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The Great Awakening - the second chapter of the rEVOLution

Too many people today live within the prison of their own mind. We are raised by television and fostered by a system of education that trains us to follow rules and obey authority. By releasing the imaginative power of human creativity, we can break free of the bondage we suffocate under. It is a CHOICE - a conscious decision - to believe that one can accomplish whatever one sets his or her mind to. By choosing to believe in a world of infinite possibilities, we inspire and converge with like-minded individuals and make our wildest dreams become a reality. We transform a world of rules, regulations and authority into one where we are bound by nothing, guided only by the will of God and the human spirit. This is what we yearn to accomplish - to begin the Great Awakening and the second phase of the rEVOLution. Stand with us if you believe.


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awesome! :)

awesome! :)

I've been living free in my mind and with the relationship

of my closest friends for almost 3 years. YES, all we need is MORE people to experience the awakening and the force would be UNSTOPPABLE! When people are "too afraid" to even drive without a DL and go ahead and submit to the REAL ID...it's proof of how scared people have become of the government.

I'm also amazed at the number of people who tell me that the government can track them 24/7 for all they care..."I don't do anything wrong so why do I care if someone follows my every move?" AARRGGHH!

Collectively we have been brainwashed with a wire brush. But, slowly and surly things are changing. The economic pain cannot be avoided when we move from fiat money to some form of money that has a value but we have 2 choices....turn into Japan and experience never ending stagnation exactly like it is here right now...OR bite the bullet, let all the malinvestment in the fu(ked up system get flushed out...live through a period of about 2 years of a depression and THEN...wake up to a new, free, reality that will enable generations to prosper and live wonderful lives. Our children deserve us to take a stand and stop being such pansies.