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Fox News - Romney Can't beat Obama without Ron Paul

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I saw that show

just minutes before that man spoke and the next person who spoke completely dismissed Ron Paul with words to the effect of "Ron Paul is not a factor ..." Shut the idea down immediately.

Milktoast? Who is Portman?


Looks like Portman is another Bush appointee.

Aaack, I won't touch the link

His teleprompter is filled by professional propagandists. The slime Frank Zappa describes.

Deception and misdirection while your emotions are being tweeked.

Am I clever enough to recognize all the manipulations?

Here's a better link: Unsound Money and War in the 20th Century | John V. Denson

Free includes debt-free!

Plastic People.... Ohhhhhhh Baby, you're such a drag

dah dah dah dah dah dah dah

I miss FZ very very very much!!! Even had a "Frank Zappa for president" bumper sticker.

Did you ever see the video of FZ slamming Tipper Gore in the rose garden? Shucks.. I'll be signing "Plastic Peaple" all day now. THANKS!!!


There are exactly two differences between Romney and Obama.

Romney IS Obama except for two things. #1. Romney is rich. #2. Romney is white.

Those two things alone will satisfy more Republicans fo course, but they also signify the only differences,

BOTH Romney and Obama are Harvard educated elitist attorneys. BOTH Romney and Obama ar heavily favored, financed and endorsed by Goldman Sachs and the banksters. BOTH Romney and Obama love the military industrial complex, are warmongers, and both revel in the US role of world policeman. Both want to dramatically increase the size of the US government (Romney wants to double the military). Both want to solve he health care crisis with ObomneyCare (Romney INVENTED it for Pete's sake).

These two candidates are virtual CLONES - except Romney is rich and white. And THOSE two factors alone are enough for most Republicans.

Please realize that in terms of inflation adjusted wealth....

ONLY George Washington who would have more than a billion dollars today - would be richer than the current wealth of Mitt Romney at $250+ million.


Obama is rich, too...

Just not as rich as Romney (yet, give him time). That pretty much leaves race.

Considerations for the 2012 U.S. Presidential Race from the Mind of a Political Independent-Use this tool to educate the unconverted and prove support for Dr. Paul among Independents.

half as rich

and half as white

but made out of the same puppet cloth.

sold their souls long time ago....

RP R3VOLution

Rich is not strictly about amount of money

but being in a class that is protected to preserve you standard of living that you have grown accustom to.

Yes, Mitt is far ahead of Obama in terms of actual cash. But Obama is still a rich elitist becasue he will never lose the very comfortable life style that you and me and many others will never come close to.

He makes over $400,000 a year as president, plus free room and board, premium medical benefits, retirements, personal security until the end of his days, easy money from speaking engagements, gifts and perks he does not have to declare, and figurehead employment at six figures he if chooses to work.

That's the new rich, subsidized and paid for by taxpayers, with perks and bennies that are guaranteedno matter how bad the future economy gets. Obama will join the group of retired power brokers like Clinton that will never want for anything. The government class is a social class of its own, and they decide who gets in and who stays out in the cold.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

Not the same.

ONLY George Washington was more rich than Romney in terms or real (inflation adjusted) wealth. ALL Presidents get rich being President. Thats not a good thing.

But my point is still valid.


No, Romney is richER.

They are both rich. Obama received how many millions advance for his books? Going forward there is the lucrative lecture circuit that Clinton has used to feather his elegant nest.

New Hampshire and Ecuador.

See my "Not the same" post above yours.

Presidents get rich being President.

Romney, with more than $250 million is richer than any except George Washington, who's inflation adjusted wealth would have been more than a billion dollars.

Obama has a few measly millions. He is a virtual pauper as Presidents go.


I think you nailed it.

I can't believe many Republicans believe there is a difference. Most older Republicans just don't like Obama because he is well-educated and black. I don't like his policies and spending.


...ALL of the Republicans I know really like well-educated and black if they think the same as they do! You would be surprised at the ones that fell in love with Herman Cain! They all don't like Obama ONLY because of his policies and the socialism on steroids. Little do they realize that both sides are going that way in different angles.

But "rich and white" aren't enough.

There are fewer Republicans than Democrats in this country. By a pretty fair amount.

That means that the Republican candidate MUST pull some voters away from the Democrat candidate, or he will lose.

It's not just the Ron Paul voters that Romney needs.
He needs them, and he needs ALL the Republican votes.
He also needs some Democrats, or he'll lose.

The way the neocons approach this is to pick a radically leftist candidate like Romney, to appeal to the left, but also a warmonger to appeal to the right.
The WORST OF BOTH WORLDS, which is expected since they are neocons. And neocons, by definition, are warmongering socialists, so it fits like a glove.

The Ron Paul approach is to have Constitutional domestic gov't with freedoms and less oppression, but not wars. It's the oppposite approach vs the neocon approach.
This also appeals to the right and the left, but the "Israeli contingent" won't go along with no wars. Since the "Israeli contingent" holds a lot of sway with the neocons, and they are currently the establishment power, the "Israeli contingent" gets the nod, and they push left in domestic policy so they can keep their wars.

Other than a mild irritation to Hannity

Mentioning Ron Paul was not going to get any traction. Dr. Paul has stated that he will never join Romney, so what's the point? Even if he did, Romney would gain few extra votes, becasue the majority of us will be VERY angry for Dr. Paul selling out.

Conversely, the negative and persona non grata media attention has prejudiced the views of the sheeple concerning the good doctor. Ron Paul as a VP choice would actually hurt Romneys' chances even more!

It's a non-issue drummed up in an attempt to create controversy. You know the media, they always have to create drama among viewers with this "Will he, or won't he?" garbage.

Conscience does not exist if not exercised

"No matter how cynical you get, it's impossible to keep up!
---Lily Tomlin

The neocons are trying

to keep this issue in the forefront, because they want to scapegoat the Paul supporters with Romney's eventual loss.

They'll say, "It's because those turncoat Paul supporters wouldn't support our Republican nominee, that Obama won the election.
It wasn't because of our horrible candidate.
It was all because of those Ron Paul people.

That's their strategic plan to lose, and pin it on us.

That guy looks like he's a plant

He seems too fake, sticks out like he was planted there.

He's from FreedomWorks

said the caption below his name. So yeah, there's your plant.

How can

you guys watch those jerks? Hannity and Luntz make my skin crawl. You do have to hand it to Faux, they do have the prettiest talking heads of any network, who cares what these women are saying? OOoooo, Condi Rice, Condi Rice, the GOP statist black, she's perfect!! Bush, part 3!!
Romneys not supposed to win, that's why he's the one they're running. Ron Pauls supporters votes don't matter, they don't bother counting votes, anyway.
What a farce, keep watching the stage, pay no attention to that man behind the curtain.