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Video> Obscure Object of Desire: Behold, the YellowJacket, the 'World's 1st' SmartPhone Stun Gun Case!

YellowJacket.com Intro Video

Yellow Jacket iPhone Stun Gun Case - Promo Video

Published on Jun 25, 2012 by YellowJacketCase

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The World's First iPhone 4 Stun Gun Case. This innovative case increases your safety, increases your battery life and increases your peace of mind! For busy iPhone 4 owners that need an immediate, practical form of self defense.

The Yellow Jacket defense case was invented by Seth Froom after a real life armed robbery experience in which the robber took his iPhone 4 and cash. In the aftermath of the robbery, Seth was determined to incorporate a self defense product into the most widely used device on the market, your smartphone. By chance, he placed a stun gun into the iPhone case that the robber had left and he had his AHA moment!

Seth then designed a smartphone case that houses a 650K volt contact stun gun inside. This is meant to provide 2 convenient benefits to the owner: immediate, convenient form of self defense and durable protection of the phone.

What many people don't know is Yellow Jacket's added feature: an external battery that powers your phone for up to 20 additional hours!

Hear our story & buy yours today: www.indiegogo.com/yellowjacket

First 100 go for $85. They will retail for $125 in September.

From their official website:

Increase your safety, increase your battery life and increase your peace of mind!

Here at Yellow Jacket, we know from first-hand experience what is needed in a violent situation to escape danger. We have designed our iPhone 4 stun gun case to be easily deployable with one hand. In less than two seconds, both safety mechanisms can be deactivated and the Yellow Jacket stun gun is ready for action. Compare this to a regular stun gun which can take five to ten seconds to find and deploy.

Our iPhone stun gun case is capable of stopping an aggressive attacker. The 650K volt of electricity flows from the electrodes and into the assailant upon contact providing a potential victim with the opportunity to escape danger. Unlike other phone cases, the Yellow Jacket iPhone 4 case gives you the ability to defend yourself. Android models coming soon!