including the Supreme court, they did nothing but increase the size of government including the so-called Patriot Act, starting multiple new wars, adding massive debt on future generations, adding new government agencies like homeland security and TSA and takeing away our liberties.

I do not even believe that Romney is the lesser of two evils. The neo-cons who support him are evil to the core. I have been a Republican for too long not to know that I don't like those socialist libtards. At least Gary Johnson does not believe that I have to pay for abotions or support the gay agenda with my taxes.

I agree 100% with Ron Paul on every issue. I wish Gary Johnson was a clone of RP, but sadly he's not. I will not vote for a fascist or socialist republican like Romeny. Especially since Romney is a Yankee NE liberal establishment socialist. Romney supported gun control as Governor and he received a D- grade from Gun Owners of America. That's enough evidence for me not to vote for him.

Deo Vindice.

I am not going to reassure

I am not going to reassure you of anything. I'm not going to tell you to hold your nose and vote. If you can't, in good conscience, vote for Gary Johnson, then just leave that block blank. Ron Paul is awesome as a libertarian philosopher and motivator for sure. I love his demeanor, class, and logical flow of ideas all based on liberty. He is easy to rally behind - well, maybe not for the masses.
I'm not sure how good of a manager he would be though based on his campaign in recent months, and his neglect of knowing what his staffers are doing/have done. Please don't take this the wrong way. I have a lot of respect for Ron Paul for his adherence to his principles. But, it looks like Ron Paul is pretty clearly not going to be nominated, unfortunately.

Therefore, you have 3 candidates with ballot access in all or almost all states - and 3 parties you could vote for. Obama, Romney, and Johnson. Moral character seems to be hugely important to you - as it should be. Gary Johnson may not be the messiah you are looking for, but his moral character is very strong even though you disagree with it. If you will only vote for a man/woman you perfectly agree with, you might as well just ignore politics 100%. Johnson isn't afraid to stand up to the congress and take responsibility for crushing their spendthrift and unconstitutional bills. Ron is not very pragmatic. Gary is. Gary is not a philosopher. Ron is. Ron is inspiring. Gary is pretty dry, though he has done some pretty amazing things.

Since pro-life, pro-gay rights, and anti-divorce are really important to you, you should probably vote for Romney. I really don't know his views on anything, but his party is highly pro-life, anti-gay, and strongly religious - at least in rhetoric.
Personally, I care about fiscal responsibility, avoiding war, honesty, low taxes, small government, personal responsibility, and personal liberty. Therefore, Gary Johnson will get my vote unless Ron Paul surprises me and actually takes over the GOP.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

states rights

gary johnson and dr paul take the same position on most of the things you brought up in that they both supports the states right to choose. now at the state level they may vote differently but the philosophy is the same.

as far as his marriage i did not know anything about it and don't really care. it's none of my business and i don't like to judge people like that.

i'm not sure what you're talking about when you say he is rude and crude.

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Off all the things to want answered

One of the first things one should want answered is: Will Gary Johnson even be on the ballot in all 50 states, like many have been claiming? If he's not on the ballot, then all the other issues sort of become a moot point because we wouldn't be able to elect him even if we wanted to.


De criminalize Liberty!

doesn't matter

if he gets 15% in the polls he will be in the debates. if he then gets 5% in the general the libertarian party will get like a 100 million in campaign funds for 2016 just like the dem and republicans do. that equals lots of professional quality pro-liberty tv commercials and stuff to help wake people up.

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Yes, we NEED a non-idiot in

Yes, we NEED a non-idiot in the debates! And we NEED the Libertarian party (or other third party) to gain equal footing as that other joint-party so that political parties can compete without getting strangled within those two parties!

People are completely unenthusiastic about Romney and Obama, so this is a good chance to build the libertarian party.

Expecting Gary to actually win is not realistic, but injecting the libertarian party with a shot of adrenaline to bring it into the mainstream would be a huge positive for the country. I've got my fingers crossed.

“If ever a time should come, when vain and aspiring men shall possess the highest seats in Government, our country will stand in need of its experienced patriots to prevent its ruin.”

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