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Barracuda Trader Says, "We don't need a president who knows how to

"We don't need a president who knows how to run a business. We need a president who knows how our Constitution allows and protects our ability to prosper."

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I'm learning the DP screen names of few people like

Barracuda Trader who would make fine additions to a President Paul cabinet. Now, these positions I envison would not be career politicans...rather constitutional like positions where patriots meet with the spokensmen for "we the people" once in a while and made sure everyone was keeping their oath of office and were not stealing from the public purse.

As much as I want President Paul to win in 2012 and as disgusted as I am with all that I have found out about this once great country and...regardless of what happens in Novemeber, there is nothning that can turn back time and return me to the dumbass slave that spent half my life absorbing propaganda and completely dismissing my own interal logical reasoning. I've been changed forever...thanks to President Paul (and the mountians of books I've read about liberty and freedom) directly because of President Paul.

As TMOT said.. GOD DAMN! why did it take me so long to wake up? GOD DAMN! how could I have been so stupid? GOD DAMN! all the crooks that have taken over this country....

My life's work will be to spread the message of freedom and liberty to those who come after me. I doubt I will be alive when the world FINALLY stops using violence to settle disagreements but in time...future generations WILL have the chance to live the lives we all want to live right now...if we can just get everyone to see who the REAL enemy is. The very few parasites that are sucking the life out of the overwhelming masses...need to be "re-educated" or exterminated.

The GOVERNEMENT DOES NOT know what is best for me. It's MY LIFE and I am FREE to make the choices of how I live. I'd just LOVE to tell Obama and the rest of the Oligarchs in Washington and NY how to live for a year or two. Can you just imagine if THEY had to live with others telling THEM how to live for a change. Now Thats a TV show I would watch!


I propose the PIA

to replace the CIA

P = People's

Indeed, BT.

Indeed, BT.

RON PAUL 2012 * Restore America * Bring The Troops Home

As much as I appreciate people who can run a business (I am an

MBA for Pete's sake), government is NOT a business and cannot be run like one.

There are pesky things like the Consitution and elections (not just stock holder elections) that get in the way.

Besides that Romney was NEVER a MANAGER - he was a takeover artist. And there is a big difference.

Its like saying a good cattle driver would be a good truck driver.