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The ultimate "red pill" video...

"Caveat emptor":


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Thanks for the post...

it's nearly a 3 hour movie so I won't be able to watch it all right now...but I love educational/Thought provoking movies I've haven't come across before.

At about the 10 minute mark Religion throws a monkey wrench into a rather important trip that Nicolas Roerich takes to China. (which ironically was funded by the Dept of Agraculture) Not sure yet if this has any significance in the overall movie but it sure does get old seeing how people turn to religion (or the occult) time after time when they don't have an answer for something. The begining of the movie quickly associates the occult with TPTB and the masonic symbolism on our FRN's.

To those of us who have researched Theology and finally let go of God, it's like living in the twilight zone as we continue to watch otherwise normal human beings, use logic and reason in every single part of their life, EXCEPT when it comes to this one unknowable part of human exsistance.

Nothing put an exclamation point on my separation from organized religion more than when W said on TV, in front of the world, that one of the reasons he invaded IRAQ was because God told him to. If you can't see where I'm coming from on faith and God, can you at least understand how competley bizzare that statement from W sounded to non-beleivers? Our logical brains just kept spitting out INVALID INPUT!

A hundred years from now people are going to look back through the tunnerl of time and discover that one of the biggest problems this world faced in our alloted time on this beautiful blue marble, was the self inflicted neurological disorder called religion that most of the world suffered from. Governments, in concert with religious doctrine are responisble for 90% of all genocide and the indiscriminate killing of innocent people. But do the masses attack Government and Religion...of course not...they attack me and others like me that do something that is obviously much worse than genocide...and that would be questioning their rational for beleiving in "God". Amazing.

And your fooling yourself (with the help of their lies) if you think for a minute that our rulers are christian or some other religion.

They use religion in many ways to keep themselves in power but the primary way is by using scripture to keep the masses in fear of the unknown. With so many people convinced that the bible is the literal word of God and that everyone is a sinner from the day they are born now coupled with the never ending generic threat of "terrorism"...the Government has got us by the balls.

Please, don't be afraid to research the orgins of government and the orgins of religion. Don't be afraid to reasearch the vatican and the reason why churchs don't pay income taxes. STOP BEING AFRAID TO KNOW THE TRUTH and help make this world a better place for future generations. Pretty soon our young men and women will be fighting in a war that essentially will be sold to us as "good vs evil". What's REALLY going on is the elite in Iran (who have used the Muslim religion to brutally oppress their population) will be sending their slaves off to die to protect their holy land from the elite in the west (who have used christianity to justify their aggressive foregin policy)

The ruling elite in Iran will not suffer or die. Just like the rulers in the west don't ever risk themselves during their systematic invasions of countries that happen to have resources that mulitinational corporations covet or the land itself is of some geo-political significance.

I didn't intend to blather on and get off on a rant about war and religon but anyway...in closing...people wonder what is so wrong about allowing 90% of Americans to keep on beleiving in skydaddy when it seems not a day goes by that something really important gets decided based on a belief that is so illogical and so irrational that it would litterally make more sense to ask Santa Clause.

I'm guilty of telling people that they are free to beleive whatever they want and if it makes them feel better to pray and think they are actually communicating with someone/something...more power to them. However, that's not really how I feel, I just don't enjoy having to waste my time trying to prove a negative and virtually without exception the beleiver becomes defensive and quiclky turns to personal attacks on my intelligence and my "immoral" thinking.

Off to work!

Have a great day all,

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to view later, thanks for sharing.

"We can see with our eyes, hear with our ears and feel with our touch, but we understand with our hearts."

This truly is a stunner.

I've been a patriot and "conspiracy buff" for nigh on 30 years, and most of this was new info to me.

Passes my BS test...and it's pretty well attuned after all this time.

"Truth is an absolute defense to the charge of paranoia."