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I made a satire petition about Hillory.

I saw this vid: "Hillary Clinton! You Are NOT Welcome In Egypt! GET OUT!" http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U4FIGcgF1t0

The #1 comment was: "Fuck you Egypt, we don't want her back !" with 22 upboats.

And I thought to myself... "How could I express my deep disgust for that retched creature"?

So I made my first petition! ☺

It reads:


Where as most other nations have a sufficient amount of resident evil and.

Where as Egypt has gotten rid of that Mubarak creep and is low on it's quota of resident evil and.

Where as most Americans do not want that shrill psychopath to return to America and.

Where as deep pity is felt fore former President Bill and

Where as the act of a "Lewinsky" is held dear in the hearts of men and should not be sullied and.

Lots of other good reasons...

We the undersigned do request the UN and governments around the world to cause to be in affect a moratorium on the travel of one (1) Hillery Clinton (The Hilderbeast) and cause her to reside in Egypt. (preferably under a bridge.) We the undersigned do believe this would promote peace and harmony around our planet. (not withstanding this dreadful hardship placed on Egypt, sorry.)

This petition site does not display the signers names.

If anyone wants to make a better one please do.