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when we are leaving TAMPA, what take home do we want?

As a delegate from PA I want to be leaving TAMPA with a smile on my face. How can that happen?

No matter who wins the nomination,
We get platform changes that we want.
To wit:: internet freedom plank, Audit the Fed plank, a plank opposing the indefinite detention of American citizens – and perhaps even opposing the so-called “PATRIOT” Act and undeclared war.

How will that happen? If we wait till the convention and start to raise a stink -- a stink is all we will get.
NOW and over the next few weeks we must be peppering our county and state party leadership for these platform changes. The mechanics of the platform changes is each state has two members sent to the national platform committee and a week BEFORE the national convention they hammer out any amendments -- so our work must be done BEFORE that meeting.

Every county, every state trickle up the same platform request will make for a way better chance of getting what we want rather then acting like a copy of the ocutards ranting and raving for free crap outside the convention.
We have a lot of political capital - I suggest we use it wisely, and use it NOW.

Tom Martin, delegate Pa 5th

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