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No One Wants To Run VP Slot With Willard?

As I search all through the news, again and again, amazingly I find that any proposed VP candidate that Willard is considering...declines their interest or nomination!

That is a sign if ever there was one!


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They all say that.

They are giving the standard response for that question when asked by the press. Any one of them would jump at it if offered, because that also is the standard response when asked by the campaign.

Not a surprise.

Did they really think anyone with any slightest bit of fame or reputation would risk it all on supporting a lying, flip-flopping loser of a candidate? If Romney wins the nomination, he'll end up settling for a no-name that appeals to the trailer-park set, just like McCain did.

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Romney's camp knows they're not going to win

I wouldn't be a VP either, knowing I would just be running around promoting a unpopular candidate. What a waste of time. Obama is'nt any better either.

Romney is unpopular by his own making.

Ron Paul was made unpopular by the F'ing media who mocked him, twisted his words, edited interviews to take him out of context and used any manner of labeling to successfully get the viewers to turn against him.

America, Ron Paul is true to his word and is the only choice in 2012. Vote/Write for Ron Paul in Novemeber!

Real eyes realize real lies

We want our country back

Every year is a year for Ron Paul!

They have no choice

Politicians at that level are TOLD what to do by their handlers. They have little choice. If they resist it's part of their negotiation for what kind of cushy board of directors job they'll get afterward.

And based on information I've come across over the years, I think most of these guys are being blackmailed over recent and not so recent indiscretions caught on video, usually drug use and pedofilia activities—often both.

I have often wondered

If that was why a certain conservative talk radio personality, caught up in a drug scandal, blacked out RP?

OK fine...I will be his VP...

Being "flip flop" backup sounds easy enough.

Thats a very interesting observation

Its been mentioned by many, the way the Republicans are running this campaign that they are not in this to win, although they do need to keep up the charade of offering an opposition. I would imagine any potential VP candidate is well aware of that fact. They need to find a viable VP candidate willing to "take one for the team" and risk damaging any future electability by being associated with the losing Romney campaign.

I Believe this is True!

"...although they do need to keep up the charade of offering an opposition".


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It'll be some cheney puppet


Same will happen to said VP

As happened Jack Kemp and Sarah Palin. They will be stuck with a loser.

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