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Now, finally it all makes sense...

"That Ron Paul will not be president is of little concern to me. I fought as hard as anyone on the campaign to make this happen, but from the very beginning I’ve never considered it the be-all-end-all goal of this campaign and this movement." --Jack Hunter.

When you're not trying to win, you sabotage yourself, pick fights with supporters, and turn a noble cause into a business.


I will conclude with this question for Jack and his ilk: "When will we be allowed to be free?"

Five years, 10, 50, 100? How much more must we endure, and try to survive, until we get the permission we are waiting for to be free? If we are not trying to change our fate for the better, shouldn't our limited resources be better allocated at survival in the long run. If politics, money and effort give us the false promise of tomorrow. What are we to do for today? Just Hope for Change? Support those who work the system who may or may not be allowed to put forth legislation that would help others instead? We have to continue to play ball with the political class, the financial class, the religious elite, the media thought manipulators, and the ideologically albatrossed, with the faint hope that maybe their preselected representative of the elite, will permit us a fraction of the liberty and freedom that is our birthright?

If this is the plan for the future, count me out. Tell it to the people who are starving and homeless, and unemployed. Tell it to the working poor who have to pay rent and bills working 10 hours a week. Tell it to the college graduates who are debt slaves to the muti-national bankers. Tell it to the elderly who will surely die due to rationed health care, and in poverty to pay the insurance companies, just like the young who will never be middle class for the same reason. Tell it to the troops overseas who are brutalized physically, and traumatized emotionally and cognitively so much that they cannot function in society and are left slaves to psychotropic drugs and funding the big pharma medical industrial complex. Tell it to the families who are suffocating under the inflation that is endemic in our monetary system that is scientifically flawed to create debt slaves and transfer wealth from the poor and shrinking middle class to the very rich and elite of society. Tell it to the people who are taxed and have funds given to research to make technologies and products that they will never be able to afford in order to benefit from, while the elite get them practically for free... This system is irrevocably broken and must come to an end.

You can submit to authority, ideology, orthodoxy, oligarchy, hierarchy, and the orders of the day. Or you can take your power back by refusing to comply. Period.

Not with health care. Not with multinational banks. Not with media that call on patriotism, racism, jingoism, not with self serving educational systems that reinforce these false ideologies... Just do not comply. Take your power back, and stop asking for permission to be free. Anyone who asks for permission or somebody else to do something for them, is already a slave... It's time to move on. We can not live in the past, only change ensures the possibility of survival. This current system is wholly inadequate and must therefore end. The first step is blanket Non Compliance... But you have to have the self determination like the founders, to do whatever it takes to live free. And not wait for permission from others to do so... No more waiting. No more excuses. The time is NOW!!!

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Sorry Jack

I have always been in this to win it. I also have always made sure that those people that rely on my information concerning the campaign knew that we are going all the way, no compromise, no wavering, no backroom deals. That we are, in principle, sending a message to the establishment that they were going to have to be the ones to bend and conform to R3VOLUTION, Not the other way around..I am dedicated to saving this country and honoring those that have fought to pass the torch of Liberty forward. I am working to educate my only child to be a wise and compassionate individual. I am not fighting to prolong the life of the two parties that are a ball and chain that is dragging this country and it's people into the depths of hell..Lastly Jack I am surely not concerned about compromising just to keep you and your career relevant. You have been at times a great voice for the Liberty movement and I thank you for that but if your idea of compromise is playing politics as usual in dark and smoke filled backrooms just to get in good with the career politicians then you walk alone. As far as I'm concerned their time is coming to an end. We are now entering a time where the lone voice of reason that lives within Ron Paul now resonates within an army of Patriots from coast to coast. It's our time and we are in it to win it with or without you.

“Ideas are very important to the shaping of society. In fact, they are more powerful than bombings or armies or guns. And this is because ideas are capable of spreading without limit. They are behind all the choices we make. They can transform the world in a way that governments and armies cannot. Fighting for liberty with ideas makes more sense to me than fighting with guns or politics or political power. With ideas, we can make real change that lasts.” ― Ron Paul

"I have found that being rich is not about having the most but about needing the least"

I'm glad there are still some decent minds here.

Your post alone has made me log back in just so I could comment on this. Very well put together logic. Blanket Non Compliance is all we have left now.

Good Rant FreeWill, But I Have A Question.

The question is; How did the founders insure that the very strict LAWS in the U.S. Constitution that limited the power of those elected to office, be enforced?

My answer is, it's in the second Amendment right above the right to bear arms law!

Amendment II
"A well regulated Militia," being necessary to the security of a FREE state, the right of the PEOPLE to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed.

The well regulated militia was the town by town, village by village, state by state, way to educate the population not only in the SAFE use use of arms, but also about the LAWS set forth in state Constitutions and the Federal Constitution.

The whole country is divided up into states that have their own versions of Constitutions, counties that are involved in local matters, and in my state Oregon, precincts that elected local political representatives.

In the early years local Militias did fire suppressions, flood and disaster clean up, and local law enforcement, usually as VOLUNTEERS !

Switzerland may still have a similar protective agency.


Why do you think

the next bill is the UN gun treaty...

Ron Paul Wants The U. S. To Get Out Of The U.N.


Because the U.N. is a threat to the sovereignty of the USA !

Please let me explain:

The U.N. was formed at the end of W.W.II specifically to prevent any more WARS between countries!
It has been a dismal failure!

Many American people mistakenly think that U.N. laws have more affect than U.S. Constitutional LAW !

They Do NOT !
A sovereign nation makes its own laws, or they're not sovereign ! {The USA declared its Sovereignty from the King of England in 1776 in the Declaration of Independence.}

Ask Ron Paul if the Constitution is still the "Supreme Law of the Land !"


Jack used to be

a leading advocate of a non-interventionist foreign policy. I remember his odd, soprano, authoritative, fast-paced, Southern drawled rants on the illegal and immoral US military expeditions overseas. His voice was a pleasant adversary of the mainline conservative warmongering blather.

He got Tryved into the Randian ideology of 'the end justifies the means'. C'est la vie.

Jack changed bec of other cronies in paul's camp that get donati

donations. campaign for liberty under tate & co now excludes non-interventionist foreign policy. so i don't think this is by any means any liberty movement or liberty organization, especially when they don't believe in libertarian ideals and instead believe in gop ideals.


Excuse me, Ms. Ayn.

Correction: Neo-Randian ideology.


The people running Rand like Hunter and Austin Peterson are all about the ends justify the means... My problem with that is substituting one branch of unlimited power for another, when we should be demanding autonomy...

Focusing on these individuals

Focusing on these individuals is "majoring in the minors" in my opinion. Who is the "but for" cause of our failure...the msm smear/blackout, or Jack Hunter? It reminds me of how Republicans blame poor people getting low loans from Freddie/Fannie while Democrats blame deregulation....both missing the "but for" cause of the financial crisis, the FED! We need to keep our eyes on the real target here.

Ventura 2012

Jack is just another coward who is scared

to stand up to the Zionist power! Didn't you notice, when Pat Buchanan was attacked for his (non) anti-Semitism and racism, just
to make it look good, Jack bailed from the American Conservative Magazine and went to the Zionist friendly Daily Caller. Folks, the empirical facts are the Fed, Zionism, and the other Talmudic followers who control Hollywood, MSM, Porn industry, ect, are destroying our country, morally, spriritually, and economically. You can call me anti-Semetic, but I could care less, as my Lord warned throughout the Gospels, that the Pharisees promote evil and are not to be followed. Matthew 16:6 states this fact. Until, we are willing to stand up to this fact, we will fail, like all the other Empires they plagued. It has never been about the Torah following Jews throughout history, it's been those who follow the Talmud (Pharisee teachings) who have been the corrupt 'moneychangers' destroying empires with debt and undermining their cultures with satanic filth brought from Babylon. The biggest problem we face it the thousands of Judas immitators who are trading power and fortunes for their souls and the scvereignty of our country. If you are a Christian, you can learn lots of information on Truthtellers.org from Rev Ted Pike who's father was reposible for creating the 'National Day of Prayer'. You can sign up for weekly newletters on current events brought about by the Talmudic Zionists and how to view them from a Christian perspective. Here's an example of this weeks newsletter 'How ZOG Watches You' http://www.truthtellers.org/alerts/HowZOGWatchesYou.html

There are several issues.

Disappointment figures large and the hard feelings that follow. Dr. Paul's remedy was to set low expectations. Enter the race to win is different from an entered race must be won.

Dr Paul provided a way for us to support his campaign by running our own campaigns for delegate positions. Win or lose many that ventured gained something for themselves. A win-win strategy in a world where money is needed to buy a share in a candidate.

Dr. Paul's win-win strategy involves sharing the same principles of liberty. Wow, freedom is free.

Free includes debt-free!

As one of Jack Hunter's "ilk", may I respond?

First of all I would encourage anyone who reads this post to also read Jack's essay in it's entirety. I think most people have already decided for themselves whether Ron Paul's Republican strategy (which Jack Hunter is endorsing) seems right to them.

It seems right to me.

Q. "When will we be allowed to be free?"
A. Never. You will never be "allowed" to be free. Like every patriot throughout history, you will have to EARN it. The political insiders don't WANT you to be free. Ron Paul, Jack Hunter, and I can't set you free because we are not enslaving you.

Q. "What are we to do for today? Just Hope for Change? Support those who work the system who may or may not be allowed to put forth legislation that would help others instead?"
A. Whatever YOU want.
A. No.
A. No. (And as far as I can tell that isn't what anyone is asking you to do.)

Q. "We have to continue to play ball with the political class... [until they] will permit us a fraction of the liberty and freedom that is our birthright?"
A. No. And if you think what we have been doing for the last four years in Iowa was "playing ball" then you are seriously misinformed.

OK, I might as well summarize the rest.
It appears that you think that political solutions are now impossible and that civil disobedience or armed revolution are the only reasonable options left to us.
You don't like Jack Hunter and his "ilk" (people like Ron Paul, Rand Paul, Doug Wead, Tom Woods, Judge Nap and me) because we aren't so desperate that we want to burn our bridges and try to win our freedom through some type of dramatic Samson smash of the system.
(Sorry to put words in you mouth but you were a little vague about the specifics.)

But what if you are wrong?
What if we are all still here four years from now?
What if you convince enough of your fellow patriots to give up on retaking the GOP that OUR strategy fails from lack of support?
What if your tactics actually cause a backlash that causes a self-fulfilling prophecy?

The Virtual Conspiracy


Everybody misses the point of "allowed to be free." My point is expecting a self interested party who derives their power from exploiting people, to assist you or allow you to take that power from them is insane. What do you expect to happen? Of course they will lie, cheat, steal and beat you... You are submitting to their authority by playing by their rules. Even the ones they make up on the fly to keep you in your place... and powerless...

I've seen people give money they don't have, time they sacrificed, and effort following "the strategy of the week" only to see the money unused, the effort woefully mismanaged, through negligence in the best case, and design in the worst case.

People of virtue cannot win a corrupt and rigged game. You need an in, we don't have. Why do you think they all rally to "stop those Ron Paul people?" They don't want the system to end, their livelihood depends on it.

I never said armed. Non Compliance is civil disobedience. Have you read about Gandhi or Martin Luther King? I love Tom Woods, he questioned the "strategy" and got taken to the woodshed for asking questions WE ALL wanted answers too. I love the Judge, but notice his success comes at a price. Mainly in the form of minders like Austin "Rules for Radicals"/Conspiracy Hunter" Peterson running the Judge's Facebook page, posting as him, then using his personal page to attack and demagogue those who disagree with him and "the Strategy."

I liked Jack too, but found his purging of the Ron Paul camp equally disturbing, but even worse was his latest communique where he admits Ron Paul winning "was never the goal..." Excuse me. We pay your salary and you spend that money criticizing us for trying to WIN AN ELECTION!!! My bad. I'm glad you got a new web site out of it... Trouble is how do I live in the decaying welfare/warfare state, when I don't have somebody else's donors paying my salary so I can tell them they are crap.

I don't care if you want to spend time and money fighting the GOP. If you have the time and the money, it's your right to spend both as YOU see fit! But I do not expect ANYTHING to change from Washington DC, you don't change DC, DC changes YOU! Just look at Rand...

The system is what is killing our society. Propping it up won't work. They tried it in Russia. Sooner or later, with every kind of socialism, you run out of other people's money.

People have to come up with alternative means to survive. That means food co ops. That means offering incentives for skilled workers to come to live and work in your town. That means preserving order by providing food, clean water, and shelter to those who need it, to prevent crime and expansion of the police state. None of this involves government. We have to do it ourselves, because WE are the ONLY ones with the incentive to save ourselves. No politician will put their guilded life on the line and sacrifice one thing so that you can make a living. The system is broken and must end.

The Corporation of the US must die so that the Republic can be preserved. Anything that distracts us from this goal leads us to depend on a system that has already condemned us to a most despicable fate. Politics is not now, nor ever has been the answer. Politics is keeping you silent through the illusion of choice and the albatross of implied consent. Doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result is insanity. It's time for the people to not comply to take their power back. Don't pay taxes. Don't comply with unconstitutional mandates. Keep the money at the state level and send DC only what is left to fulfill Article 1, Section 8, and leave the rest to the states and the local level.

We have to shift from a fraud based economy to one that is based on value. An Infrastructure Bank is a good idea. Create incentives to produce things that have value. And provide a service to the community that is locally controlled. Without debt based financing. Bring back honest money under the Coinage Act. These are actions that can we can return to, to make this country great.

But what do we hear from Hunter and his ilk? Donate money for the delegate strategy! Become a Republican! Get beat up, thrown in jail, and pay the unlawful fine and to replace damaged or stolen property! Promote a strategy as a fundraising tool, and end the campaign. Allow the money to be controlled by people like Jesse Benton. No oversight. (Just like the last campaign). Don't learn from your mistakes or hold anyone accountable for their actions! "Think the "long view," and be silent. Trust us!" Meanwhile anyone who has a problem with this gets called out and excommunicated from self proclaimed "Freedom Ninja's" like Austin Peterson... Really.... Really?

Again, if that is the road you choose to achieve "liberty," great! Don't call anybody else out if they don't think that taking orders from the establishment and those who aspire to become a part of it, choose to wash their hands of the BS, and go their own way. Trying to figure out how to survive the mess for the next four years, that nobody will do a damn thing to slow down, let alone end.

To ask people in their hour of need to protect the corrupt system over themselves, and to take resources they don't have and may never have again, to invest in "Hoping" for "Change" this time... just doesn't seem appropriate anymore. People need to prepare for what is coming, they can barely afford what is already here... And the message they keep being told is: "Wait, the Calvary is coming..." Well, after eight years we get: Mitt Romney. For the people on the margins, clearly it now is every man or woman for themselves. And brother, they deserved better than this. Another betrayal. I didn't "do" any of this, they did it to themselves. People have a right to be pissed. You can only be told to "wait" so much before you are overrun... and conquered. How much longer do you wish to tell others to "Hope for Change!?!" The GOP will NOT save you, acting against their own self interests! YOU have to save YOURSELF! And encourage others to do the same. Ron Paul is not now, nor ever claimed to be a deity, he was a man who's role was to call people to look at the truth. WE have to take it from here. WE are the only one's who can or will save ourselves. But the paradigm has to change. Debt, big government authoritarianism and all that emanates from it, need us to participate to keep it alive... We choose to take our power back, it ends... But how can we, when we "outsource" our responsibility for ourselves onto gurus, sponsors, or super secret and ever changing "strategies of the week!" Hey that reminds me, you wanna sponsor my blog... Ah forget it, I'll just ask Mitt Romney since he's such a nice guy and "on the same team..." I'll tell him to "Think of it as a "long view/term investment...," LOL!

In Kapitalist Amerika,

DC changes you!



New updated Militia recruit strengths – 60 Battalions

maybe this will make you feel better - now go out and join the local militias in your states - like yesterday..

Congratulations to the US Militia.

Recruitment to various US Militia groups
increased by 77,104 members in the last
12 months.

These new recruits will comprise of
a new 60 Battalions for immediate
domestic deployment within hrs of

This recruitment feat rivals any military
branch in the US.

Roughly 68% of them are former US Military
personnel with tactical training. Approximately
550 of them are former Special Operators who
will lead their men.

Enjoy your corporate fascism while it lasts




Where do these Militia recruitment figures come from?

How would you even find where your local milita is, to try and join?



Oh Jack, Jack, Jack...

Jack is deluded in believing that politicking in America just requires some genius strategy or game plan, like it's chess. The problem is, were it like chess, your opponent has six queens to your 15 pawns and you can move only once every four turns. The game itself is rigged. Hunter's goal isn't true liberty, it's to replace the severe Christian right neo-con apparatus with his Walter Block version of conservatism, both of which clamor to use the force of government to make the governed bend to their will. Essentially, Hunter doesn't mind that the game is rigged, he just wants to be the side with 6 queens. I postulate that Jack has fantasized that he'd be the Ralph Reed of the new millennium, Newsweek cover and all; that he'd be the new GOP power broker-the 'tea party' liaison with the 'new'[old] GOP. I'm sure he thinks he's just being pragmatic, but it's the pompous who get duped the easiest. There IS a moral to "the Emperor's New Clothes" after all, and over the last month Jack Hunter has been prancing around oblivious that he has bared all to the liberty movement. A titanic fail Jack- but frankly I'm sure you could care less.


I am having an evolution into the Walter Block Anarcho Capitalist view, and I am intrigued in true economic reform that replaces the fraud based economic structure that we have now, that is unsustainable and exacerbates needs, serving the elite on the backs of everyone else.

Jack is personally invested in the lost paradigm that is on it's way out. Where we go from here has to start with non violent cooperation with each other, absent force, that can replace the current economic and sociopolitical model that is destroying the quality of life for everyone.

We can't solve 21st century problems with 20th century thinking, but we can look to how we were prosperous before and apply those lessons moving forward. The status quo is no longer relevant, because it cannot and is not designed to meet our needs. We have to replace it ourselves, one community at a time, and the first step is to withdraw our consent.

The next would be to find alternative ways to provide for each other locally, that does not require us to use the banking system, nor rely on government to acquire and maintain what we need to survive. A need is a right. A right is a need. If we have no unalienable rights to clean water, safety, respect for our property, then what is the point of having an armed criminal government to oppress us. We would do much better at the local level, providing for ourselves with mutual trade, co-opts, and the non aggression principle.

Socialist nonsense. One does not have a right to things.

One has a right to take actions.

"Rights" are those actions which you have the sovereign authority to take.

Only you are responsible for you.

No one else is.

Thus it must be you who has authority to take those actions necessary to preserve your life and liberty.

It would be absurd and untenable for you to have the responsibility to act, but no power to take the action. It would be useless for someone else to have the power to act, but not need that power to fulfill any responsibility.

Thus it is proper, correct, or as we know it— "right" for you to take those actions.

That list of actions (which is not really a list, since it can never be finite) comprise your "rights."

You do NOT have a right to things. You have a right to acquire and use things to preserve your life and liberty in order to enjoy your life and liberty.

To claim a right to a thing, implies if you can't obtain it, that it must be given to you. This means others are responsible for you and thus you are incapable of providing for yourself. This makes those who provide for you, your slaves, or your master - take your pick. Either way, by claiming rights to things, you, by necessity, lose all liberty. You no longer need "rights" because you aren't responsible for yourself any more. It is no longer necessary for you to have authority to take those actions any longer. It is only right, correct, and proper for whomever is providing for you to have that authority.

A "right" is the authority to act.

You do not have rights because you have needs.

You have rights because YOU are the one responsible for fulfilling YOUR needs.

Thomas Paine disagrees with you...

“There are two kinds of property. Firstly, natural property, or that which comes to us from the Creator of the universe – such as the earth, air, water. Secondly, artificial or acquired property – the invention of men. In the natural property all individuals have legitimate birthrights. Men did not make the earth. It is the value of the improvement only, and not the earth itself, that is individual property…

I care not how affluent some may be, provided that none be miserable in consequence of it.”

- Thomas Paine, Agrarian Justice (1797)




A "birthright" and a "right" are not the same thing.

A birthright is a claim to property.

It is not a right.

A right cannot by its nature be a claim to property.

A right is the authority to act.

A claim to property is something entirely different.

The ability to use the natural elements to further your survival is a right. See the difference? I did not say you have a right to the things themselves. You have a right to take an action with them and use them. It is the action you have a right to, not the thing.

And this distinction, as I noted has a difference. Because if you ignore the distinction and confuse the right to take an action and use things, with a claim to the things themselves, then you end up in the absurd position of either commanding slaves, or being under a master, and in both cases, having no liberty at all.

You are misreading Paine.

The land is our heritage...

We should be compensated for the loss of use of our property, hence the plan put forward in "Agrarian Justice." And reserve the right to have those responsible for destroying the land, punished accordingly through full financial responsibility, and/or the loss of that companies charter to do business in that area, as the people see fit.

If we have no right to the world how it exists in it's natural state. And corporations have rights to exploit the natural state to rob us of our heritage, and right to use our lands as we see fit, then you are putting corporate fascists governance ahead of the natural state. Exploiting the land beyond repair, irreparably harms the people and their right to use and access the land.

You have a natural right to have what was given to you at birth. Access to clean air, water, these are natural rights. They preexisted man. And they exist in the natural state...



Check your first sentence there again carefully.

You said it all right there.

I understand natural rights.

They do not include claims to things.

Claims are not rights, they are distinct from them.

Not recognizing the distinction leads to really bad stuff. Please show where I said anything about corporations being able to rob us of our right to USE our land. I never said that or implied it at all. USE is the right, not the object itself. This is very important.

Check Thomas Paine...

Click on the links...

I think you should go read them again yourself.

Paine advocated PROPERTY TAXES. And, are you ready for this.... INHERITANCE TAXES.

How can one have a "birthright" if it is TAXED before you even get it?

That sounds more like a privilege than a right to me.

Why would someone who allegedly advocated protecting that birthright, not only advocate taxing it before you got it, but taxing WHILE YOU HAVE IT?

The power to tax is the power to destroy. If you tax property, if you tax inheritance, you can destroy all rights in property entirely. People are at the whim of government and whomever controls it at the time.

Paine had a lot of good things to say. But in this regard, he was off his rocker.

If one believes in natural rights, AND they confound rights with claims of property, they cannot simultaneously think it is okay to tax that property.

If you can tax it, it isn't really YOURS is it?

Try reading Paine again.

Apparently you need to read it again...

You have an issue with Agrarian Justice, not me...