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Hopefully we won't be

Hopefully we won't be arrested for doing just that. Thank G-d for all those troops we are paying for our entire lives who are keeping us free.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

Everybody said a vote for Ron Paul was just a "protest vote".

The media has told us from Day One that "he can't win".

THATS was their excuse for not covering him. THAT was their excuse for virtually ignoring him. "He can't win!". "Its just a protest vote!"

People said "You know I really like Ron Paul, but according to everybody he can't win - so I am voting for Romney or Santorum or Gingrich."

And son-of-a-gun the self fullfilling prophesy came true. The media was right. Ron Paul COULDN'T WIN.

So for you people to knock Gary Johnson with the same stupid defeteist argument really gets my cork.

Vote for the NeoCon or the warmonger - given to us by the big parties and you will be right.

Then you can sit back and gloat "See, I told you so."

It wasn't a prophesy

All media had to do was call the county/ state clerks offices to see who was seated on the central committees/ town counsels and see that Ron Paul had a HUGE fan club, but too few people seated on the committees to vet him.

All they had to do was sample how many people really really like Ron Paul but no way in hell would even join the GOP.

MSM doesn't think we're stupid, they know we are stupid, lazy and dependent on THEM for our info.

Well, if you feel compelled to vote for somebody

who doesn't even know what "libertarianism" is, has not read the basic "libertarian tomes", doesn't understand Austrian economics, is open to starting "humanitarian wars", and is also not a conservative either, then have at it.

Just don't expect thinking people to agree with you.

There is Another Gary Johnson for Michigan

If the lawsuit does not succeed, the Libertarian Party in Michigan has a fallback plan. There is another Gary Johnson, Gary E. Johnson from Texas, who is a longtime Libertarian Party member who is happy to let his name be used on the Michigan ballot. The LP is small but it is resourceful and stubborn.
Gary Johnson had already met the requirements to be on over 30 states and on track to meet the petition requirements for the rest. The most difficult state will be Oklahoma. I think that Johnson will be on the ballot in 48 or 49 states in November.
The best place to get timely and accurate information is http://www.ballot-access.org
As of the end of June the actual ballot access situation in all 50 states can be found here: http://www.ballot-access.org/2012/07/02/june-2012-ballot-acc...

Yeah, so let's use that logic and

it seems it's possible we'd have to find another Gary Johnson for some other states as well...Cause that seems to serve a purpose, right?

De criminalize Liberty!

if you say there's no purpose

then what are YOU doing here

Maybe you don't know how to read..

Show me where I said there's no purpose..Oh that's right, you just felt the need to be a prick. Well I'd ask you what YOU are doing here, but I really couldn't care less. It doesn't appear that any Johnson supporters are able to answer real questions about their candidate, you know, legitimate concerns that potential supporters might have. Funny none of you want to address the fact that Johnson very well might not be on the ballot in all 50 states. Move along son.

De criminalize Liberty!

There's the myajace I remember

Hateful and a name caller. You actually posted a lot of comments before you became yourself.

Formerly rprevolutionist

And there's the "revolutionist" I remember

Always putting in his two cents where they don't belong..Sorry, I've always been myself. If you'd like to elaborate, feel free. If you think I'm the hateful one, maybe you and your buddies should go take a look in the mirror. Of course unless you'd like to add some substance, otherwise, you can just move along.

De criminalize Liberty!

I mentioned the other Gary Johnson in my post in this thread.

About six hours ago.

I PLAN to vote for Gary Johnson if Ron Paul is not on the ballot

People: I am not just blowing it out my butt when I say that Romney and Obama are just the same. I really mean it.

Maybe YOU people are here for simple preference. You like Ron Pauls's ideas a little more than those of your second choice (Romney of Obama) and you will be saying "Aw HECK!" all the way to the polling station as you go and mark that ballot for more spending, less freedom and more war mongering. But I REALLY mean what I say - when I say that I CANNOT vote for either of these guys.

I CANNOT choose which incompetant delusional candidate will be the next President because I cannot endorse either. Therefore I have to vote for Gary Johnson.

It is really stupid to say not to do that as its just a "protest vote" after all - THAT is precisely why people didn't vote for Ron Paul even though many might have favored him. They were told from the beginning that he "couldn't win" and so son-of-a-gun He DIDN'T.

Some self fulfilling prophesy there.

Gary is just a "protest vote" anyway,

so it really doesn't matter.

Johnson is not going to be President, or even get in the debates, so it's all moot.
For me, I'll find somebody better than Johnson to cast my "protest vote" for, or I won't vote.

As if any other vote did mean

As if any other vote did mean something.

The world is my country, all mankind are my brethren, and to do good things is my religion. Thomas Paine, Godfather of the American Revolution

if it dosent' matter

then what are YOU doing here

Lots of rotten Congressmen to vote against.

The goons of TSA were ordered by this Congress to harass us at airports.

I am paying for this voting circus even if I don't show.

Besides there are a couple of local township candidates that have my vote.

Free includes debt-free!


I have several people from my state that need to be voted out.

Who Here Plans On Voting For Johnson?

I dont..no matter what. But on FB, and other sites, I have been seeing for the past 6 weeks 'Paul Supporters'..so they claim...stated to pull support for Paul and give it to Johnson. WTH is going on here?

I believe in Hope & Change..I Hope the government will Change
Spindale-Rutherford County-North Carolina

I Will Be Voting For Gary Johnson in November, Too

And I sent him a donation two days ago. I backed Ron Paul as far as he could go. Now it is time to change horses.

I will be voting for Gary Johnson in November

Unless Ron Paul is on the ballot. Since Gary Johnson endorsed Ron Paul in 2008, he has earned my respect and vote.

It's just like what happened in 2008.

The LP members come here to try to yank supporters away from Ron Paul, to try to make their party appear relevant.
The methods have been rude, boorish, condescending, arrogant, spamming, angry, lying, and generally horrible.

They can go pound sand with their "cosmotarian"(as Raimondo calls Johnson) candidate.

If the LP would put up a decent candidate, they wouldn't need to resort to these ridiculous tactics. A good candidate would attract voters all by himself. The fact that he doesn't says it all.

GJ is a Vulture Candidate

He's hoping to pick the bones of the "liberty movement" when the Tampa RNC disposes of the carcass. A movement he did nothing to promote or encourage.

Free includes debt-free!

oh really

Going on national stage at the Google debate and saying he'd pick Ron Paul as his VP is nothing?

More than u ever did or will ever do

Okay BigT: What is the alternative?

Which incompetant war mongering, Constitution hating goon, should we vote for?

Why don't you tell us.

I will vote for Ron Paul if he gets nominated.

If he doesn't, then it doesn't matter because none of the 3rd Party people are ever going to get close to winning anyway, so it's a matter of finding somebody that somewhat resembles your principles, or just not voting for president.
Those are called "protest votes". That means there is no prayer of them winning, but you voted to protest the main candidates.

If the LP had a decent candidate, I'd vote for him.
Unfortunately they don't.
That's not my fault, that they picked him.

I'm not telling anybody not to vote for Johnson. If they REALLY think Gary is worth a crap, they should vote for him.
But as far as the "lesser of evils" sales pitch, when pushing nothing more than a meaningless protest vote anyway, it ain't holding much water.

Don't you hate obvious questions like "Why not five minutes

ahead of the deadline instead of three minutes after?"?

People who ask such things are useless. They are the same people who, when you misplace something and they become aware of your search, will hound you with the question "Well WHY did you LOSE it?"

As if somehow, being continually reminded that you shouldn't have misplaced the object in question, you will be shamed enough to go back in time and not misplace it.

I have done some further research and found that Secretary of State Ruth Johnson (no relation I am sure) is likely acting on behalf of Romney out of some concern that Gary Johnson will steal votes.

Gary Johnson was given the option, under Michigan's "Sore Loser" law, to acquire 30,000 signatures by July 19th in order to be listed as an Independent", but under that same law, the Libertarian candidate may not appear as his party's nominee, an inconsistancy that is being challenged.

It seems that Michigan's law was written in 1955 when Michigan had no Presidential Primary and has never been used to bar a Presidential Candidate before. In fact when John Anderson dropped out of the Republican Race during the 1980 elections, he was printed on the Presidential ballot on Michigan when he applied as late as October 1980 (for the November 1980 election).

The Libertarian Party is considering adding another Gary Johnson, a Texas businessman, who is also a supporter, to the ballot as the Libertarian candidate, in order to protest this decision by Michigan's Secretary of State. Apparently THAT is allowable.

ya really

suggesting 5 mins before is just as dumb as doing it 3 mins too late.

The point is to not cut it close, period. days, weeks, ASAP

Yeah, exactly the point..

That's why it's a really dumb suggestion to suggest that it's dumb to suggest 5 mins before. Nice to see you know how to make a point though.

De criminalize Liberty!

I don't know why you're posting 2 of

the exact same comments in the same thread, but my response to this comment would be the exact same as the one to your identical post above.

And it doesn't matter if SOS Ruth Johnson is actin on behalf of Romney. That's not the point of the thread. The point is that Johnsons ballot access is being challenged, and he may very well be kicked off the ballot...Yeah yeah, I know, Romnney is soooo "scared" of the Johnson campaign, but that's irrelevant. What's relevant is the possibility of Johnson being kicked off multiple ballots. The handful of Johnson bots here always stating "Johnson will be on the ballot in ALL 50 states"....If they were telling me that yesterday but it might not be true, one might wonder, what are they going to tell me tomorrow?

De criminalize Liberty!

Man, you are nipping everything...

...at the bud! Crossing every T and dotting every i! Amazing...your really good!