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With Sadness the Flame of Liberty Goes Dark in Nebraska

Nebraska held the final state GOP convention on Saturday July 14th which, little does the public realize, has sealed America's fate. In order for Doctor Paul to be formally nominated at the national convention in Tampa he needs a "plurality of the delegates from each of 5 or more states" which according to the GOP is now impossible. This is the final nail in the coffin of the Liberty Movement's political arm. Ron Paul's courageous attempt to restore the principles of our founders and thereby right this sinking ship is now over. We must face this reality. Perhaps the lesson here is that one should never underestimate mankind's willful ignorance, vulnerabilities to long-term generational media brainwashing, and sheer lack of intelligence even when the future of humanity hangs in the balance.

Come November the public will participate in a staged, meaningless, and largely ceremonial election. Some know it, most don't. To this day, finding any true Mitt Romney supporters besides those linked to Bain Capital remains a difficult task. Of course this baffles those with true convictions and an understanding of the reality we live in today. Ron Paul offered voters a way out of the madness, a way out of the nightmare that's been brewing for a long time, the opportunity to take the country back from destructive forces and their special interests. Yet, it seems, the people have spoken and so the empire will continue to be the policeman of the world, will continue to move towards an all out police state and it will certainly head towards total financial and societal collapse. Martial Law draws closer but as the saying goes, "Don't blame me, I voted for Ron Paul!"

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"Offically," it went out in MT also. The keyword is officially!

How to get the facts out about Romney, and can Romney last 42 more days are the questions? There is so much negative press coming out about this guy that he is a straw dog just about ready to fall over.

Not giving-up is the key.

We've arrived...

...in so many ways on the local, county, state levels. If you take your negative energy and turn it around into positive contributions at your local level, I think you will be surprised to see how successful you can be. The tide of Liberty will continue to rise from the grassroots up, and the old-guard who remain entrenched in their status quo world will soon find themselves cut off by that rising tide.

We have sent shock waves through the establishment this year, and we've only just begun.

Plus...don't count out completely any surprises on the national level still to come. I wouldn't count ON them, but I wouldn't count them OUT either. :)

So empireisevil, what is it that you are saying???

That the R3VOLUTION is DEAD??????????????? Pick up our ball and go home? The battle is over??? If this is what you expect me to do, you can go screw yourself..

The R3VOLUTION is alive and well..growing by the day..we have for the first time EVER in this country, COLLEGE STUDENTS demanding the END OF THE FED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do you need me to repeat this? Have you heard the good news that the FED IS GETTING AN AUDIT???? Thank you and God BLESS YOU Dr. Ronald Earnest Paul! And a whole lot more is going to happen when the Light Of Truth has exposed those CockaRoaches! I look at everything that has happened/is happening and whats going to happen between Tampa and the month of November and this is only going to add more FUEL TO THE FIRE! This is what WE NEED! There is a fire in the belly of those who have witnessed the FRAUD, the fingers getting broke, the lying, the cheating, the continued MSM cover ups....the list is long..but ALL OF THIS will be looked at as a "Thank GOD it happened" kind of thing that pushed us forward..unless you look at this as DEFEAT, like you do. I'm glad you are the minority, because its Patriots like yourself (and I'm puking in my mouth as I say the word Patriot in regards to someone like you) that need to grow a set and tell yourself WE HAVE ONLY BEGUN TO FIGHT! And if you think that those of us who walk that walk and talk the talk are fools..like I said in the first 5 sentences...GO SCREW YOURSELF! Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya..its Patriots like you (here comes the puke again..) that I wouldn't piss down your throat if your tonsils were on fire! Pick up your ball and GO HOME..for myself, I will continue to speak the truth and expose the treason loving scum for who they are and vote for the ONLY MAN who deserves my precious vote. Dr. RON PAUL.

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Please distinguish between the Liberty movement's grassroots...

...and the official campaign's parasites. The former is very much alive and well, despite official campaign sandbagging. The latter is also very much alive and well financially (at the former's expense) but is politically moribund (and ought to be), given their betrayal and theft of the grassroots.

For Benton, Olson, Tate and Rand...

...this debacle is SUCCESS! They've maxed out our contributions and feathered their respective nests. Meanwhile, the Liberty movement's grassroots, despite all our hard work and financial sacrifice, are no freer than before, just poorer.

Thanks, all you professional politicos/parasites...for nothing!

"Some know it,

most don't."
I heard what Penny said.
Many around here did not and refuse to hear her with their own ears.

This site reacts strangely. I get voted down here, while voted up on this post: http://www.dailypaul.com/244535/suriyahfish-live-stream-nebr...

Bottom line - Has Olson/Benton successfully weakened C4L?