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Now, finally it all makes sense...

"That Ron Paul will not be president is of little concern to me. I fought as hard as anyone on the campaign to make this happen, but from the very beginning I’ve never considered it the be-all-end-all goal of this campaign and this movement." --Jack Hunter.

When you're not trying to win, you sabotage yourself, pick fights with supporters, and turn a noble cause into a business.


I will conclude with this question for Jack and his ilk: "When will we be allowed to be free?"

Five years, 10, 50, 100? How much more must we endure, and try to survive, until we get the permission we are waiting for to be free? If we are not trying to change our fate for the better, shouldn't our limited resources be better allocated at survival in the long run. If politics, money and effort give us the false promise of tomorrow. What are we to do for today? Just Hope for Change? Support those who work the system who may or may not be allowed to put forth legislation that would help others instead? We have to continue to play ball with the political class, the financial class, the religious elite, the media thought manipulators, and the ideologically albatrossed, with the faint hope that maybe their preselected representative of the elite, will permit us a fraction of the liberty and freedom that is our birthright?

If this is the plan for the future, count me out. Tell it to the people who are starving and homeless, and unemployed. Tell it to the working poor who have to pay rent and bills working 10 hours a week. Tell it to the college graduates who are debt slaves to the muti-national bankers. Tell it to the elderly who will surely die due to rationed health care, and in poverty to pay the insurance companies, just like the young who will never be middle class for the same reason. Tell it to the troops overseas who are brutalized physically, and traumatized emotionally and cognitively so much that they cannot function in society and are left slaves to psychotropic drugs and funding the big pharma medical industrial complex. Tell it to the families who are suffocating under the inflation that is endemic in our monetary system that is scientifically flawed to create debt slaves and transfer wealth from the poor and shrinking middle class to the very rich and elite of society. Tell it to the people who are taxed and have funds given to research to make technologies and products that they will never be able to afford in order to benefit from, while the elite get them practically for free... This system is irrevocably broken and must come to an end.

You can submit to authority, ideology, orthodoxy, oligarchy, hierarchy, and the orders of the day. Or you can take your power back by refusing to comply. Period.

Not with health care. Not with multinational banks. Not with media that call on patriotism, racism, jingoism, not with self serving educational systems that reinforce these false ideologies... Just do not comply. Take your power back, and stop asking for permission to be free. Anyone who asks for permission or somebody else to do something for them, is already a slave... It's time to move on. We can not live in the past, only change ensures the possibility of survival. This current system is wholly inadequate and must therefore end. The first step is blanket Non Compliance... But you have to have the self determination like the founders, to do whatever it takes to live free. And not wait for permission from others to do so... No more waiting. No more excuses. The time is NOW!!!

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The sad part is there's a

The sad part is there's a whole cottage industry that's been built on getting rid of "Big Government" ... writers, talk show hosts, TV personalities, Cato, and other institutions. Our job is really putting them out of a job at some point by slaying all the dragons.

There's a whole cottage

There's a whole cottage industry that's been built around arguing about politics.


And they've been circling the wagons of this place for new customers. LOL check the 'active topics'

I try to do my part. The more

I try to do my part. The more people I can piss off, the more people decide to spend time here.

Keep up the great work!!!

Keep up the great work!!! It's working...

"It is difficult to free fools from the chains they revere".

It's hard not to be a menace to society when half the population is happy on their knees. - unknown

For those who want to fight politically...

I salute your resolve. The big problem is that the system is corrupt and exists to take from you, to maintain it's existence. They will lie, cheat, steal, beat and kill to maintain their self serving order. My collaborator and close friend brought up the idea of a resource based economy to counter our debt based, consume and destroy economy. I liked the idea but wondered how it would work. The closest thing I have seen that illustrates this is the Anarcho Capitalist idea, as well as the idea brought up in "Zeitgeist Moving Forward."

I didn't like the Addendum and thought the old guy was a little hostile and I didn't understand what he was trying to say with that, in that film.

But the 3rd movie does a good job about explaining how a resource based economy would work. I think all this is, is putting what Alaska does, where their resources are cataloged, and used with the consent of the people, with the companies compensating the people directly for the right to use their resources, but on a larger scale. Is that communism, I don't think so. I think that is what Thomas Paine had in mind when he wrote "Agrarian Justice." If the land belongs to the people, and their is profit for corporations to be made, why not make them pay to access it, instead of giving them a legal monopoly to externalize costs, and any damage their actions incur, directly onto the people who have no means to pay for it, nor no moral obligation to do so?

The responsibility lies with the corporations, not with the citizens, yet citizens have to be taxed to build the roads, taxed to repair them, then the corporate wealth class gets to privatize profits while socializing losses on the back of the community they just damaged. The legal system and political system is backwards protecting the powerful at the expense of the majority. This is a fatal flaw, and why the legal system and political system doesn't work. It is subject to influence from the government and big corporations who use the monetary system to achieve their own ends. And the people are left holding the bag. Every. Single. Time. This is what they did since the founding of this nation. And they have the wealth to continue to do so. We need to redefine what is "wealth" and has value in our society.

Basically why not say to a big corporation that "we know you want to use our resources, but you have to compensate us for the loss of use for those resources. You must hire people from the area, or must pay a portion of your profits to the community directly for the loss of their natural right to use their own property. And if you fail to do so safely, or violate standards, or have an accident, you are fully liable, and must pay damages, and or we reserve the right to pull the charter for you to conduct business in our state/town, etc."

Make them accountable. Politics and the banking system along with the media insulate them. The only way to change that is to change the source of their power. Therefore you would have to change the economy to something with no value, to something that does, and with the stated goal of establishing corporations or anything of that nature (such as the government or banking system) for the public good. (Not to mention reinstate the Coinage Act for honest money) http://vimeo.com/31413624

Is this communism? No, this is how corporations used to be created in the 19th century. They had to be charted explicitly to serve the public interest, or they would not be allowed. Period. The only way to get that power back into the hands of the people is to not comply with the present system, have it die. And replace it with a system that is capable of using resources based on need rather than consumption and advertising.

"The Century of the Self and The Power of Nightmares" talked about how Edward Bernays and Freud, and the banking interest changed the psychology of the people to buy things based on mind control techniques to manipulate them to buy based on advertising telling them what they need, rather than by what they feel they need. Our economy, educational system and banking system are now based on not shortages and needs on society, but whatever the employers (by way of the advertising and educational system train them to believe) by extension the masses believe has value and is likely to be highly compensated for (i.e profit, irregardless of how it appears). Nobody wants to be a teacher or first responder when they grow up now, they want to be on tv, play sports, be famous and rich, for not contributing one thing positively to the society. This is a flaw. And our monetary system (not just the Fed) encourages this. We need to shift from a consumer based society to a society that values real value.

Politics is not going to change that. It is trying to solve problems with the same thinking that created them. With a system who's only purpose is not to help the people but to justify it's existence by creating more of the disease. Politicians NEED problems to justify their existence and live the guilded life of privledge!!! Classic Thesis/Antithesis/Synthesis. Divide and Conquer. "They live, WE sleep!" Well it's time to wake up!

We will not fix real problems with corrupt institutions. They must be replaced with something that sees value as something more than numbers on a balance sheet that have no real meaning.

We have seen the compromise with Rand, the second betrayal with the second campaign "Hope and plan for a miracle" fall flat, and financially reward people like Jesse Benton (on the backs of people who were giving their last dollar in the false hope for positive, tangible CHANGE to improve their lives) and compromise Rand. That is nothing short of betrayal. Especially the 2nd time! And then Jack comes forward to castigate people who dare to have a problem with it. Clearly politics isn't the answer. WE have to be, and that has to start NOW!

Unlike J(H)ack Hunter we don't get a paycheck from this reality, WE get our names on "Watch list!!!" And called names by Austin Peterson... Or "Homegrown Terrorists/Extremists" from the DHS, Glenn Beck and the politicians themselves. That will not save us or anyone else. WE have to take action NOW to save ourselves. But first we have to take back OUR power. That begins with non compliance. The health care bill is just the camel nose under the tent... We must resist NOW before we are unable to do so, be it financially or because we are "un-citizens" in our own country because our belief in autonomy and freedom for all is seen as a "Clear and Present Danger" to the powers that be. They will fight us with everything they got. We need to fight back while we still can!

If we do not resist NOW, and continue to go along... we are sentencing ourselves and future generations to an unbearable fate. Politics doesn't help us. Rand doesn't help us. WE have to help ourselves!!! After EIGHT years of this, that is what I have learned for sure...

Use the local level to share your concerns and strategize about resisting the system. Don't pay taxes, have public gardens and food co opts. Have your own local currency exchanges. Recruit doctors, and highly skilled individuals (college grads et. al., or highly skilled laborers) to your communities by providing them low cost housing, free education, apprenticeship with employers or some kind of mutually beneficial trade or arrangement. This CAN take place. This CAN happen in our lifetime, and WE CAN help each other. IF we make that our focus. Anything else is a distraction and a lethal one at that, since in these times we do not have the time or resources to waste. What is past is prologue, we don't need to reinvent anything, we just need to return to what made this country the great nation is was once and can be again. We just have to want to make it happen, and make it happen, rather than count on others to go against their self interest to do so... That just isn't gonna happen. We have to move on, and move forward, just not in the direction that Obama and Romney, and our corrupt media/medical/industrial establishment are trying to take us.

The answer isn't in Rand or Ron anymore, we are the ones we have been waiting for, the distractions are over, the time to be silent is over, we have to be the ones who are willing and going to save ourselves AND each other...

Money as Debt

also spoke of the kind of monetary reform I am thinking of.


You my friend nailed it. I have felt that way for several years now and decided to get in at the local level to take back our liberty. We need to stop the GREED and what is best for me sh!# and do what is bet for all of US now. Then and only then will we be free and prosper.

Oh please

The Zeitgeist BS is just as authoritarian and innately criminal is is the very idea of an involuntary governance.

Resource based economy...

Is nothing more than recognizing that if a corporation or government wants to make money from the resources that belong to and are used by the people, they must pay to compensate the people for the lost RIGHT to use their land. Your fight there is with Thomas Paine.

How a resourced based economy could work was outlined very well in ZMF, and I think it is a good example of how it could work in theory on a larger scale. But most importantly Alaska already has and has been benefiting from this kind of economical reform since they discovered oil there in the '60's. (Each Alaskan gets a check every year from the oil companies for the RIGHT to use THEIR oil... And they get a couple thousand a year for that right. What does anybody else in the other 49 states get back for the right of companies like Monsanto and ADM to harvest and plant crops til the soil goes barren, and uses GMO seeds and poisons the water with toxic pesticides so Monsanto can make a profit???)

The only thing in the way is profits to multinational bankers, Wall St., the Military/Medical/Educational Industrial complex, and our corrupt FOR PROFIT legal system with privatized corporations locking people up to raise profits for Wall St. and grease the palms of the judges and police to look the other way... That is a hopelessly corrupt system that must change!

If we refuse to comply we get our power back IN OUR LIFETIME, and can demand that the Coinage Act be reinstituted, (real money) and we demand that corporations PAY us to use our resources, and pay the cost if they screw up, and change the value system of our economy to something that has no value, to something that does, like infrastructure, so states would have to create something of value for the public good, and use that value to distribute and invest wealth in the community (and not to multinational bankers and corrupt legal and penal institutions, and corrupt government institutions that harbor and enable them) then we would have a truly free society in our lifetime.

Anything else from taking steps to realize this ultimate goal is a distraction we do not have the time, nor the means to afford anymore.

You need real economic reform, and force the corporations to work for the public good, to have a long standing, fully functional society. Nothing else can or even has the ability to provide this. We need to shift the focus from waste and consumption to something that is quality, and has intrinsic value for generations. Our current monetary, political, educational, medical and legal structures, do NOT have this, and this is why we are in the world of hurt we currently are in and will be, until we take drastic action ourselves to fix it. NO politician has a vested interest to do this, let alone multinational banking system, fascist (public/private) educational system, et. al. That is why attempting to solve these problems with politics, is suicide. We need to take action to save ourselves, because we are the only ones with the interests to do so...

It's a harsh reality that challenges our ideologies, but it is the honest to God truth... "Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is still the truth!"--Gandhi.

You know what I see when I read your wall of text?

I see this:

"bla bla bla bla bla you will be forced to have or not have what my computer says you can or can't have or else bla bla bla bla bla"

Over my dead body, you hear?

I said that there was a good example of a specific point...

Apparently you missed the point and read your own theories in place of it. I'll let the text speak for itself...

I couldn't agree more.

Realize that all there is is you and your freedom and that if you yourself aren't willing to protect your freedom no one is going to do it for you.

Forget about the constitution, forget about the idea of a small gang of people, called the government, making arbitrary rules for everyone enforced through violence and figure out a way to shake the fear of standing up for yourself.

Then proceed with civil disobedience, say: "NO MORE!", ignore all the rules they are trying to force you to obey and if they attack you defend yourselves with any means necessary.

This is the ONLY way towards lasting peace and prosperity and most of all your personal freedom.

Should we draft a new Declaration of Liberty and Independance?

How many signatures do you think we could get?


Just read and act on the original one, we still live under the same oppression! But ACT! Don't ask for permission from the state, to oppose the state...

I tried to do that


I'd be happy to work with others to improve it.

If Tyranny and Oppression come to this land, it will be in the guise of fighting a foreign enemy.
James Madison


"Don't fuck with me and I won't fuck with you." Consider it drafted!

Already done



Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigue of supporting it. ~Thomas Paine

fuck j. hunter

fuck j. hunter

f___ all forms of govt.


need to stick together and not comply. I was thinking about why muslims were allowed an opt out of the health care bill, I think that its because laws don't have that much power over dogmatic principle. We need that strength.

We are not alone.

Look what is happening overseas. The current globalist sociopolitical/economical system has reached it's logical end, and is beginning to collapse.

The debt based monetary model is finished and must be replaced with one based in real value, that is accessible to everyone. The only way to accomplish that is to have an assessment of resources, decide what is needed to extract those resources in a responsible way, and compensate the people who own those resources for the right to use their property.

An infrastructure bank could provide assets to back a new currency that has intrinsic value and is not artificially scarce or subject to manipulation. I like reinstating the Coinage Act, but that is not the only option. Each country could build infrastructure to repair the crumbling outdated infrastructure, and use that value as a means to invest and have something to tie the means of exchange to.

Instead of waste, the more you build the higher the value of your property goes up, and you can use your assets to raise revenue for your community. This revenue can then be used to fund independent education, at the local level, local business investment, development of property, and many other positive measures of real value that improve everyone's quality of life.

This creates jobs. You could also offer incentives such as free housing and providing goods and services to skilled individuals to have them come to your community and use their expertise in training others, or contributing themselves and their abilities. This does not require money. Just the desire to see a need, and meet it, removing the profit motive that stops one from doing what they already could be doing to help others and themselves.

Just think of all we could rebuild and provide with this kind of economy based in assets and creating real value to society. If we don't need money, then we don't need the bankers and their thought controllers and those who spend their daily lives erecting barriers for the majority of society to get by, and have anything. We need to change the paradigm, you can't reform something that is dead. You have to cut it off, kill it, and start anew with something designed to succeed to benefit as many as possible, instead to fail and benefit only a preselected few... Politics isn't enough. Money isn't enough. The Legal System cannot achieve this. Only people demanding real change by not complying with the system and demanding these kinds of changes will achieve the kind of future that will preserve mankind, instead of end it.

Makes One Wonder Whether

..Similar words were spoken in the final days of the Roman Empire.
I can still remember my 7th grade Social Studies teacher, Mr.Campbell relating to our society being "akin" to that.
He also spoke about:
"Fiat Money
"Spheres of Influence"..the Church and the Crowned Heads.
"The Civil War was NOT fought over Slavery"..it was the ECONOMY!

...and this all happened in the 1964-1966 timeframe.

Thanks for the post...another good read.

"Beyond the blackened skyline, beyond the smoky rain, dreams never turned to ashes up until.........
...Everything CHANGED !!

That was powerful.

And I am sobbing, from the truth of it.

Well Written

And inspiring. Thank you.

You make some excellent

You make some excellent points and we are in a real dilemma in our country today. While its good that we are gaining the upper hand in one of the political parties, the wheels of politics turn slowly, and we are nearly out of time. I don't know the answer to any of this except to maybe work on both fronts at the same time. Peaceful non-compliance and takeover of the power in the GOP.

Blessings )o(

You'll be "free"

when you can take it and hold it, and not one second sooner.