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Why Does Romney Decide If Paul Speaks

I understand that if Paul gets a plurality of five states he gets an automatic speaking slot at the convention. And now that he did not achieve that in Nebraska this automatic slot is not going to happen. This much is crystal.

What I do not understand is why it is now at Mitt Romney's mercy whether or not Paul has an official influence at Tampa. According to the MM:

"Now, Paul is guaranteed nothing in Tampa, and will depend on the graces of Romney and convention organizers to include him in the proceedings in late August." - abc

Romney is nothing except the presumptive nominee. The delegates have not assembled, have not voted and he is not the nominee. So where does he get the authority to determine whether or not Paul gets a speaking slot?

I do not understand this.

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Because he's the new decider

We had a decider before.


Now there is a new one. Romney.

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More like the new Dictactor!

make that Evil Dictator!

Cavuto was right. Romney is a fool if he doesn't give Dr. Paul a prominent speaking slot at the convention!

He will not only lose the election, but do great harm to the future of the Republican Party!

Those are my words, not his. But that is basically what he was saying in that recent interview with Ron.

Romney is the qualified and vetted candidate

Ron Paul did not qualify and he admitted it.

It's Romney's party, and what you need to understand, is that RP has a huge fan club that did not materialize in the GOP.

Too many is us did not join the GOP, or did just to vote for RP, but then get out. Too many of us, did not even try to be a delegate, or they qualified, but were not vetted.

All those fights you've read about here are one sided. We've made enemies by people "crashing" state conventions and blaming, being angry, and Romney and the GOP don't want to have HIS PARTY, turn into mayham, by those who might have not liked Romney in the first place, but accept his win, and support the party, because to some of us, it's a party that we want to belong no matter who is nominated president.

I hope Ron Paul does speak.. because I don't believe anyone has any hesitation about RP giving a good speach, a proper speach, it's those who will be there that HATE Romeny, HATE the GOP, HATE Republicans, and want to ruin it for everyone else in the name of RP. That is what Romney needs to consider, if he allows RP to speak.